In Austria, Electric Car Speed Limit To Be Higher Than ICE


Electric cars allowed to legally travel faster than ICE.

Just recently, Austria has started to implement a 140km/h (86mph) speed limit on some of their autobahns. The Alpine country is also axing the much-debated 110km/h (68mph) night speed limit, in effect from 10 PM – 6 AM on some parts of their high-speed road network. And now, it seems that Austria will pioneer an adjustment for the speed restrictions for electric vehicles traveling in the country’s IG-L-Hundred zone, which covers a total area of 440 kilometers (273 miles).

The updated rules will allow Tesla and other electric vehicle owners to travel up to 130 km/h (80 mph) on the highway, 30 km/h (20 mph) faster than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts. Mind you, the current restrictions on some roads in Tyrol – like the  A 12 Inntal motorway and the A 13 Brenner motorway – are just 100km/h right now. The update covers only electric vehicles, so any plug-in hybrid – like, for example, the BMW i8 – which use an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) alongside its battery-powered powertrain, will not be able to utilize the updated regulations.

The Austrian Ambient Air Quality Act (IG-L), in short, in particular, transposes several EU directives relating to air pollution control. It pursues important objectives such as sustained protection against harmful and unacceptable air pollutants and preventive reductions in the emission of air pollutants. It basically aims to reduce pollution from NOx gasses in several parts of this Alpine country, helping curb the effects of (mostly) motorway traffic in some parts of their network.

In 2012, for example, heavy goods traffic and private vehicles accounted for almost 40% of traffic-related NOx emissions at the Vomp/Raststätte A 12 measurement point. Delivery vans accounted for some 20% of emissions, while the rest could be attributed to buses and motorcycles. Therefore, a number of traffic restrictions have therefore been enacted (IG-L – Vehicle Prohibitions, IG-L – Speed Restriction). And now, Austria is slated to reduce these restrictions for electric vehicles.

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So I need the Tesla Model3 ASAP! Preferably with LR-RWD. Please Elon, get the Tilburg facility ready for the Model 3 and listen to your customers!

Tesla Model S 100D
Tesla Model X 100D

Both will do just fine, and you can order them right now.

It might be possible to order the vehicle right now, but very likely the saving takes a few months more…..

Are you aware of the tax levels on cars in Europe? Or the size of my garage? Different customers may have different prefs!

Garage sizes are not like they are in the US. My experience is only with German garages, but traveling in France and Italy, I think they are typical. The Model 3 (and Model Y) will hit the sweet spot for cars in Europe ( at least in Germany)- much easier to find a parking spot and then actually fit it into your garage at home.

“The updated rules will allow Tesla and other electric vehicle owners to travel up to 130 km/h (80 mph) on the highway”

Is this a Tesla site or an EV site, I can’t tell anymore?

This is a Tesla site.

That would be Electrek, but I have started to see a more Tesla lean to this site.

Tesla first – Once they have exhausted information on people putting new wheels and wraps on Teslas, then we get info on reviews of ‘other’ electrics. I’m sure its a difficult balance with all the fan related info being posted about Tesla, but it is leaking into general reporting.

This sadly seems to be the case

Reflects state of the industry. Hopefully that changes soon with I-pace etc

This is a Tesla site, get over it! If you do not like it, do not read it.

Especially since the vast majority of EVs in Austria are not Tesla but the standard Euro mix of Zoe, Leaf, i3 and eGolf. There are more iMiev than Teslas although they would be at their top speed.

This is an American based web site though.

In fact a lot ov the EVs available do not like to travel at 130+

“Is this a Tesla site or an EV site, I can’t tell anymore?”

Is that a genuine question?

I agree, though seems my comments (non derogatory) are being moderated out. Just asking that Tesla not be used as a euphemism for EVs as it doesn’t help the cause for transportation electrification if the general public only identifies Tesla with electric. All readers need to understand this is an industry wide change.

If only any of the efforts of the rest of the industry were anywhere near as interesting as what Tesla is doing. Alas so far it’s mostly about compliance and press releases about all the great plans they have for the future. Tesla is the leader, the only one with serious EV production going on, the benchmark for the industry so yes, coverage might reflect that.

This site is good about covering everything still, just expect a majority of the news to be about Tesla when they comprise most of the market.

Why the US-centric worldview? Market does not mean US: The US is the world’s 3d EV market in terms of importance, not 1st or 2nd. About half of InsideEVs website visitors come from outside the US.

Tesla is re most definitely not most of the world market, not even close. While things may change, the best selling car globally to date is still the LEAF.

I doubt it. What I could find is 7000 Leaf sales globally in august vs 17,800 Model 3 sales in the US alone. Plenty of reports of dipping Leaf sales. Tesla is the sales leader, Nissan isn’t even relevant anymore. Reporting will reflect that.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

More importantly, Nissan is very tight-lipped on new products, so there isn’t much news about the long-range Leaf.

So by your estimation, ~50% of this website’s market is in one country and you wonder why it is “centric” to that country (actually hemispheric)? Maybe you should start one for your own centricity?

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It’s a whatever-makes-the-money-roll-in-plus-a-bunch-of-Formula-E-articles-that-the-parent-company-insists-on-but-nobody-comments-on site.

Tesla makes the majority of the shipped plug-in cars (more than the rest of the industry COMBINED) so don’t get your panties in a bunch when Tesla dominates the discussion. I look forward to other companies growing.

It is a Tesla market.

Actually based upon the sales ratios on the sales scorecard Tesla stories are a lower percent than Teslas share of sales. Thus more owners and more readers.

A number of car makers are much more over represented than their sales numbers and ownership justify

As an Austrian Model 3 reservation holder I see this as the FIRST new thing by our new protofascistoid government that actually makes some sort of sense.

Having different speed limits for different cars sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Reminds me of a joke a French guy once told: “I hear the Belgians are thinking of switching to driving on the left side, like in England; they’re going to have a test phase for two weeks, but it only applies to trucks.”

Where this will get annoying is when your an EV stuck behind an ICE passing. This happens with trucks and slower limits now.

Safety wise it should be okay as long as traffic adheres to slower traffic keep right.

So what. That is the normal situation. I’m always stuck behind someone going slower than I would like.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

With a common speed differential people are much less likely to be surprised.
And the speed differential is large enough that it won’t be annoying.

Indiana has 65mph for semis and 70mph for other traffic and that’s just annoying.

In my experience, European drivers are much more likely to drive in the right lane and pass in the left lane than are American drivers. Significant speed limit differences already exist with trucks and busses typically limited to 90 kph with cars limited to higher speeds.

They already exist all over the place. Trucks limited to certain limits. Low-speed vehicles. It’s not that hard.

I love this one

Area is measured in square miles or square kilometers.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

So, this has absolutely nothing to do with Magna Steyr manufacturing the i-Pace, right?

Not sure why but mentioning that electric vehicles also use significantly more energy at high speeds was moderated away (is that German lignite coal sourced?) Or maybe it was mentioning that speed disparity is a real issue for road safety.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

The redirection of posts to moderation works in mysterious ways.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I think mentioning the M word might have got me into M.

This is a very clever EV incentive that never even occurred to me! More places should adopt this.

The faster you drive, the more an ICE car pollutes…so why not cap the amount of pollution they put out?

Or just ban them.

So, how are law enforcement people supposed to know which cars are electric?