Autocar Reviews Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

NOV 9 2014 BY MARK KANE 13

2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive (W 242) cirrus white - interior

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

Autocar recently tested the newly refreshed Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive and, as it turns out, the UK reviewers were very impressed with the driving experience.

The electric version is well ahead of the internal combustion engine version, so if the range, charging time or price isn’t a problem, then the EV version is the better option:

“In terms of all-round refinement and pace, the electric B-class is far better than its internal combustion engine sister cars. Indeed, the car’s effortless torque and near-silent progress puts it in a category of its own.”

“This car has the refinement that would shame some luxury models and the kind of effortless overtaking ability that would trouble some hot hatches.”

Beside this, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive has a similar 500-litre boot and generous head and legroom, so the batteries didn’t take up too much space.

Interior was well received too:

“It’s also a handy size, well-packaged and nicely finished inside. The big, tablet-sized screen on the dashboard might look a little clunky, but is ideally placed and the graphics and presentation of Mercedes-Benz’s sat-nav system is first rate.”

In the UK, the price of electric B-Class after the plug-in grant (roughly £27,000 or $43,500) is about the same like B-Class B220 diesel with an automatic transmission, so the driving pleasure is “leagues ahead” for free.

Source: Autocar

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Where is the videonfilmed?


I think you didn’t watch the entire video. 😉

Look at time stamp 12:47 where he clicks on “Fahrzeugstandort” (location of car). At time stamp 12:58, you can see a partial map of Spain.

Is there any commentary on this video?
I only hear road noise.

And Mercedes did not even try to make a good car but simple conversion from ICE with outsourced drivetrain…

AS i said before the b-class had a sandwich floor for Batterys from the beginning of Produktion.

The reason why they omitted fast charging option from B Class ED was that fast charging plug did not fit behind existing gasoline door. Also with good design there was possibility to fit larger battery pack without compromizing interior space. And most importantly, this lacks AWD that is just silly, because AWD would significantly boost the range.

For me this car smells like a car that is filled with compromizes. Anyway, B class ED is still perhaps the best electric car on markets after Tesla cars, so this tells something how serious car companies have been with electric cars.

One would think that adding a DCFC plug would not be a unsolvable problem. The fact that this car had NO DCFC would exclude me from getting one. Adding all wheel drive would help sales-IMHO.

Not utilizing the front logo on the (ugly / non-aero) grill, as a CSS Chargeport– was a missed opportunity.

Does it look like there’s no theft protection mechanism for the recharging cable???

I noticed that too. It looks like the sliding door on the kiosk could slide over and house the cable, but it was not used in that way.
My guess door, which is released when you use your card could be slid down over the cable, as their is little cut out for a cable on it.
Good observation though.

No, that would not work as the cable is too big.

The range package is standard, for 2015. Might fast charging be next?

It will be great if there are any winter side, by sides. I suspect range retention is soon to be a common criterion.

It would be much nicer if they had some sort of DC-fast charge port.