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Op Ed: What If U.S. Gas Remained $2/gal For 25 Years?

The average 2 vehicle US household could easily spend $40,000 more over 25 years by continuing to fuel with $2/gallon gasoline opposed to switching to EVs powered by a photovoltaic (PV) solar array. This article will address the following issues. Though the variables vary greatly, $2/gal gas remains the more…

2 years ago by Mark Hovis 65

Examining Electric Cars & Particulate Matter

There have been record numbers of articles written in 2015 referencing Inside EVs as the source for cumulative EV sales. So, it was a bit disheartening to read an article posted by Mellisa Lott in the Scientific American referencing 300,000 EVs in the US and counting, while the current US…

2 years ago by Mark Hovis 43

Tesla Motors Just Needs to Keep Tracking the Ford Model T

There have been many comparisons of Tesla Motors to Ford Motor Company, but the parallel in the production data presented by Bloomberg is facinating. Tesla Motors achieved the 10,000 autos produced milestone in 2013, the same milestone Ford Motor Company achieved in 1909 with the Model T. By 1916, just seven years…

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