Audi Teases E-Tron GT, A True Tesla Model S Competitor 10 Years Late


The Tesla Model S fighter from Audi is shaping up quite nicely. Too bad it will be 10 years late to the party.

We are happy to report the rumors were in fact true.

Delays – Leaked Audi Roadmap Shows Q7 e-tron Launching In 2017, Compact BEV In 2018

Tesla Model S – Arrived In 2012

Audi is indeed working on a fully electric grand tourer that will go by the name of E-Tron GT once it will be launched early into the next decade. A shadowy teaser image was published today on the occasion of the company’s annual press conference during which Audi announced plans to build the pure electric vehicle at the Böllinger Höfe site in Neckarsulm, Germany.

Little else is known about the EV, but it is believed the E-Tron GT will have many things in common with the Porsche Mission E due to go on sale towards the end of the decade. The vehicle depicted here is more than just a concept as it’s billed as being a prototype, so expect the road-going model to remain faithful to this stylish four-door body with a raked roofline and a short rear overhang.

Speaking about the future member of the growing E-Tron family, Audi chairman Rupert Stadler said:

“We interpret sportiness very progressively with our fully electric e-tron GT, and this is how we will take our high-performance brand Audi Sport into the future.”

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The zero-emissions grand tourer will follow the launch of two fully electric crossovers from Audi, the E-Tron slated to debut in production guise later this year and the more stylish E-Tron Sportback confirmed for a 2019 launch. By the middle of the next decade, the Ingolstadt-based premium automaker will have more than 20 electrified models in its portfolio, as per a promise made today during the aforementioned annual press conference. According to the company’s projections, electrified models will account for a third of total sales by 2025.

Meanwhile, a different kind of E-Tron is slated to debut on April 9 in the virtual world as Audi will have its own futuristic race car for Gran Turismo Sport in the shape of the E-Tron Vision GT.

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37 Comments on "Audi Teases E-Tron GT, A True Tesla Model S Competitor 10 Years Late"

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Better late than never!

Well, it is like saying the iPhone was a true Blackberry competitor 10 years late.

Or Google Glass it’s a true smartphone competitor 10 years late.

Always hard to predict which way these things will go.

Wow, that sounds like a minimum of 3 years until we see something that might compete with a Model S from last year. Thats great news if you assume that Tesla will sit on its hands for the next few years. Of course, that is tons better than Ford or Fiat who fail to acknowledge the future all together.

10 years late? No, I think the timing is pretty good from Audi’s perspective. They have given Tesla some time to test the waters and build a market, now Audi comes in and sweeps a large part of it up. And not just Audi of course, there is a whole bunch of cars coming.

..and they have been playing that song and dance, for how many years now?
Just wait till the legacy car companies come in and scoop up the ev customers in a segment that Tesla has created.
I’m still waiting.

You won’t have to wait long now. Tesla is losing more money the more cars they put out so soon enough there won’t be a Tesla market at all.

I don’t think you understand the fundamentals of how markets work.

Get a new line already

This comment is also 8 years late. They said this before the Roadster was built, before the Model S was built, after the Model S, etc. Tesla is too small, the larger companies can build their cars in a year and crush Tesla. Wait until the larger car companies want to start building electric cars. Tesla can’t build the Model S without more money. Tesla can’t keep building cars with their cash flow. Tesla needs handouts to survive. Tesla isn’t a real car company. Blah blah blah.

Yes, just like when Android came after iPhone and started dominating the market Apple went bankrupt 😀
Nobody even remembers iPhone anymore, right?!

Except Android came first. (Your point still stands)

Sedans have been around for almost a 100 years. Every time one gets added or redesigned, the others start to look dated.

So Audi is late, but fresh.
Tesla Model S is stale, but will probably get a refresh and tadah! two new cars at the same time.

At which point what came before is irrelvant

From article: “Little else is known about the EV, but it is believed the E-Tron GT will have many things in common with the Porsche Mission E”

It makes sense for Audi & Porsche to share an EV platform for economy-of-scale considering they are both VW common. Seems that’s the general direction for VW for all its going forward EV development and manufacturing which is smart and necessary to VW’s survival as it fully transitions to EV.

They will use an evolved J1 plattform. The J1 is what the first electric Porsche will use.
It will be made in Germany, at the factory that makes the R8 now.
The new platform will be used by Bentley as well.
It is the performance luxury plattform.
The GT comes in 2020, så the 3rd electric Audi.

So. . Slowly the large manufacturers enter the volume EV market. Due to their size, I think we will see a major increase in EV sale over the next 2-3 years.
Many manufacturers, many models, more choise, more competition, and hopefully large scale benefits for everybody.

LOL This site also has become a Tesla fanboy site.

LMAO at James, this site is an EV enthusiasts site except for the serial anti-Tesla trolls like yourself from the Seeking Liars POV.

I know, just look at how little coverage all the other Model S class competitors get.

What Model S competitors would that exactly be?

I am both a Tesla S and Bolt owner. While neither is perfect, they are both outstanding cars and I have owned numerous BMWs, Porsches, Audis, MBs and Hyundai Genesis’s as a point of reference. Where Tesla really wins hands down is with the SuperCharger network. The other manufacturers just don’t get how critical this is to owning an EV. The independent CCS networks are a joke in comparison with slower charging rates, limited availability (hard to locate because of inconvenient locations), and frequently only one or two charging stations some of which are out of service.

Clearly depends on where you live, regarding chargers. In Norway most people don’t use fast charging. They charge at home and/or at work. I charge at work, and that keeps the batteries full. I also charge at the library, when I’m at the gym and at the university. There are chargers everywhere, in one way or another. From hundred block heater outlets outside a company, to chargers outside all public buildings, to stores, to sport arenas.. Charging is my least concern. If I on the other hand was driving very long distances it would matter more to me. CCS network is growing fast. I usually don’t take more then an 8 hour trip with the EV (and usually just a bunch of short trips). Then I drive to the destination, do my work, take lunch and so on – while I charge. Then I drive back to work, and plug in there – do the paperwork, and drive home. I may plug in until the next morning to reach at least 80-85%. I think 90% of my charging is at work. As the numbers of EVs grow, the number of charging locations will sky rocket, like it did in Norway.… Read more »

They’ll find out the hard way. Then, they will get it

Audi is not late. Tesla lost billions to be early.

LOL … you sir, win the cake for your comment.

Seven Electrics said: “Audi is not late. Tesla lost billions to be early.”

Same as saying:

Walmart is not late to online retailing. Amazon lost billions to be early.

I knew him when he was just 3 electrics.

Your comment reminds of the time when Apple decided to “waste” time and money and put that “useless” USB port on their iMacs in ’98 or so. Stupid bastards removed the floppy drive – who the hell would buy one without it?!?

I don’t quite see how this is going to compete with the Model S.

The Model S is just a really nice family car that can seat up to 7 people.

GTs usually have few(er) seats and are in general expensive and a low volume car model.
They are usually not made to handle a families daily tasks, but are made to be best at cruicing long distances in comfort. Usually with very good handling and more focus on design then practicality.

The GT looks good, but I think it will be priced for people with deep pockets, that want something exclusive.

Ten years too late? The Model S was released less than six years ago.

This ‘Model S fighter’ isn’t due until four years from now.

You know… vapourware and all that.

Will come in 2020.

That car will be released 2020, That’s only 8 years, but then Tesla was 100 Years late, cause others have released some automobiles 100 Years ago

Spot on! Electric cars roamed the earth 100 years before Tesla was born!

That’s a massively biased thing to say, and it’s not like Tesla is up to speed on build quality, or the latest technology offered by many established brands. Tesla doesn’t offer surround view, or head up display for example, the Model S doesn’t even have door pockets. And besides the Model S won’t be ten years old until 2022…..

If Audi is ten years late, how late will Chrysler and Ford be?

Too late.

It sounds like nobody is buying cars anymore.

25″ wheels and sitting six feet behind the front bumper. Looks like they recruited a designer away from Hot Wheels.