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Will Toyota Cancel the RAV4 EV?

Occasionally, the subject comes up amongst we RAV4 EV owners concerning how much money the RAV4 EV actually costs Toyota to sell in California. Toyota must either sell 2,600 cars through 2014 to earn California Air Resources Board – Zero Emission Vehicle (CARB-ZEV) credits, or buy those credits on the…

4 years ago by Tony Williams 54

Nissan LEAF Side by Side Range Comparison: 2012 vs 2013

Today started with cool 50F degree (10C) temperatures with light rain and the forecast wasn’t promising for much of an improvement anytime soon. We had tentatively planned to get together yesterday, but technical difficulties with a Blink charging station threw a wrench in the plans. This morning, the technicians from…

5 years ago by Tony Williams 57