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2019 BMW 7 Series To Get 390 HP Plug-In Hybrid Variant

Look for a digital instrument panel inside, too. BMW will reportedly give the 740e plug-in hybrid a big powertrain update for the 2019 model year that will possibly prompt a name change to the 745e. A more powerful electric motor and higher capacity batteries will mean a higher output and a longer…

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Toyota e-Palette Concept Bows At CES

Amazon, DiDi, Mazda, Pizza Hut, and Uber have already signed on as partners in the project. The future of automobiles might not be very pretty – at least aesthetically – if Toyota gets its way. At this year’s CES, the automotive giant has unveiled the boxy e-Palette Concept as the…

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Aston Martin Considers Entering Formula E

The entry is at least a year away and could be longer. Formula E is booming with manufacturer support, and Aston Martin is tentatively considering entering the open-wheel electric racing series, too, according to company CEO Andy Palmer. “We don’t have an electric car yet, but we will have in 2019….

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Volkswagen Buzz To Get AI

The features will come as part of a greater partnership with Nvidia. The auto industry is racing to bring increasingly sophisticated forms of autonomous technology to the road, and Volkswagen takes a step forward at CES by announcing a new partnership with Nvidia. They promise for this next-gen tech to…

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Hyundai Teases Next-Gen Fuel Cell Vehicle – Video

The company will also show off its next-gen autonomous driving tech. Hyundai will keep busy at CES in 2018 by unveiling its upcoming fuel-cell-powered crossover, next-gen autonomous vehicle tech, and the concept for the brand’s future of automotive cabins. The company will also show off ways to use hydrogen power…

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BMW i8 Roadster/Coupe Promo Video Is Dark, Weird, Bubbly

The i8 Roadster wouldn’t have looked too out of place in Blade Runner. In a new video, BMW highlights the role that the i8 range occupies in the automotive landscape, and it’s clearly not the world of today. The holographic screens and augmented reality on display in this clip look straight out of…

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Rare Volkswagen XL-1 Sighting – Video

Volkswagen wanted to build the most efficient car possible with the technology of the time. Its economy is still impressive. At a price of 110,000 euros ($150,000 at that period’s exchange rates) and a limited run of 200 units, the Volkswagen XL1 never amounted to more than a curiosity in…

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Infiniti Teases More Of Its Electric Q Inspiration Concept

Infiniti has taken some additional wrap off of its soon-to-debut electric Q Inspiration concept. The concept previews the company’s forthcoming flagship sedan, which will be electric too. Infiniti finally has a name for its electric sedan concept that debuts in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit….

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Audi Sport Preps For Launch Of Performance EV In 2020

Any electric model would surely be a bigger success than the failure of the Audi R8 E-Tron. Audi Sport, the German automaker’s performance division, intends to follow the lead of the company’s more mainstream offerings by creating several electric vehicles. The first of these sporty EVs would arrive in just a…

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Tesla Model S Wagon Coming In Early 2018

The first of them should hit the road in March, but it’s not built by Tesla. After previously releasing some sketches to tease an effort to convert the Tesla Model S into a shooting brake, Niels van Roij Design now announces a plan to have the station wagon ready by March 2018. The limited run of stylish…

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