In August 2014, Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Similar To August 2013

SEP 24 2014 BY MARK KANE 8

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF in Japan fell in month-over-month sales from 1,408 in July to 912 in August.  However, comparing that 912 figure to the August 2013 result of 938 shows that sales have remained consistent.

August typically is the slow summer month for LEAF sales in Japan and, in 2011 and 2012, the results were 529 and 451, so 912 isn’t bad at all, especially after new higher taxes were applied in April.

This year, Nissan LEAF sales already exceed 9,000 (9,121 to be exact) in Japan. That’s ~ 19% more than last year after the first eight months (7,658).

Total sales since December 2010 are closing in on 44,000.

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Japanese sales look pretty pathetic compared to the US

Per person, I don’t think so.

Japan has ~40% of the population of the US.

And 28.6% of the LEAF Aug 2014 USA sales.

I can see august as a slow month, but the leaf in japan must be a huge disapointment. There are almost 2000 fast chargers more than 1 for every 25 leafs, plus the leaf range is fine for a larger percentage of the japanese population. They don’t have a lot of the competition there is in the US, although they do have the outlander phev.

‘The United States is the top selling market with 57,877 units sold through July 2014,’

Sales in Japan to date ~44,000 (see above)

US population 316 million
Japan 127 million

So I think that my statement above that Japanese Leaf sales are not ‘pretty pathetic’ compared to the US when relative populations are taken into account stands.

The range of the Leaf might suit more Japanese, but far less are going to have somewhere to plug them in.

You can’t just compare one month. The seasonality in the US is different from that of Japan.

Definitely agree that seasonality is responsable for big variation. I guess I look at the chart and do not see much growth graphically, and the label of 19% yoy is much slower than growth in the US. Expectations were that the leaf would sell better in Japan than the US originally with the the aer hitting a level that satisfies more peoples driving habbits in Japan than the US (US population is higher, but more people in japan drive less than leaf range in japan) and nissan claimed quick chargers were important for sales, but penetration in Japan is much higher (almost 1978 Japan versus 700 US)

The fuel price differencial is also higher in Japan than the US.

Does Nissan have a promotion like No Charge To Charge in Japan? If not, maybe that’s why sales are flat there.