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Tesla Pickup Truck Shown During Semi Reveal

It’s apparently a pickup truck that can carry a pickup truck. The all-new (and ridiculously quick) Roadster wasn’t the only surprise Tesla had in tow for its belated reveal of the Semi as Elon Musk also briefly previewed (teased?) a pickup truck. Not an ordinary pickup truck, but one that can carry…

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Order Your Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Now

20 will be made and you can already order one. While California-based Newport Convertible Engineering has transformed the Tesla Model S into a convertible, a Dutch coachbuilder has come up with a different and more practical conversion. After launching a hearse some time ago, RemetzCar is back to tease its shooting brake…

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Suzuki e-Survivor Shows Up In Tokyo

Needless to say, the future is electric. The Tokyo Motor Show is fast-approaching, so naturally more and more of the domestic automakers are unveiling their cars prepared for the event organized in Japan’s capital. Suzuki will be there to display the e-Survivor concept, a quirky SUV that builds upon the success of…

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