Autocrossing Tesla Model S P85D – Video


Tesla Model S P85D put to the true test!

Tesla Model S P85D put to the true test!

In the video above, you will see three vehicles autocrossing. The only one we are interested in is the Tesla Model S P85D!

The P85D does its thing at the 0:46 mark, if you want to skip to that right away.

Watch as the P85D quietly rips around the turns & corners, and accelerates at light speed!… Okay, not literally light speed.

3 Auto-cross runs from CF Charities Supercar Weekend. Have to admit, the Tesla impressed me the most” –DownShiftRecords.

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Wow. Impressive traction control.

What? No times posted??

Approximate per the video.

0:35 Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale
0:36 Tesla P85D
0:33 Nissan GT-R (+1 cone at least)

I searched for official result times a little while ago and couldn’t find any.

Autocross is not the best venue for any of these cars to stretch their legs, but the Model S did quite well.

I’ve never heard of this sport before.

The Model S had the best run due to the fact that it was clean, no cones touched or knocked over.

So, it did the least amount of harm to the environment, you’re saying? 😉

Good one!

While I will never miss pouring gasoline into my car, I will miss the sound a nice petrol engine makes. The sound of a Maserati (with a Ferrari engine) an Aston Martin V12s is almost worth the cost of fuel. Just sayin’.

While I would expect Model S to certainly do well in a straight line (as we’ve all seen) I wouldn’t expect it to be very fun in an autocross. This is a 5,000 lb car remember! In racing, lighter = better.