Autonomous Chevrolet Bolts Now Testing In Arizona

Chevy Bolt


The General Motors Cruise LLC partnership has been testing autonomous Chevrolet Bolts out in San Francisco since May of this year.

Now, Cruise Automation announced last week, via Twitter, that the testing has expanded to Scottsdale, Arizona too.

“We’re testing @Cruise autonomous tech on @Chevrolet Bolt EVs on roads in Scottsdale, AZ, in addition to San Fran.”

There’s no additional information beyond that Tweet, but we do know that GM intends to incorporate Bolts into Lyft, – and that the ride sharing service will be one of the first to receive production copies of the 200+ mile EV at the end of this year.

So we can assume that there’s some self-driving, car-sharing or ride-sharing aspect to this testing.

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So what does this “self-driving, car-sharing or ride-sharing” really mean? That I can hail a driverless car with my phone, the car will pick me up and drive me to my destination with no driver in the driver’s seat? Really?

Most likely yes, and hopefuly not crash into anything on the way…

Read again!
It’ “cruise autonomous and ride sharing”
It doesn’t imply no driver.

I know they have a driver to watch over now but autonomous cars that have a driver are not autonomous…
So the end game is no driver…

Yes, initially with a ‘driver’ as in the Uber/Volvo system, until laws are changed to allow.

And the rides will be free with GM!

Wow no comments…

Well I hope they are not the first to market because that will make a lot of people very unhappy…

I’ve seen them and they are real. These are production ready BOLTS and SPARK EV’s all equipped with gear for Autonomous driving. Very impressive and zero pollution too.
They drive in Scottsdale and surrounding areas. They were hiring drivers and techs but seem to have enough at this time. But apply in case any jobs open up at