Audi Sport Preps For Launch Of Performance EV In 2020


Any electric model would surely be a bigger success than the failure of the Audi R8 E-Tron.

Audi Sport, the German automaker’s performance division, intends to follow the lead of the company’s more mainstream offerings by creating several electric vehicles. The first of these sporty EVs would arrive in just a couple years, Audi Sport boss Stephan Winkelmann tells Autocar.

Audi R8 e-tron battery

“This will start by the end of 2020, with the first car of Audi Sport, and then there will be more coming in the third decade of this millennium,” Winkelmann said about Audi Sport’s ambitions for EVs.

Winkelmann also hinted that some of the future Audi Sport EVs would be crossovers. This segment is important because the models are popular worldwide. By creating a high-riding, performance-oriented electric SUV, the company could engineer a single product and sell it in all of the automaker’s major markets like Europe, Asia, and North America.

Audi Sport, known as Quattro GmbH at the time, suffered some early missteps in entering the EV market, though. The division invested heavily in creating an electric variant of the R8, but the idea never quite worked. When the supercar EV eventually went on sale, the firm managed to move fewer than 100 of them before shutting down production.

Since those early weaknesses, Audi has begun taking EVs more seriously. The company will begin building the E-Tron Quattro luxury crossover in 2018, and a more stylish version with cues from the E-Tron Sportback concept will arrive in 2019. Later, an electric sedan and city car will join the lineup.

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Source: Autocar

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More choices for few wealthy greenwashers of taxpayer money.

Meanwhile New York City bans electric bikes from today. They will be fined and confiscated. Gas powered ones are allowed and welcomed.

Curious, but at some level that has to be definitional, as I don’t think electric motorcycles are banned?

Even the post count to these Audi stories probably helps Insideevs. So, I’d like to wish all a Happy New Year! Never go with one motor one, when you can go with two 😉

More pro-oil, anti-Ev FUD from a shill for the fossil fuel industry.

Meanwhile the fossil fuel industry that zzzzz works for continues to be heavily subsidized (5 TRILLION DOLLARS/YEAR) the world over.

All the while dumping for free immense amounts of pollution leading to completely uncompensated health and environmental damages that will plague the planet for centuries.

Happy New Years for all including the paid Russian troll zzzz!

The real issue here, is that they should be defined as scooters and registered like a gas unit. That and they would need to obey the same traffic laws as the gas scooters. That or they need to be limited to slower speed like 10-15mph.

It will use the same platform as a Lambo model..
So the question to ask is: When do we get an electric Lambo?
Or will it be a power hybrid?

Looks like a poor design with batteries in the back almost eliminating the trunk and raising the center if gravity


Have you ever heard of mid-engine cars?
The normal R8 has its engine at this location. There is no cargo volume being lost because there never was a trunk in the first place.

That battery setup in the E tron is borderline insanity! Audi better build a chassis made for EV instead of shoving batteries into the transmission tunnel and trunk space of their regular models.

That’s not the trunk, it’s the engine compartment. The R8 uses a mid-engine configuration.

Their fundamental mistake is that they’re starting with the gasoline R8 chassis and adapting it to BEV functionality. They need to go to skateboard. SKATE OR DIE!!!

Skateboard design is not practical in a racing car. Even though you would have a very low center of gravity, you buy this with an overall higher car. In case of Teslas design for example you loose 10 cm. That’s pretty substential for a supercar. I agree that a car built from the ground up would (and should) not have the battery as high up as the R8, but a strict skateboard design would clearly be the other wrong extreme. At least the footwell should be spared out and the middle tunnel can be filled higher and so on. This is done in many (also pure EV) cars. Look for example at the Rimac Concept One with a similar setup as the R8 but not as huge battery pack in the back. And they certainly know what they are doing.


Pointless to even discuss Audi press release cars.

As soon as my butt is in the seat of the E-Tron Quattro SUV, then I’ll believe this car is coming, ha. By the way, if you make that sexy SUV, I’m buying. Love Tesla, but the Model X is still an ugly car.