In August, More Than 92,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Were Sold In China

SEP 28 2018 BY MARK KANE 32

August 2018 was the second best month ever for plug-in car sales in China

Plug-in electric cars reached a record 5.2% market share in August, as sales hit nearly 93,000 (up 62% year-over-year). The other major factor is that China was responsible for almost half of global plug-in car sales.

During the first eight months of the year, sales exceeded 545,000 at an average market share of 3.1%.

Not the BYD Yuan, as in July, but BYD Tang was the top-selling model in August with 5,043 sales. The second-generation of the SUV, equipped with 20 kWh or 24 kWh batteries, is now at #16 YTD and with a chance to beat the previous monthly record of 5,503 set by first-generation in 2015. BYD Yuan promoted on #19 with not own record of 4,487 sales last month.

Ranking leader BAIC EC-Series attracted 3,028 sales – far from its best times, but probably enough to to bring victory to December.

The other strong result comes from the Geely Emgrand EV (4,647), Chery eQ (4,613) and JAC iEV S/E (4,450).

Tesla apparently sold less than 200 Model X, while the NIO 1,296 ES8.

Plug-in electric car sales in China – August 2018

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Disappointment that a Tesla didn’t make it into the top 20. I thought previously they did get the TMS and TMX in the top 20.

You wouldn’t know it from the amount of attention Tesla seems to get, but there is a lot going on outside of Tesla.

That was to be expected, with Trump’s trade war…

High import taxes are doubling the price of any car which is not made in China.
That’s why Tesla needs to build a factory in China to have some better chances in the biggest EV market of the planet.

If the SEC kills Tesla, this is where your next car will be from, while GM and Ford go bankrupt.

Tesla will not go away the worst that will happen is a legacy company buys Tesla or a company like GE that’s dying buys Tesla before GE goes into the dust bin of history. Even. Berkshire Hathaway could buy it. Buffett bought Apple long after it’s rise. Also having Warren on the board would give investors instant reassurance.

That’s not even on the table. At most Tesla carries on without Musk. He is replaceable.

No. Musk’s innovation rate, is far higher, than any other CEO in the industry, except maybe Besos?

Lol. “Innovation Rate” is not a metric for an individual. It is usually a metric that can be measured for a company. Secondly, most measures of innovation take into account the ROI for innovation spending. For Tesla, the R is negative.

And that is changing even as we speak dan.

You should look at the EV scorecard or open your eyes when you are on the road at all the new Model 3s zipping around for proof that the Tesla you so despise is rocking the automotive world with true mass production of compelling EVs that are much better then LICE equivalents.

SEC can’t kill Tesla. They can only slap Musk a little.

If they get their way, they can slap Musk quite a lot… Won’t immediately kill Tesla of course — but could significantly affect their future growth prospects.

“During the first eight months of the year, sales exceeded 545,000 at an average market share of 3.1%.”

The 1 million milestone will probably not be reached in 2018.

Though, it will be close.

Wow in 8 months the Chinese bought a little more than 17.500,000 cars. I remember when the US was the largest car market.

Comparing or accounting for a single metric “Amount of vehicles sold” is meaningless without including average selling price. Some serious mickey mouse motorized Chinese beer can vehicles are accounted for in the volume.

The Chinese incentives to sell and buy limited speed electric vehicles (LSEV’s or NEV’s in the US and Europe) are going to be linked to higher safety standards this year, increasing their cost, I believe. So the total number of EV’s sold in China may not rise as fast in the near future. Don’t ask me to find the cite, though. LOL!

There are no incentives for LSEV’s in China. And no LSEV is counted in the statistics.

If they counted then there would be a few million more.

And almost all their EV models already have good safety test ratings so it will not make much difference.

except you’re wrong, low speed electric vehicle isn’t counted as car, you don’t even need to get plate or driver license to drive it. It is counted like a bike.

with tesla’s exponential growth this year, could BEV’s in the US beat 3.1% in market share?

Well I’m hoping for 350,000 plug-ins sold in US for 2018. It’s expected that 17,500,000 light vehicles will be sold in US so that only gets it to 2%. Hopefully we get to 3-4% next year.

No, not for the year. But for a single month that could be possible.

Nah, it is very probable that it will reach above 1 million. If they can keep the same increase rate for the last 4 months then it will be 120k in September, 150k in October and close to 200k in both November and December.

Even with a lousy 100k during Sep-Nov and just a 40% increase to 140k in December they will reach it. Probability is more around 1,1-1,2 million

Were only at a little under 200,000 plug-ins sold for 8 months in the US. I like your optimism though.
A million plug in sales would be 5.7% of market share in the US.

As you can see from the 2017 numbers, the Chinese EV market always gets a lot stronger towards the end of the year — even more so than other markets. And this year the effect should be even more pronounced, as some of the strongest sellers (especially BAIC EC-series) are only beginning their recovery from the mid-year incentive changes. >100,000 average is almost certain for the remaining months — which makes 1,000,000 for the whole year perfectly possible: even likely, in fact.

Tang is an interesting name for a car in China. In Mandrin it’s sugar or soup. Imagine GM naming a car the Chevy Soup or Chevy Sugar.

So in China if you ask for a cup of Tang what do you get soup or sugar?

If you order a cup of soup, you’ll get a cup of sugar. If you order a cup of sugar, you get a cup of soup. That is why I don’t live in China.

And etron has a very bad association in French.
Imagine some car company would name a vehicle like that. Oh wait, Audi did just that.
Well, still not as bad as the Mitsubishi Pajero in Spain…

ha!.. etron.. I had to Google translate that one. The worst name for a car was the Ford Probe.

If you Probe the wrong tunnel you might get some E-Tron

TANG was a Chinese dynasty, the QIN were another, so BYD is naming its PHEV’s based on old dynasties not on sugar cups ….

So NIO built and sold more cars in their 2nd month of production then Tesla dueing their 2nd month of production with their Model 3.