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New “Electric Avenue” Report Points To Tesla’s Leading Role

ILSR REPORT: TESLA’S SUPERCHARGED ROLE ON ‘ELECTRIC AVENUE’ The Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) recently released a comprehensive report (via CleanTechnica) on electric vehicles. The ILSR’s report, Choosing the Electric Avenue – Unlocking Savings, Emissions Reductions, and Community Benefits of Electric Vehicles, authored by John Farrell, is a treasure trove for those looking to learn…

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Some Say Tesla Is Destined To Follow In Amazon’s Footsteps

TESLA COULD DO FOR CARS WHAT AMAZON DID TO RETAIL Billionaire investor Ron Baron, recently raised some eyebrows when he predicted Tesla stock could hit $1,000 by 2020. Last week, Marketwatch reported that, “Ron Baron and his team of fund managers come off as button-down personalities. Not a bad trait for the…

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Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Is Changing The Way We Think About Energy

TESLA ENERGY: FROM SUN TO HOME TO WHEELS Batteries power cell phones, laptops, and electric cars. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Your next home could run on batteries. A combination of solar power and the rise of residential energy storage paves the way for a new kind of cable cutting”…

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2017 Marks The Beginning Of The Gas To Electric Transition

6 REASONS 2017 MARKS THE DEMISE OF THE GAS-GUZZLER Mark your calendars. This year could start the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine. Heck, The Economist gave the internal combustion engine an obituary this year in a recent cover story. And, according to Peter Holley at the Washington Post, “when future auto…

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Charging Tesla

Tesla Supercharger Stations May Soon Mirror Gas Stations

TESLA SUPERCHARGERS COULD SOON RESEMBLE GAS STATIONS AND VICE VERSA Is Tesla influencing the gas station or is the gas station influencing Tesla? It turns out that the saw cuts both ways. The automaker is considering extra Supercharger add-on services often offered at gas stations. On the other hand, an all-electric future…

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Big Auto’s Tesla Killer Plans: Serious Investments or Vanity Projects?

IS BIG AUTO REALLY INVESTING IN “TESLA FIGHTERS,” OR JUST IN WINDOW DRESSING? The legacy automakers are always keen to talk about their commitment to electrification, and the media is always happy to publicize, and sometimes to wildly exaggerate, their plans. Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, GM and Ford have all recently announced plans for new electrified…

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Tesla Is So Much More Than An Automotive Disruptor

TESLA IS MORE THAN A CAR COMPANY, IT’S AN AGENT OF CHANGE [VIDEO] Famed Apple analyst turned Venture Capitalist, Gene Munster at Loup Ventures, recently attempted to answer Wall Street’s burning question — isn’t Tesla just another car company? Munster’s answer: “Tesla is not (just) an automaker. Nor is it (just) a battery,…

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Report: Tesla’s Design Is Light Years Ahead of BMW, GM, And Nissan Because Of “Ground-Up” Design

TESLA DESIGNS THEIR ELECTRIC VEHICLES FROM THE GROUND UP; BMW – NOT SO MUCH One distinct competitive advantage often considered for Tesla is the company’s complete commitment to an electric vehicle future. Their cars don’t sacrifice anything in the design process — they’re built from the ground up to take advantage of a wholly unique electric vehicle architecture….

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