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Tesla’s First SuperCharger in Asian Vegas – Macau

Macau, also known as Asian Vegas, is the city that owns the largest gaming market in the world by revenue. Tesla recently setup a Pop-Up store at Studio City to celebrate their collaboration to open the first Supercharging stalls in Macau at the hotel resort this coming fall. Studio City is…

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Tesla Model 3 Attracts Many First Time Buyers In Hong Kong

Hong Kong people are no strangers to any kind of queues from restaurants queues, limited edition bank notes queues, iPhones release queues, luxury handbags queues or queues to just purchase a multi-million dollar homes; but the Tesla Model 3 event was a very first for city, or possibly the world, that saw…

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Tesla Auto-Pilot Feature Disabled For All Model S In Hong Kong

Hong Kong owners are disappointed again over an email sent by Tesla Hong Kong updating them regarding the Auto-Pilot situation. The local Transport Department has still yet to approve the Autosteer and Auto Lane Change feature. Tesla is informing local owners they will temporarily disable these two features. It is unknown…

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