Australia’s Royal District Nursing Service to Add 8 Nissan LEAFs to Fleet


Australia’s Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) is in the process of adding 8 Nissan LEAFs to its fleet as part of a broader electric vehicle trial to “help establish the suitability and cost effectiveness of EVs in a fleet environment.”

RDNS says that the trial will be conducted over 2 years, from September 2013 – September 2015, at two of its locations in Melbourne.

On-site charging stations will be used.  Those chargers are powered exclusively by wind and solar.

RDNS will mainly use the LEAFs for home calls where its nurses travel to patient’s homes to administer medical care.

It’s believed that the LEAF’s range will be more than adequate for this line of use.

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3 responses to "Australia’s Royal District Nursing Service to Add 8 Nissan LEAFs to Fleet"
  1. Mikael says:

    Anyone knows why Australia is so far behind when it comes to envrionmental issues? Is it ignorance? Lazyness? Indifference? Or what other factors comes into play?

    1. Rob says:

      I’m an Australian living in Brisbane.

      Cost is the most important factor here. If something can save money than it will be embraced.

      Home solar systems have really boomed here in the past few years. You can see large systems of 3 to 5kw in the suburbs on peoples homes. This is due to our ridiculous power costs. It’s more economical to spend $6000 on a solar system than import everything, especially in summer when you need AC on all the time.

      Water is another huge cost here, so it’s cheaper to buy massive rainwater tanks and use grey water systems than buy it from the city.

      So yes I could say its cost + indifference. Electric cars don’t make sense economically as new cars here.

      I’m waiting for ex-government leafs to be sold. They will be excellent second hand cars.

  2. “Those chargers are powered exclusively by win and solar.”

    Double-rainbow awesome; clearly ‘wind’ is a ‘win’. 🙂