“Autonomous Emergency Steering System” Shown On Nissan LEAF (must see video)

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OCT 19 2012 BY STAFF 9

No CGI Here, This Brave Nissan Engineer Lets The LEAF Take Over The Emergency Driving

When Nissan announced development of the “Autonomous Emergency Steering System,” we did not get all the excited.  But after learning it was installed on a LEAF and Nissan provided a real life video, complete with brand new vehicles for the car to crash into and test dummies, we perked up.

Nissan LEAF Auto Drive Avoids A Pedestrian At High Speed

Watching the system in action (beginning at :38 and 1:51 in the video below) is a thing to behold.  No hypothetical computer generated modelling here; and no low-speed real life action.  This LEAF, complete with human driver risking his life, is booking it.

According to Nissan:

“This system offers a high level of collision avoidance capability by applying automatic braking and automatic steering in situations where a collision is imminent and evading obstacles by braking may not be effective. The system takes effect in situations where unpredictable risks arise, such as sudden intrusions onto the road in low speed zones, or when a collision at high speed is imminent due to the driver’s delayed recognition of the tail end of a traffic jam.”

The system’s autonomous management of extreme conditions works on pedestrian avoidance up to 40 miles an hour, and on stationary vehicles up to 50 miles an hour.

Illustration Of Stationary Vehicle Avoidance

The Autonomous Emergency Steering System, using the information provided by the front-mounted radar and camera, the two left and right rear radars, and the five laser scanners attached around the vehicle, initially acts on a risk of collision that cannot be avoided by braking. Simultaneously, it checks if there is a forward zone free of obstacles and that there are no vehicles approaching from the rear, and then displays to the driver the direction that the vehicle should be steered. If the driver cannot immediately steer in that direction, the system takes over to automatically steer the vehicle to help avoid a collision.

This feature is expected to be available in production Nissan LEAFs sometime after the 2015 model year.

Source: ElectricCars.tv
Video Below: Exciting bits at :38 and 1:51

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Good job Nissan. It’s great to see the EV’s getting the latest electronics available. We did a story here on the BMW i3 about 5 months ago that discussed some of the interesting electronics that it’s rumored to have. These cars should have the latest technology as optional equipment. http://insideevs.com/bmw-i3-electric-car-may-be-nearly-self-driving/

Good job, not Goos job! Where’s the edit button! 😉

Mod Edit-User Statik: Fixed that for you. We are having a whale of trouble implementing the EDIT function without first forcing users to register to comment (which we…and no one else wants to have to do) Its on my wish list

Honor thy mistakes as hidden intentions. 🙂

Now what if instead of people there were geese crossing? The Leaf would steer to avoid one goose only to hit another one. Now imagine we have a favorite goose, and one we really don’t like. How would the Leaf judge which goose should be a road-kill? Will the Leaf be entitled to remain silent and have a right to an attorney?

How big are gooses (as my 7 year old says) in your neck of the woods? Holy cow, (=

Last year, I was invited to BMW HQ in Munich for an early test drive of the ActiveE. I also was given a tour of the highly secretive FIZ -BMW’s research and development center. One of the interesting things I saw was a laser lighting system that BMW will begin to use soon. It identifies people walking in the roadway up to a couple hundred feet away and lights up their body with a laser beam – it was incredible to watch. It’s meant to light up pedestrians crossing the street at night that are out of the reach of the car headlights. We were in an underground test facility, in a room about 200 feet long and it was amazing how well this worked. The volunteers tried to trick the laser and tried to escape it’s beam but couldn’t. Sitting in the car you could clearly see the person in the road much further away than you could with the headlights. The system could identify if it was a human or not in the road- it was very impressive. So I’m wondering if this system also identifies people or not. Perhaps it makes decisions based on whether you are… Read more »

The Bimmer system probably scans the target and then assesses its buying power before deciding if the car should run it over or not

Excellent idea! Why waste the energy saving someone that isn’t a potential customer? Brilliant!

This is great stuff and reason enough to buy a new car. I-81 nearby is plagued with wrecks that such a system might prevent. Also in our rural county, over 100 deer a month are hit by cars. Insurance companies and consumers will save a bloody fortune. Many precious lives will be saved. Soon I’ll be able to read an ebook while the car drives itself to Chicago. Just too good. Computers are wonderful things.

I certainly hope it is smart enough not to swerve into on-coming traffic to avoid hitting the car in front. A low speed collision with the car in front would be much preferable to the high speed collision of approaching automobiles.

Personally, I trust my own skills, not ready to have a car make decisions for me. Will the user be able to turn it on or off?