Autocar Renders Tesla Truck, Model 3-Based Crossover


Tesla Truck Render Via Autocar

Tesla Truck Render Via Autocar

The release of Tesla’s Master Plan Part Deux revealed that the automaker is working on both a “new kind of pickup” and a crossover, likely based on the Model 3.

From that announcement, Autocar contacted a renderer by the name of Ben Youde to draw up his interpretations of both vehicles.

We’ve posted just the Tesla truck here. To see the Model 3-based CUV, follow this link to Autocar.

Autocar states:

“Announcing the second part of his master plan on Tesla’s website last night, Musk confirmed there will be a compact SUV and pick-up truck in its vehicle line-up, while ruling out a cheaper vehicle than the Model 3.”

We’re not entirely sure what the Tesla truck will look like. We don’t really think the render seen above is even close to accurate though. We envision something significantly larger, with seating for at least five. Beyond that, nobody outside of Tesla likely has a clue as to what the automaker means by a “new kind of pickup truck.”

Source: Autocar

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Seriously – they could have been more creative than that…..My bet is the truck WILL NOT look like a car with the rear made into a truck bed — but a cool-looking beast of a truck-looking truck. The M3 crossover — really? Did you just vertically stretch the M3 and add bigger wheels?

They didn’t even do that. The greenhouse area is way too short for the vehicle. The Model ≡’s greenhouse is actually a bit tall compared to the Model S.

leafowner said:

“The M3 crossover — really? Did you just vertically stretch the M3 and add bigger wheels?”

Those wheels look like they came off a toy car. Perhaps that was a not-so-subtle dig at Tesla?

Still, much less an eyesore than some of the amateurish early “artist* concept” drawings for the Model E/Model ≡ posted here at InsideEVs!

*I use the term loosely. Very loosely.

Yep! It reminds me of the ’80s Dodge Rampage….haha….

Nope, that’s not it.

I would add a smart gun rack, a spiked cowcatcher to the front end, raises and lowers automatically when zombies are detected, and spinners with flashing blades.
The ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ edition.

Since Tesla is changing their naming convention, call it the “Crusher.” Then they could make a video called:
‘The Revenge of the Crusher’, showing it beat up on ice trucks, in various competitions.

I want to see a Tesla Pickup monster truck conversion, crushing “coal rolling” diesel pickups with its giant wheels!
😀 😀 😀

Some competition for Bigfoot #20? Notice that this truck was built in 2012.

“New kind of pickup” = “autonomous delivery EV”…
… if you live within the service radius of a store, you can order online and get it delivered
— autozone, home depot, best buy etc…..

Maybe the first version will still have a steering wheel and utilize a driver, … maybe not.

Like this,….. except smaller, all electric, and more autonomous:

Mercedes Future Truck 2025 (Autonomous Driving Demo)
(skip to 1:34/3:36)

A true truck has its bed separated away from the cab body. Better with heavy loads. This rendering is merely a light duty passenger car conversion. It’s not going to compete head to head with F150s. Maybe El Caminos and Rancheros, or at least their ghosts…

If the vehicle has enough structural rigidity I don’t see why it couldn’t technically. We’ve been building trucks with ladder frames for ages as it works good enough. For standard delivery trucks a Model S/X underpinning is good enough, it’s pretty much what european delivery vans use.

It’s not because it’s impossible to make something rigid without a ladder frame though. A pickup truck bed is just like a shoe box without the lid in that respect.

Ground clearance is another issue entirely though. That’s radically different from before, and you can reasonably expect someone to driver it over a rock they shouldn’t have. 😉

Another point – trucks are tall. Why would Tesla try to pretend there is no battery underneath the floor by making the body as low as possible? This is an area – interior accessibility & people space – where the Chevrolet Bolt is clearly superior to the Model 3.

The skateboard battery combined with the increased ground clearance typically had by trucks are why a Tesla truck will not be anything like this rendering.

Burn it with fire, m’kay?

Where do I send my $1,000.00 deposit! Take my money Elon, Now!

Please say it ain’t so…

Looks like the old Subaru Brat.

And more recently, the Baja.

That looks like an old kind of pick up.

No way. If Tesla can’t make a “compelling” truck that competes head-to-head against Ram1500, Ford F-150, or Silverado 1500 it ain’t gonna impress the Texans I know. Much less the one-ton crowd.

Small trucks are too small for these boys.

I certainly hope Tesla’s first pickup won’t be an attempt to compete with those “more macho than you” oversized pickups. Nor the second or third, either.

In fact, I hope that Tesla will never try to compete in the “conspicuous consumption” market.

Beat this and you will sell a million.


I think very few people who would want a truck like that would be interested in a car or truck that doesn’t go “Vroom! Vroom!” when you press on the accelerator. That’s just not the market Tesla should be aiming for.

For small businesses that need the towing and box and room to carry a four to five man crew this could save an easy 300-1000$ a month in fuel for high milers. Look at every construction company you drive by. This type of truck as an ev is a nail in the coffin for big oil. A 2500 Sierra is the perfect size to pull my trailer and I could fit my family in it. A lot of people choose a truck because of what they need to do with it. I get that a lot of ev guys seem to hate trucks but it’s probably because of the driver. I don’t see Tesla building a crap truck. They will destroy the completion with whatever they decide to build.

I find truck owners to be the opposite…Happily commute to work in their empty pickup truck by themselves…Their truck is their toys, they occasionally carry around boats, atvs, etc and some are handy and want to carry around construction material but will never come close to utilizing their load capacity…