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Cheap Gas No Threat To Tesla

AS PREDICTED, CHEAP GAS MEANS SQUAT Remember this gloomy two-year period, when we had to endure constant fretting about cheap gas killing demand for Tesla’s products? Everyone feared Tesla would suffer horribly in a cheap gas environment. TeslaMondo pounded the table and decreed that Tesla would flourish despite cheap gas…

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Withering Malls To Be Saved By Tesla?

TESLA SHALL INHERIT THE MALL The good ol’ shopping mall is dying, sapped dry by Amazon et al, as countless headlines attest. But if you’ve been to a Tesla store lately, you’ve seen the foot traffic. Auto sales in general, and especially Tesla, may prove to be the cockroach that survives retail armageddon. Cars…

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Model 3 Floating Screen Is Riskiest Design Move Yet For Tesla

DON’T FEAR THE WAFER Assuming Tesla sticks with the combination of floating screen and super-spartan dashboard seen in the Model 3 test cars, it’s the riskiest design move in Tesla’s brief history, more challenging than the grille-less fascia. It risks looking like an MIT science experiment instead of a finished commercial product. That…

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Tesla CTO Linked To Advanced Recycling Company

MYSTERY RECYCLING SPINOFF AIN’T A MYSTERY Some of the latest big news is the materials-recycling spinoff. TeslaMondo already covered this in December. Remember? JB Straubel identified a big opportunity in battery recycling, and Musk saw a big opportunity in brain/computer interface. Musk’s idea came to fruition with Neuralink. Looks like JB’s idea has…

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Going Off The Deep End To Attack Tesla

Some “journalists” will go to the extreme to attack Tesla. The Street decided that Tesla’s innocuous third-party recall regarding a parking brake component should be billed as one of the biggest automotive blunders of all time. And they figured the best way to illustrate the story, is, of course, a Tesla pop-up store….

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Tesla Autopilot Faces Pressure From Lawsuit-Happy Litigators

CAN AUTOPILOT SURVIVE SUE-HAPPY USA? PART II On Christmas day, 2015, TeslaMondo predicted that Americans would soon start suing Tesla for inflicting Autopilot on the poor public. That same post introduced y’all to Sean Kane, the “safety advocate” who poses as a dry analyst and often gets nose-picking reporters to fall for his ruse — even…

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Why Not Open Tesla Model Y Orders Now?

WHY NOT START MODEL Y PRE-ORDERS? Too early, you say? Well, let’s see. Model X pre-orders began in February of 2012. Meaningful volume production began four years later, much longer than expected. This time around, a four-year incubation period would actually be expected, true? With Model 3 about to launch…

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