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It Turns Out Tesla Vehicles Really Make Great Taxis

WHAT’S IT LIKE TO DRIVE A TESLA MODEL S FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES? With simpler powertrains and far fewer moving parts, electric vehicles should last longer and require less maintenance, than legacy vehicles. How is this prediction holding up in the real world? One good person to ask…

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Tesla Model 3

There May Be More Critical Tesla Model 3 Details To Come

IS THERE MORE TO TESLA’S MODEL 3 THAN MEETS THE EYE? We know that Tesla designed Model 3 to be capable of full Level 5 autonomy (self-driving), and we know that the company envisions a future autonomous ride-sharing system called the Tesla Network, which will allow owners to rent out their…

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Electric Cars

J.P Morgan Sees Electric Cars As Wide-Scale Disruptors

J.P. MORGAN: ELECTRIC CARS WILL DISRUPT A MULTITUDE OF INDUSTRIES By now, everyone who’s paying attention understands that fossil fuel vehicles are going to be replaced by electric vehicles. However, there’s a wide gulf of disagreement about the timeline. Those who make their living in the oil and auto industries…

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Elon Musk

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Is A Key Communicator

Elon Musk has built game-changing businesses transforming the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries. Part of Musk’s unique skill set is his ability to learn fast and communicate what he’s learned so brilliantly. According to Matthew DeBord at Business Insider*, Elon Musk “is certainly one of humanity’s most accomplished autodidacts: he has taught himself automotive engineering,…

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Tesla Model X

The Difference Between Tesla And BMW (ICE) Propulsion

TESLA LESSON: LEARN THE BASIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND GAS BURNERS [VIDEO] Considering the far-reaching cascade of change that is about to be unleashed on human society by the transition from the internal combustion engine to the electric motor, there’s a good case to be made that everyone should…

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Progressive Policies In Some States Will Accelerate Tesla

ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND THE GRID — A LOOK AT PROGRESSIVE POLICIES EMERGING IN CALIFORNIA AND NEW YORK With Tesla CEO Elon Musk forecasting the market for Model 3 vehicles could swell to 700,000 vehicles, the streets may soon be flooded with electric cars. To put that in perspective, the popular BMW 3 Series only has an…

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Electric Cars

Which Countries Are Paving The Road To An EV Future?

THESE COUNTRIES ARE LEADING THE WAY TO AN EV REVOLUTION Countries worldwide are taking an aggressive stance in order to expedite the transition to electric vehicles. Yet automakers are moving slowly — the Big Three in Detroit are mostly taking a wait-and-see approach with vehicle electrification. And Germany’s finest are also dragging their feet. One automaker, Tesla, is…

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