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Op-Ed: The Reality of the Plug-in Hybrid

Watching the comments section of any news story about an EV seems to have changed over the last few years. 5 years ago, most of the comments were mis-informed people or shills spouting off the usual anti-EV propaganda about them being fire hazards, or being worse for the environment than…

9 months ago by David Murray 187

Op-Ed: Crowd Funded Charging Stations

OK, so the reality in 2016 for most geographical locations is that the charging station business is unprofitable. The primary reason is a simple equation of the cost of the installations versus the number of customers to use the station. The customer base simply isn’t there yet, but it will…

2 years ago by David Murray 34

Used Nissan Leaf Buying Guide

I’m in the market for a used Leaf. I classify myself as a Leaf expert having leased a 2011 and now driving a 2013. We’re looking to replace another car that is about to be returned at end of lease. There are no shortage of used Leafs being advertised both…

3 years ago by David Murray 38