Autocar Tests Audi e-tron: Says It Cuts No Corners


You won’t mistake the E-tron for anything other than an Audi.

With the advent of the Audi e-tron, the German carmaker finally ventured into the world of electric cars in a significant way. Surely, the Audi A3 e-tron was one of the first wades into the electric vehicle waters, but overall, this will be a true test of how well Audi’s battery powered models perform on the market. After all, Audi customers – alongside other, legacy carmakers – tend to be more brand attached than any other.

When AutoCar decided to give the Audi e-tron a test drive, we didn’t know what to expect. After all, a major automotive publication, testing a first for a carmaker, it could have gone both ways. However, it seems that the crew at AutoCar like the Audi e-tron. And seemingly so, the sheer battery powered performance takes a back seat to the car being – an Audi. And for most customers, that’s a rather good thing.

It takes a substantial stretch of the imagination to mistake the E-tron for anything other than an Audi, even when looking at a multi-coloured pre-production prototype like the one I drove in Namibia. It’s not a Xerox copy of another SUV in the company’s portfolio – styling cues such as a lighter-coloured grille help it forge its own identity – but it falls perfectly in line with Audi’s current design language. Sharp headlights? Check. An octagonal grille with a chromed frame? Check. Elongated rear lights connected by a light bar? Check and check.

While some other vehicles that are direct competitors to the e-tron (the Jaguar I-pace, for example) have been purposely designed to look nothing but a futuristic, electric powered vehicle, the e-tron keeps the well-known Audi language. Furthermore, even the interior screams Audi and shares it’s components and digital display gauges with the likes of the Audi Q8. Overall favorable, the review from AutoCar is one that brings most positive and negative aspects to the spotlight. If you’re a potential battery-powered, luxury SUV (Sports Activity Vehicle) customer, the AutoCar review is something you need to read.

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They spend some time focusing on something that won’t fly in the U.S. the cameras for mirrors.
Anyway it looks Ok, without the question mark, but that’s about it.
A used Tesla would probably be a better deal.

At least you can get the Tesla by 2020

You realize that AutoCar is a british site, don’t you?

They don’t have used Teslas in GB?

A used Tesla probably would be a better deal. At least you know it will continue improving over its life.
And later if you want FSD you could get it via Tesla upgrades.
Plus you are backed by the best battery technology.
It’s a no brainer

Still a used car though. . Age, wear, corrotion. . Of course the first owners have taken the largest economical hit..

Yeah, comparing used to new is stupid.

Sure, individual buyers will have that option, but EVs on the road only increase by buying new ones.

But, the person selling an EV will probably buy another better one.

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t have maintenance costs like other Audis.

Maintenance costs are direct proportional with the price of the car.
Take for example the door handles on model S. A guy needed to replace two of those and they charge 1100$ for them plus 300$ labour costs. So 1400$ for two door handles. The parking brake caliper costs 1235$.

Why does the braking caliper cost that much? Is it special somehow?
$2-300 is fairly common for aftermarket brake calipers (each).
Original should not cost THAT much more.

I know the car is heavy, so that will require a bit more powerful brakes. . But the price is too high. It’s not a complex part, and it require just some machining after casting.
I guess aftermarket parts will come to this model as well.

Very strange write up. Almost nothing about the car except it is a BEV and it looks like an Audi. Range? Price? Availability? One pedal driving? Charge time? Ride comfort? Noise level? Performance?

Well, if you follow the link to the AutoCar review, you do get more info: Where Namibia Price £70,000 (est) On sale now (reservations only) Engine twin electric motors Power 402bhp Torque 487lb ft at Gearbox single-speed auto Kerb weight Not stated Top speed 124mph 0-62mph 5.5sec Range 249 miles (WLTP)

You wouldn’t want to look too closely

Isn’t it cute how they are happy about the (fake) grille? Why not one or two fake exhaust and fake motor sounds, so that the petrolheads can almost forget that one of these treehuger cars has this incredible performance. Oh wait, Porsche and BMW do those things too…

Lmfao Cavaron! You made my day!

A First? audi r8 etron had two generations! First gen with chademo and AWD, 2nd gen with ccs and rwd

Audi owners are not as brand attached as Tesla owners. That has been proven.

Yes, Tesla owner satisfaction leads the automotive industry, higher than even Porsche, the previous leader in owner satisfaction.

I was parked at a charger next to one last weekend. It is not much if any larger than a Leaf.