Autogefühl Checks Out The Tesla Model 3 In Paris: Video

OCT 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

First look at the Tesla Model 3 at the Paris Motor Show.

Tesla Model 3 officially wasn’t presented at many major motor shows, so the latest presentation in Paris was a big attraction for general public in France.

Autogefühl takes us through a brief, initial review of the Model 3 on the stage, talking about exterior design, interior and sharing some other general insights before the chance to test drive it in Europe, which should come soon.

According to the video, the car is very unique, with many pros and cons. For example, you can immediately complain about the door handles or lack of a heads-up-display, but range, performance and that massive and responsive touchscreen are strengths.

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The Door Handles are Complicated , Only if One May Be Somewhat Mentally Challenged….

Pressing with one finger and grabbing with the rest of the same hand requires high levels of synchronization. Unless you took the gym class in school you will not be able to open the doors of the TM3!!!

The door handles are annoying and complicated to anyone who hasn’t used door handles like them before. Even knowing exactly how to use them, I find the hand movement uncomfortable and would much rather use handles like the S or X. I am really not looking forward to having to explain to everyone who wants to get in my car how to do use them.

But sure, if you want to mock potential purchasers and imply we are in some way mentally disabled for not liking them, sure. I mean, I’m sure that’s going to help Tesla and the electric car vision, right?

“Complicated”, maybe not, but “awkward”, hell yes ! Every day of the week…

From my own experience, using the door handles was a bit awkward at first. After several months of ownership I’m quite comfortable with them, and they are aerodynamic and less complicated than those on the other Tesla’s, which is good. The lack of a heads up display is a non-issue which you’ll realize after a few minutes of driving. The just out version 9 of the software makes the display and it’s functionality even better.

I dounbt the door handles have a significant impact on aerodynamics. Hyundai Ioniq or Mercedes A class are both sleek and have normal handles. I’m sure they are more about the looks. Time will tell how they work when there’s snow and ice.

Depends on what you consider “significant”. Even if it’s just 1% more range, that’s three extra miles you get for free. I for my part would certainly consider it worthwhile.

Tesla was fighting for every small fraction of wind-drag : door handles, aerodynamic covering of bolts in the under-chassis, aero-rims for the wheels etc… squeezing every little mile out of the range.

Also Audi E-Tron-55 (drag = 0.27) is using little craters like a golf-ball to improve the under-chassis aerodynamic, and mount camera sticks instead of side mirrors to get a few more miles of range.

You know when I switched from my horse to a car I had similar complaints. On my horse I never had to worry about door handles, just hop on up and start moving. I didn’t have to worry about a key to turn the think on. I already had a heads up display and it could hear as well. I also had auto nav built in naturally, if I dozed off my horse would easily navigate the trail ahead of me for hours on end without incident. sigh… those were the days.

Do you honestly think the Model 3 door handles are better than the door handles on existing cars? Why doesn’t everyone use them, since they have been used on some very prestigious vehicles in the past?

Do you honestly think that a HUD would not be helpful on the 3? You could get rid of a pile of stuff on the screen if you had the data in a HUD (probably, not sure on the legality of that).

I just don’t understand stuff like this. I’m a preorder customer, eager to get into an electric car. But it’s childish to insult all those who don’t like the door handles, or wish the car had a HUD. There are a HEAP of features that this car (and the S and X) should have, that are available in competing luxury cars (even cars that are significantly cheaper) but are not available in any Tesla.

But sure, I guess you can compare everyone who disagrees with you with luddites if you want. I’m sure that’s the best way to convince people of your superiority that you could think of.

He says the driver should elevate the seat so a rear passenger’s feet can slip under. But what if the driver decides to lower the seat with someone’s feet under it?

What if you put your finger between a nail and a hammer? You move your finger.

99.99% of the time…

What if you have to drink while wearing a ski mask?
What if you have to take a dump and the toilet seat is down?
What if you have to eat soup and rice but only have one spoon?

Is this gonna be a new meme? haha.

What if you wanna look up but your necktie is stuck in the zipper?

Hey, if a Germany guy says anything good about an American car…..that is something.
The guy knew the car, did his homework and did a good fair job sizing the Tesla up and the 3 did well, I think once he drives one he will become a convert!

Thomas has already reviewed Tesla vehicles multiple times, with driving segments, and stated that he thinks the Model S is the best car you can buy (or at least, it was when he said that). So he’ll find the Model 3 drives fine.

He have so much to learn about M3. There are way better and natural ways to use the door handles using your right or left hand. There are short cuts that allow you to adjust the mirrors and the steering column quickly, by touching any of your seat adjustments the mirror and steering wheel menu will pop up and you don’t need to navigates the main menu to find them.