Autoflexed Color-Changing Tesla Model S – Walkaround Video


Autoflexed Tesla Model S

Autoflexed Tesla Model S

You may not have asked for it, but here it is…a color-changing Tesla Model S.

What’s unique about this color-changing finish is that it’s not a wrap, not a permanent paint, but rather a removable paint system (think Plasti Dip, but for professional application only) from a company called AutoFlex:

Welcome to AutoFlex

“The World’s first Removable Paint System designed and developed for professional users. High quality, repeatable results at your fingertips. Gasoline resistant, scratch resistant finished cars in High Gloss, Matte or Satin. Save hours, energy and increase profit margins while amazing yourself and your customers every time.”

Interest in learning more about AutoFlex. If so, then follow this link.


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First time I saw color changing paint, I thought “cool”, and second though was “how do you patch small nicks with a marker or nail polish”?

Anyway, ModelS license plate says “model 3 bitches”. Is it missing a comma? 🙂

First time I seen it I thought cool Second third fourth fifth sixth time that I seen it on a Old car with huge rims I thought that’s just funny and ugly

License plate says “MODEL 3”, but the frame says “100% Electric/Bitches”

That process is as 0ld as the hills. (Early 1980’s). They used to call it Flip Flop, Cuz it flipped to different colors in in various light changes..I had my AVANTI-11 painted a Black that would Flop over to Jade in daylight ..It gets a little irritating to others as the Various sunlight & shade makes it Flip Flop constantly as you’re moving. When the vanity wore out 2months later 0r Less. I changed it to a Pearl White.

Saw a Model S with this wrap yesterday in front of the Apple Building in Sunnyvale. (no joke)

The 90s called and asked for their color-changing-but-really-mostly-purple color back.

So, when I get tired of my Model S* looking like a giant “mood ring”, how do I wash that crud off?

*Well, the Model S that I own in my dreams…

It has the new stock wheels, and yeah the Model 3 plate is a bit weird