Audi To Flood Frankfurt Stage With Electric Concepts


Concepts, concepts and even more concepts. Audi’s electric future is becoming ever-so clear. At least for concepts that is.

On cue, Audi announces an overflow of electric concepts for Frankfurt.

Audi e-tron Sportback Concept

Without a shadow of a doubt, the all-new A8 flagship is going to be Audi’s big star at the forthcoming 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Fitted with an autonomous driving system meeting level 3 requirements, the full-size luxury sedan is going to be joined on stage by a pair of even more technologically advanced concepts, one with level 4 capabilities and another one presumably lacking a steering wheel and pedals as it will have level 5 status.

The first concept will take the shape of a coupe-SUV based on the E-Tron Sportback concept introduced earlier this year at Auto Shanghai. It will have the same overall length of 4.9 meters (16.1 feet) and trio of electric motors delivering a combined output of 496 horsepower (370 kilowatts). The zero-emissions showcar will be smart enough to do all the driving on the highway at speeds of up to 81 mph (130 kph) and even automatically change lanes without any human input.

As for the other concept, it will take the shape of a large car (D segment) with no less than four electric motors producing a yet unspecified amount of power. The fullsize model will have a battery pack with enough juice for 435 to 497 miles (700 to 800 kilometers) and Audi has made the promise it will feature a “spectacular and groundbreaking” design, inside and out.

The company isn’t specifying which of the two concepts is being showcased in the adjacent teaser sketch, but our money is on the level 5 autonomous car because of what looks to be a lower roof and a hexagonal windshield different than the E-Tron Sportback’s conventional glass. It has an imposing front end with a new take on Audi’s singleframe grille adorned by the four-ring logo illuminated in white and flanked by interesting panels featuring graphics that seem to be showing opposing triangles.

In related news, the Ingolstadt-based marque also says it will take the wraps off the hotly anticipated RS4 Avant set to share the spotlight with a rear-wheel-drive model coming from Audi Sport. We’re likely dealing with the rumored R8 GT heralding an array of RWD performance cars.

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The problem is, they don’t understand the concept of production EV’s !

But they modified the words to ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’, to suit themselves! …’Here a Concept, There a Concept, Everywhere a Concept!’

Other problems include: failure to Directly Support Expansion Investment in Charging Infrastructure – L2 & DC QC; advertising of what they currently produced with a plug; & requiring Dealers to promote Cars with Plugs!

Just curious, is the L2 and CCS Network in Europe as fractured as it is in North America, as to multiple companies you need access cards from, to travel using an EV there?


HaHa. With a *thunk, thunk, here, etc…
Please Make it Stop!
*sound the concept makes when it lands.


Not quite as bad by all accounts, it’s a pretty extensive network.

Virtually all Gas stations here in the UK will have chargers fitted over the next year or so as well.

Given the smaller travelling distances, charging is much less of a problem.

99% of my charging will be done at home, I am planning on getting the new leaf next April and will probably only need to use a public charger maybe once a year.


Audi are known for making their concepts into reality in short order. It normally takes two years which is light speed in automotive development.


Wolfburg Germany: Rotters:
A VW executive was pushed out of a 12th story window at VW headquarters by a janitor.
When questioned by police after being arrested the janitor stated:
“I asked him to move so I could lower and clean the window which he was blocking. He continued to stare blankly out the window and said, ‘Don’t bother me I’m conceiving.'”


concepts, concepts and more waiting for a 300 mile ,5 passenger electric suv that i can afford and then im in.

Four Electrics

Sounds like you’re waiting for Audi’s e-tron SUV, first shown as a concept in 2015 and scheduled to arrive next year.


Let’s hope the Audi EV Frankfurt Flood doesn’t end up looking like the Fisker Flood and Fire in Hurricane Sandy. Hope all hurricane drivers and EVs are staying above the floods.

J P DeCaen

It was not mentioned, unless I missed it, if the range stated for the D segment car’s range is based on NEDC, EPA or other range standard. It can make a big difference. 435-495 miles is a lot either way! I don’t think they have a magic formula to beat Tesla except a big battery, but they’re coming along.

serial anti Tesla troll

For how many years does Tesla exist? How long it used to bring M3 to market although Tesla had the technic already from MS and MX? So better to wait a few years and bring a reliable and tested car to the market.


Life is limited and short for most human, and lifespan of a car is even shorter.
Some people need to change their car now or soon and they can’t wait much longer.
Waiting for a change that has been promise long time ago.

Patience has limit.