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2014 BMW i3 – Long Term Review

The BMW i3, A “Bulls-i” for the Bavarians. We just don’t know it yet. While the BMW i8 is the super-sultry twin sister that gets all the lustful gazes, the BMW i3 is a masculine stout machine geared for the gnarly bullring that is the city of today and tomorrow….

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BMW i8: Long-Term Review

Part 2: 2014 BMW i8, Drivers Long Term Review 2014 Electronaut Edition BMW i8 Delivered, January 2015 Odometer, 14,396 *Editor’s Note: Check out Part 1 here. The BMW i8 is a Master’s work of industrial artistry, but is it a Supercar? By “Old Testament” petrol metrics the answer is no….

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2014 BMW i3 & i8 Long-Term Review – Part 1

Part One Our 2014 BMW i3 is now 2 years old with 25,000 miles. Our 2014 BMW i8 is 18 months old with 14,000 miles. How are the non identical twins holding up to life in Southern California’s “mega-region” of 25 million not so gentle souls? I’ll answer that question…

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Sunshine Is The New Gasoline

It’s about the economy and the emissions.  The cost to power our two BMW i3’s by solar is the equivalent of $0.14 per gallon of gas. The GHG’s caused by our collective transportation choices are the largest source of emissions in California. In California, there are over 500,000 solar PV…

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The Arcimoto SRK, A Perfect Fit For Relocalized Cities

The Arcimoto SRK, A Perfect Fit For Relocalized Cities. Lightweight, electric vehicles for the city…Part one of two *Editor’s Note: Look for Part 2 in the series to be posted soon. Part 2 will focus on going car-less in Carlsbad. Relocalization:  The opposite of urban sprawl. Arcimoto:   The evolution of…

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Arcimoto SRK EV Test Drive Review

A Driver’s Review, The “Absolutely Electric” Arcimoto SRK In 2009, I was fortunate enough to become a field trial driver of pre-production electric prototypes; first the BMW Mini-E followed the BMW ActiveE. I drove both for five years in an effort to understand where we were going as we transitioned…

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