Australian Tesla Model S Owner Completes Epic 1,900-Mile Trip


Tesla Model S - 1,900 mile road trip in Sydney, Australia! (Image source: RenewEconomy)

Tesla Model S – 1,900 mile road trip in Sydney, Australia! (All images via RenewEconomy)

Concerned about their carbon footprint, an Australian couple purchased a Tesla Model S, subsequent to buying solar panels.

Shortly after receiving their Model S, they set out on quite the adventure. 1,900 miles  (3,070+ km) of driving in Australia, where charging stations are rather rare.

Model S road trip info.

Model S road trip info.

You may be thinking that this long of a trip (and even longer ones) have already been done before, multiple times and you’d be right. The catch is that Australia’s charging network is, shall we say, lacking.

Therefore, during this trip, the couple used some of the currently existing Superchargers, a few public chargers and sought out home & business owners who allowed them to use their own 3-phase charging setups.

Sure enough, the trip was successful, totaling 1,900 miles in about 5 days!

Further road trip info.

Further road trip info.

This whole road trip report is packed with information, including several additional pictures and a superb telling of the events that occurred during the trip. If you wish to check out the entire story from RenewEconomy, click here.

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The names of those places crack me up.


…and they didn’t even drive through Dunedo!
Pronounced dunny do with the `u’ as in fun. `Dunny’ is one of our colloquialisms for toilet.


It all just sounds like far too much effort, why not just settle for a nice peaceful camping trip near the beach 🙂


With the Melbourne supercharger up and going and Goulburn in-progress, it will only take another charger in Albury to make the Melbourne-Sydney trip possible on supercharger power alone!


It is worth reading the entire story from RenewEconomy link above. One thing I would point out is that Australia like most of the world uses the Metric system so the trip would be in km’s not miles. Misleading and outdated headline.
“In total, we covered a distance of 3072km in 5 days”


Miggy, that is a remarkably parochial take on the headline. Insideevs is primarily written by and read by Anericans (with notable exceptions!) so the use of miles vs kilometers is a positive not a negative for the majority of readers. Can you imagine the reaction if an American reader scolded a European car mag for converting miles to kilometers?



Jay Cole


Honestly, we try to always provide both metrics in the story for anything non US-based. The unsolvable issue of course is when we need a distance measure in the title, as there just isn’t enough room to express both – or it makes it too clunky.

As Ziv mentioned we actually have 4 non-US based contributors, and we cover everything we can (often from the ground) – regardless if it is Renault Twizy news out of the UK, or BYD e5 news out of China.

The only reason ‘miles’ is the default usage in the titles, is that while there are several hundred thousand readers each month at InsideEVs on the metric system, there is a ~million that are US based.

The ‘metric’ readership is growing faster than the US-based group, but the gap is still fairly wide – if someday it flips, you will see KM as the default unit with (miles) in brackets.


Just a quick typo correction — 1900 miles is ~3100km, not 3700km as the third sentence in the story says.

Jay Cole

Whoops, thanks or the catch, it was supposed to be 3,070 km, lol