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Complete Audio From Tesla Q3 Call – Video

For those interested in hearing every little detail from Tesla’s recent Q3 earnings call, as well as the tone of the conversation as topics change, you’re now in luck. Here we present complete audio from the call. It’s over an hour in length, so plan accordingly to take it all…

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Tesla Puts Out New Model 3 Video

Sure looks a bit like advertising to us. Either that, or Tesla is trying hard to promote the 3 to perhaps overshadow that production and delivery is behind schedule. Whatever the case may be, we get a few new looks at some Model 3 production processes, as well as a…

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Electric Cars Do Stunts Too – Video

Electric cars can drift, perform risky maneuvers and get up on two wheels too. Here’s your proof. And no, not every story on plug-ins has to be serious, sometimes its good to just kick back and enjoy something…uh, different. Video description: A stunt show featuring purely electric cars thrilled spectators…

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