Autoline: BMW i3 Deep Dive – Video


BMW i3 On Autoline

BMW i3 On Autoline

The BMW i3 is the focus of this episode of Autoline After Hours.  Special guests John Kelly, BMW product manager, and Gary Witzenburg, freelance auto writer with previous connections to GM’s EV1 program, are on hand to discuss the i3.

The i3 discussion is at the start of the video and continues on through the 32-minute mark.  At that point, these other topics are discussed:

– Silverado/Sierra: New faces for ’16. How clever is this?
– Sergio Shows His Elbows: The start of UAW negotiations
– Magna Gets Getrag: “Every vehicle has and will have a transmission in the foreseeable future”


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Typical WitzenQuack, not one positive comment, even about a BMW. Underestimates EV ranges, denigrates the ride, brings up red-herrings no one else in the public acknowledges.

Oh, and still pushing that the EV1 was a “sales failure”. When it had the worse advertising campaign and GM with restricted production.

And then the new 2016 Volt is only available in two counties in the whole world.

Not to be ‘that guy’ but 2016 Volt is also available in South Korea, (=

Conversely, the BMW rep had nothing but the usual rose-colored glasses marketing fluff to provide. Please comment here with a time marker if you find anything of value in this video; I gave up after about 20 minutes.

And the poor, forgotten Mitsu i-MiEV is rear wheel drive, though nowhere near a “premium” car.