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Flipping Out Over Elon’s “D”

Tiffany’s Top Ten   Flipping Out Over Elon’s “D” The Top Ten thoughts swirling around my head, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally introduced his “D”: 10)  Sigh…This “D” event is obnoxiously behind schedule. Does the “D” have performance anxiety? 9)   I’ve never waited this long for a “D.” 8) …

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Tiffany’s Top Ten on Elon’s “D”

Tiffany’s Top Ten on Elon’s “D” With the recent Tweet from Elon Musk on “unveiling the D” (we dearly hope this isn’t a thinly veiled euphemism), along with “something else,” let your imaginations run wild as to what that “something else” is after he unveils his “D”. Displayed below are…

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Top 10 KICK GAS™ Questions Get Answered

We welcome back the KICK GAS™ team for some answers to the TOP 10 questions that the KICK GAS™ movie has generated. Tiffany’s Top Ten (Tiffany Raim is producer of KICK GAS™) Hello everyone, The KICK GAS™ movie has generated many questions since its release. Below are the top ten…

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