Autolib-Like Rental Car Scheme Heading To London In 2015

DEC 28 2014 BY MARK KANE 1

Utilib Bluecar

Utilib Bluecar also is red

Autocar recently checked up the status of the development of a car sharing service in London, which will be based on the Autolib concept.

Bolloré’s long-term goal is to establish a similar project like in Paris with up to 3,000 cars by 2018.

Under the latest plans, the rollout is expected in September 2015 with 200-250 Bluecars (of course, RHD version) and it’s possible that the cars will have the same color Pantone 485 ‘Safety Red’ used by London buses.

“The pricing of the scheme is expected to be similar to that in Paris, with a £100 annual fee to join and a charge of around £5 for 30 minutes’ use.

Autolib’ has already taken over the Source London charging points, and more charging points will be installed in the 27 of the 33 London boroughs which have signed up for the rental scheme.

The company says it will standardise the charging systems across the city and ensure that they are fully functional. Owners of private electric plug-in vehicles will also be allowed to use the Autolib’ charging points for a charge.

The government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles will pay the installation and maintenance costs of the chargers.”

Source: Autocar

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This is not a good idea. I’m for car sharing services, but not for projects with the Bolloré Bluecars. For one very simple reason: their batteries empty in 48 hours! Its 30 kWh lithium polymer (LMP) batteries need to be kept at 70 degrees Celcius, which costs lots of energy. A Nissan Leaf that is standing idle looses 4% of its charge in a month. A Bolloré Bluecar looses 100% of its charge in two days!

This means if you put 250 Bluecars in London, even if they have not been used during two days, they still need a complete recharge. That is far from environmentally friendly.

London, be warned and use normal electric cars. Enough models to choose from.