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BMW i3 REx In Real-World Use

Today I got to experience the REx in the wild. What I mean by that is I actually needed it. I experienced the REx twice before but those were not when I needed it. One was driving around town and letting the battery drain low enough for the REx to…

3 years ago by Chris Neff 62

BMW i3 REx Review After 1,000 Miles

I’m just past the 1,000-mile mark in my BMW i3 and I’m really enjoying the car.  It has not been all EV bliss though, as I have had some software glitches along the way, like a rolling reboot. With that said, I have no regrets and I’m confident these software…

4 years ago by Chris Neff 14

Owner Review: BMW i3 REx Likes/Dislikes

BMW i3 – Second impressions… I say second impressions because it is not my first stint in the i3, my first was on a race track for 10 hrs straight in a couple of pre-production units and I was thoroughly impressed. Now that I have my own, I’m even more…

4 years ago by Chris Neff 10