Autocar On BMW i8’s Best Car Of 2014 Nomination


BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8

The BMW i8 is among the nominees for Autocar’s “Best Car Of 2014” award.

Here, Autocar’s Matt Prior explains why:

The email’s preview pane had scarcely disappeared from my computer screen before I had replied to it.

It read: “Can you nominate your favourite car of the year?” Within seconds I’d written back: “BMW i8”, knowing that if I didn’t, somebody else – everybody else – would beat me to it.

Why is it my favourite? The i8 isn’t the fastest or most rewarding car I’ve driven this year. I like light, simple cars that handle predictably and are dynamically engaging. Cars like the Lotus 2-Eleven, Caterham Seven Supersport and Porsche 911 GT3 have the attributes that usually top my personal wish list.

Prior then describes the various traits of the i8 that he dislikes.  Among those traits are poor handling (understeer), objectionable dynamics and so on.  However, Prior still concludes that:

“…more than anything, it is just interesting to study, to be around, to spend time adoring and admiring. Everywhere you turn, there is a detail to be savoured. Every time you fill it with fuel, there is surprise at how little it asks for. And every time you glance at it, you know you’re looking at a car that is a shoo-in not just for this year’s shortlist, but any other year in history’s, too. The i8 is a car we’ll remember, and remember well, in half a century.”

Source: Autocar

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doesnt beat the model s

Kevin Sharpe

Tesla cars do not have a battery degradation warranty unlike the BMW i8.

This is important because if your Tesla loses range like mine has (20% after 55K miles) then Tesla will just say “that’s normal”.


Tesla is a great looking car and as an EV can’t simply be beat. But if your looking for exclusivity, the i8 is one of those cars. Don’t kid yourself, the styling is drop dead gorgeous. If you haven’t seen one in person, then your likely a photo hating troll from a state that doesn’t even sell cars priced over $50,000.

Warren M

There is a lot more technology involved with the i8. In reality, BMW could build a Tesla model S if it wanted to. Not so sure Tesla could build an i8.


20% is at the reaching the limit of normal within the 8 year warranty. If yours reaches 30% loss before that time, then Tesla will repair/replace under warranty. Not far off from what BMW offers.
Beyond what BMW offers, Tesla offers a replacement warranty option and will most likely offer an upgrade range package in a few years on the model S similar to the their roadster.