Audi To Significantly Boost Electric Car Spending In Coming Years


Audi e-tron quattro concept - charging inlet CCS Combo

Audi e-tron quattro concept – charging inlet CCS Combo

German automaker Audi has announced that in the coming years, it’ll invest more and more heavily into plug-in electric cars.

This is in the wake of the Volkswagen Group diesel scandal and follows Volkswagen’s now-strong commitment for electric cars.

As Automotive News reports:

“Audi plans to invest about a third of its r&d budget in digital services, electric cars and autonomous driving by 2025, two sources said on condition they not be identified because the plans are still confidential. The brand spent 4.24 billion euros ($4.69 billion) on r&d in 2015.”

There are few specific details on Audi’s electric car spending, but there’s this bit of info from one of the ssources:

“Audi will offer on-demand mobility services for premium customers and increase the share of electric vehicles of its overall sales to about a fourth by 2025, the sources said.”

Full details have already been laid out by Audi CEO Rupert Stadler to a group of approximately 2,000 Audi execs/mangers/etc., but those details won’t become public for now.

Automotive News adds:

“Audi’s first electric SUV will be based on the e-tron quattro concept unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show last year. The electric SUV will challenge the Tesla Model X. It will fit between the Q5 midsize SUV and the Q7 large SUV and likely be called the Q6.”

We welcome Audi’s new commitment to electric cars, even though it was likely only prompted by the dieselgate fiasco.

Source: Automotive News

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Strong PR is no substitute for Strong Production…

Exactly. Let’s get the cars to a minimum of 30 miles of real EPA range.

So in 9 years, they will be all caught up with Tesla on making all-electric, autonomous vehicles. That’s great news. I’ glad VW Group has realized the combustion engine is fully mature, or within the last 2% of possible improvements. It’s not like they can make a new kind of diesel or gasoline. Still just distilled crude oil. I hope that the die-hard combustion crowd gets excited about having microturbines generating electricity such as what Wrightspeed is making, because burning stuff hasn’t been a new idea for a very long time.

In coming years? What the heck are they waiting for?!

Qatar owns largest share of Volkswagen (VW, Audi, Porsche)

Qatar/VW is waiting for the oil to run out. Until that point, there’s massive profits to be made. All VW has to do is obstruct the transition to sustainable transportation for as long as possible.

It’n not that simple when you get hammered with EPA fines and you’re struggling with a PR catastrophy

I look forward to their 2025 line up. Meanwhile, TDI bucks leave and only the most faithful to the unique TLC $$ their cars require stick around. From the outside, it sure looks like masochism.

Riding around on a lowered, coil Tesla with Bilsteins ain’t bad. The water is warm.