Australia’s First-Ever Tesla Model S Public Test Drives To Occur This Weekend


Tesla Model S RHD

Tesla Model S RHD

Tesla Model S RHD

Tesla Model S RHD

This weekend, for the first time ever, public test drives of the Tesla Model S will be conducted ion Australia.

As Car Advice reports:

“Tesla Motors will give prospective owners (and presumably plenty of interested tyre-kickers) the opportunity to drive the pure electric Model S sedan in Melbourne from Friday August 15 and in Sydney from Monday August 18.”

“Melbourne test drives will operate out of the Melbourne Marriott hotel on Exhibition St between 10am and 6pm until September 14, while Sydney drives will start at The Darling at The Star Casino and Hotel on Pyrmont St between 10am and 8pm until September 11.”

Orders for the Model S can be placed in Australia, though Tesla hasn’t officially announced a launch date yet.

Car Advice adds:

“Three variants of the Model S are available in Australia: the $96,208 Model S 60, the $111,807 Model S 85, and the $133,257 Model S P85.”

Live in Australia and interested in driving the Model S?  This weekend is your first chance.  Don’t miss out.

Follow either of these two links to schedule your test drive in Melbourne or Sydney.

Source: Car Advice

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If you check the Australia and New Zealand forum on you will find that local staff have been giving test drives by appointment in Sydney and Melbourne for several weeks already.

Whatever. Australia is going to slap on a big tax/duty/something to make the pricing unattractive. They will offer no good incentive. Sales will be very small. And I wonder if they’ll even bother installing supercharger until the Australian government decides to become rational again.

Tony Abbott is a loser.

Tony Abbott is a lot worse than a loser. Add corrupt, liar and an idiot to the mix. Our very own George W Bush but far worse.

Australia has a 5% import duty on cars.

Plus a luxury car tax. For fuel efficient models there is a 33% marginal tax on the value above $75k Australian dollars not US dollars.

So on a Model S 60 there should only be a 5% tax on $75k.

On a typical Model S worth $113k.

.05x$75k = $3750
.33x$$38k = $1254

Total import tax on typical Model S $5004

Model S 60 with no options shows up like this on for customers in New South Wales (Sydney)

Your Model S: $91,400
Luxury Car Tax: $4,808
Local Registration: $523
Local CTP: $767
Local Stamp Duty: $3,910
Total: $101,408

I think I stand corrected. Perhaps Australia won’t tax the Model S too highly. The Leaf was sure taxed highly though.


There will not be a 5% import duty on the Tesla Model S. The US/Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) means there is no import duty. Another reason why the Tesla is priced so well compared with other premium brands from Europe/UK.

And of course the Tesla runs on local energy from Australian jobs rather than imported stuff using problematic supply chains 🙂

Wow, really?

It took 20 years to actually implement the terms regarding autos in the North American Free Trade agreement.

Maybe it helps that Australia is no longer manufacturing cars.

BTW Canada does not import Model S duty free because there is not enough North American content to qualify.

Must wait for batteries from the GigaFactory to qualify for duty free.