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BREAKING: California’s Green HOV Stickers Are About Gone

The California Air Resources Board, which sets the guidelines for the HOV decal program, reports that as of May 11 the California DMV had issued 68,992 green clean air vehicle decals. Consequently, only about 1,000 stickers remain before the total cap of 70,000 stickers is reached. While this is good to know, what does this mean…

3 years ago by George Betak 59

BMW i US Production Update

We are providing a quick update on BMW i US production figures for the month of July and August due to popular demand. As previously reported, the range-extended (REx) version of the i3 has been produced and sold in greater numbers than the all-electric trim (BEV). The ratio was 3:2 in…

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California DMV Issuing Green HOV Stickers Again

As we reported some three weeks ago, California legislature has recently extended the allocation of green HOV stickers from 40,000 to 55,000. This was accomplished via an emergency measure in trailer bill SB-853, which was passed along with the new 2014-15 state budget, and came into effect on July 1. Following…

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