Autocar Reviews Tesla Model S P85D


Tesla Model S P85D. A great winter sedan!

Tesla Model S P85D. A great winter sedan!

“Many will look at the raw figures, do the maths and, with a tinge of regret, allow head to overrule heart. Those who don’t will be picking one of the most remarkable production cars on sale today.”

Tesla Model S P85D in Metallic Grey.

Tesla Model S P85D in Metallic Grey.

States Autocar in its review of the Tesla Model S P85D.

What’s it like?:”

Autocar discusses specs of the P85D, as well as features before going on an acceleration run… Here is what Autocar says:

“To activate the P85D’s full potential, you press a button on the huge central touchscreen marked (and I’m serious about this) ‘Insane’. And that’s pretty much how it feels.”

“Tesla’s acceleration test track was a well-abused mixture of greasy cold asphalt and coarse gravel, but the P85D still managed to deliver a level of acceleration that would be difficult for anything else to match in the same conditions. It’s the initial punch that does it – the kind of uncompromising shove from 0-30mph that comes with the torque characteristics of electric motors in general, now mixed with four-wheel drive.”

Yeah, the P85D has an insane amount of torque with those dual motors. Enough to propel this 5,000 lb vehicle from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds!

The entire review is quite positive really.

We encourage you to check out Autocar‘s review on the P85D by clicking here.

Tesla Model S - Next Gen Seats for P85D only.

Tesla Model S – Next Gen Seats for P85D only.

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We’ll have to sit thru more reviews and videos once v 6.2 firmware is released and the car’s top speed is higher.

Rather wish they would have had some detailed commnts. Other than its insane fast.

Instead of all this “POWER INSANITY” Tesla Should Concentrate On a Car That has Average But ample Power for Daily All Around Use,That Consumes Less Energy ..In Exchange “INCREASE the RANGE” All this Power Tripping & Speed Is Really in Most Cases “Not Necessary” ((Speaking For Myself & Buyers Like Me)) I say…”Less Power, More Range” I think It’s A GREAT! trade Off…For Me Anyway…..Elon, Can That Possibly Be a Way To Decrease or even in some cases, Eliminate “Range Anxiety” ? …..Cheers All..

Agreed Jos.

An additional issue is how reliable are these gear reduction units at these high powers? THere used to be ‘murmering’ articles here on InsideEvs but none as of late. Now you’d make the reasonable assumption that ‘flooring it’ would wear out the teeth faster.

No one to date seems to have done any serious cold weather testing, other than David Noland at GreenCarReports

My Doctor Friend always Said,”Everything Is Good In Moderation”…..I think That Holds true To Everything In “Life”…. .Glad To See There are still Sensible People Out There ..De-Tune Those Power Hungry “SUPER FAST” Motors In Exchange For More Range & Perhaps increased Longevity…IE: My 200 Hp C230K Has Plenty of Power,Makes Sense,Plus Delivers Great Efficiency.. The Down Side is….It’s an ICE… A Comparable “Long Range EV” would Be the Solution for me… Cheers All…..

Their de powered Model S offering max range is the 85D.

You can buy model SP85 and drive it slow…why limit a powerful cars we want ?

People Using SLEDGE HAMMERS To Swat flies …l o l… I Can Buy a Tesla Now., Not Enough Range For Me yet, is More Than I Want Nor Need, In Size & Weight :…. I Hope Ur Rite about the model 3 & I hope It Will Not Look Like a Cartoon Car Hatch Back when it arrives..Cause If it Does…I will Be very Disappointed & Soooo 0ut! ……… Cheers all………..

“((Speaking For Myself & Buyers Like Me))…” Yes,… but you *do* appear to be utterly and deliciously bonkers! You don’t *have* to accelerate as fast as you can everywhere you go, you know. And anyway, the Model 3 will be out before too long, and then you can buy a Tesla, too! MW