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We Check Out The Arcimoto Electric 3-Wheeler

The Arcimoto FUV: First Delivery Of A Production Vehicle. Julie and I took a road trip to Eugene Oregon to attend the November 11th opening of the AMP. (Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant) 700 enthusiast attended and saw many millions of dollars of new manufacturing equipment that arrived earlier in the week …

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2014 BMW i3 – Long Term Review

The BMW i3, A “Bulls-i” for the Bavarians. We just don’t know it yet. While the BMW i8 is the super-sultry twin sister that gets all the lustful gazes, the BMW i3 is a masculine stout machine geared for the gnarly bullring that is the city of today and tomorrow….

2 years ago by Peder Norby 37

BMW i8: Long-Term Review

Part 2: 2014 BMW i8, Drivers Long Term Review 2014 Electronaut Edition BMW i8 Delivered, January 2015 Odometer, 14,396 *Editor’s Note: Check out Part 1 here. The BMW i8 is a Master’s work of industrial artistry, but is it a Supercar? By “Old Testament” petrol metrics the answer is no….

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2014 BMW i3 & i8 Long-Term Review – Part 1

Part One Our 2014 BMW i3 is now 2 years old with 25,000 miles. Our 2014 BMW i8 is 18 months old with 14,000 miles. How are the non identical twins holding up to life in Southern California’s “mega-region” of 25 million not so gentle souls? I’ll answer that question…

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Sunshine Is The New Gasoline

It’s about the economy and the emissions.  The cost to power our two BMW i3’s by solar is the equivalent of $0.14 per gallon of gas. The GHG’s caused by our collective transportation choices are the largest source of emissions in California. In California, there are over 500,000 solar PV…

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The Arcimoto SRK, A Perfect Fit For Relocalized Cities

The Arcimoto SRK, A Perfect Fit For Relocalized Cities. Lightweight, electric vehicles for the city…Part one of two *Editor’s Note: Look for Part 2 in the series to be posted soon. Part 2 will focus on going car-less in Carlsbad. Relocalization:  The opposite of urban sprawl. Arcimoto:   The evolution of…

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Arcimoto SRK EV Test Drive Review

A Driver’s Review, The “Absolutely Electric” Arcimoto SRK In 2009, I was fortunate enough to become a field trial driver of pre-production electric prototypes; first the BMW Mini-E followed the BMW ActiveE. I drove both for five years in an effort to understand where we were going as we transitioned…

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