Audi’s First Mass-Produced Pure Electric Vehicle Will Simply Be Called “e-tron”


Audi’s first-ever long-range, mass-produced electric vehicle will have a simple, easy-to-remember name: e-tron.



That’s right…rather than putting a letter and a number in there in typical Audi tradition (examples: A7, Q5, etc.), the upcoming electric crossover, SUV from Audi will be called…e-tron.

That’s easy to remember and eliminates the need to guess if the electric SUV will be badged Q5, Q6 or something else entirely.

Audi still says that the 310-mile all-electric e-tron is on track for production in 2018. Some additional, previously released details include:

  • The lithium-ion battery pack with cells from LG Chem & Samsung SDI will be positioned between the axles and below the passenger compartment to achieve low center of gravity, balanced axle load distribution, as well as better driving dynamics and driving safety.
  • The official press release confirms a three motor setup – 2 for the rear wheels like in the Audi R8 e-tron, and a single motor for the front axle for AWD.
  • e-tron quattro concept’s 0.25 cd is claimed to be a record in the SUV segment

Audi boss Rupert Stadler commented on naming the SUV e-tron:

“It is comparable to the first Audi quattro, which was known simply as the quattro. In the long term the name e-tron will stand for a pure electric driveline structure.”

Future electric models will follow Audi’s conventional naming structure:

“We will have models with the usual names, for example A6 e-tron, A7 e-tron, A8 e-tron and so on.”

Stalder even briefly commented on Audi doing a Tesla Model S competitor:

I do believe that it makes sense for the Audi brand to be positioned in the top premium segment with this driveline technology.”

This vehicle is likely to be called the A8 e-tron.

And there’s potentially one more electric Audi in the near future too…a compact MPV targeted at urban centers:

“We are presently experiencing an upward swing in the demand for such electric concepts, primarily in large megacities. They would be well suited with ranges of between 350 to 450 km. The subject of space is an important one. That means we’ll see compact electric cars, but with vastly improved interior design. Customers want ease of entry, a command seating position and the feeling of safety.”

Lots of talk…now let’s get those EVs into production.

Source: Autocar

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Who cares.

Note that E-tron in French means “turd” “étron”.
Audi is surely aware of this.

well, it is e dash tron. It’s like Nova the car model is “no va” in Spanish meaning “no go”. I wonder how that car did in Mexico…

Such mistakes have been done more often than you’d think. Even at Audi. The TT-Coupe sounds like “severed head” in french.

Or the infamous Mitsubishi Pajero…

Let’s all hope they don’t offer it with brown paint in France.

I can confirm that is exactly what it means. What a funny name (n__n)

Clive: “Who Cares” ?? You obviously cared enough to read this article. Why then leave such a stupid comment? Totally disingenuous too, as I’m sure you don’t really care to know who really does care!! People complained when major auto manufacturers were not making EVs – now that they are, we should all care.



I personally can not wait to be able to take one of these home.

Stupid name that is all.

Tim F seems to get it.

Another way to say “Sounds vaporware to me” maybe ?

000HHH IMPRESSIVE ..Maybe they should wait a little longer,.. L M A 0…

Is all you do bitch and moan if it isn’t a Tesla article?

BTW that is a rhetorical question…

I actually really want to see this. Not like I care if it is released now or 2018 as my lease is up end of 2018 anyways 🙂

Yep, he/she is great at it, as well as few other fanboy who still drive or recently drove an ICE vehicle, pretending to the world that only them and Tesla can save us …

Let me guess if this was Tesla anouncing a truck in 2020 you would be saying how quick and inventive they are and that they will put Ford and FCA out of business??

“Audi still says that the 310-mile all-electric e-tron is on track for production in 2018.”

310 miles under NEDC, right? GM estimates the Chevrolet Bolt EV to be “at least” 310 miles NEDC.

Well that’s tomorow or close.
I’ll be happy to see that car.

Seems like everyone is climbing aboard the E-Train. E-Trains soundin’ louder…someday it’s going to come:

Yes, it does seem like everyone is climbing aboard.

Great. Now what is the symbolism behind your symbol mean? Sometimes are good sometimes are bad, it’s all a part of life?

He,he,he how shocking!

Wow, they sure wouldn’t mention anything from GM in that article.

Another Euro point of view

Genuine EV enthusiasm in the comments section again I see 🙂

Yep, true fans, can’t you tell … LOL

Half of the “EV” fans are pure comedy…

Close to 100% of fan of anything(you name it) are a comedy.

Good to see they aren’t just trying to shoehorn an electric drivetrain into their existing gas car.

I hope they build something nice that people like, and takes gas cars off the road. We’ll see what happens.

I don’t think anybody takes Audi seriously anymore regarding their EV plans. I bet their roadmap for EV mass production collides with the heat death of the universe.

Somebody knows how may imaginary cars VW / Audi has release this year?

I beleive they are currently on track to make more imagenary cars than any auto maker in the world…

But if you are talking about EVs then they have made more imagenary cars this year than all but BYD Tesla Nissan BMW and BAIC…

Dont forget to ask this ? again in 2018 when there plans go into full effect…

Now troll on…

Tisk, tisk, Yogurt. Do VW’s “EV’s” include 12V battery packs, too? Not much total kwh going on, there.

They lost their way, and will have to earn it back. Shame. The vast resources of VW couldn’t have been spent delivering something more compelling, sooner. To fans of electrification, this company is at best hanging by the threads of loyalty.

I hope “eTron” works out, like “Quatro” did. The dominance in IMSA was severe. I know how they love their gears and cogs, but bet this may be a sign they smell the coffee of digitally controlled torque-vectoring, over that relatively crude link-up Hans Stuck was driving years ago.

Tisk tisk tisk please check your facts…
You can add Renault to the list I have above if you want to talk kWhs but that is it…
The better question might be where is Toyota where is Honda where is FCA and the other do nothing companies…

And yes they had a bad CEO who should have been thrown in jail but the sad reality is when companies chane CEOs they bascialy change souls…
In the EV world you need to look no farther than the EV1 which was produced under Jack Smith and then crushed under the next CEO Richard Wagoner…

The EV conversion Train….From Gas to Electric. Same car same platform Electric Power train..I wouldn’t want one!

It seems like a poor marketing decision to me to use the same name both as a model unto itself and as a modifier for existing models. I can already imagine the confusion walking into a dealer saying you’re interested in the e-tron and they walk you over to the A3 e-tron or some other unrelated hybrid model. They should come up with a name that defines this as a distinct model separate from their hybrid offerings.

Walking into a dealer? I don’t think so.

Because the Volt and Bolt sounds completely different. For speakers where we interchangeably use B and V by mistake it sounds completely ridiculous.

Well Ben, I bet half the plant thinks the Volt is 100% Electric just because of it’s poorly given name. GM wasn’t smart enough enough to follow Toyota’s Prius Line, and have the Volt Line, instead added another poorly chosen name, Bolt to the Chevy line up. Talk about confusing.

Okay so how can we cheat with EVs. Perhaps an incorrect mileage or horsepower? No no let’s just give them less hp when not under testing conditions, that would do oh yeah sorted.

Can’t wait to get my hand on one of these e-tron TDI. Who cares about cheating?

So they found a name and designed the plastic lid for the motor. Now they need to design and build the car. I hope they start before 2018.

But in 2018 they will probably say they need another name (for some reason, french language and others) for the car and have to start all over gain.

I bet that AUDI is not able to deliver a car in 2 years time. Oh, it’s november 2016 already.

For hardcore EV fans, the “Etron” label has come to mean “a car that will be shown with fanfare and then cancelled in a few months.”

I’ve been happy with my A3 e-tron. Having driven 20,000 km in only 8 months while averaging less than 3L/100 km.
The best economy I’ve had was 1.67 L/100 km over 2,000 km of driving.
When the new line comes out, I’ll definitely be taking a look at them.
So the R8 e-tron failed. It was a very expensive car with little (actually no) advertising/marketing. Did you really expect it to sell?
What was the last released for sale Audi model, prior to the R8 e-ton, to be cancelled? The A2?