Audi Says Rallycross Should Go Electric, Because EVs Are Superior…Obviously


Audi would like to participate in rallycross racing series with electric cars, which previously was also hinted at by sister brand, Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept

Specifics of rallycross events fit electric cars, because the distance aren’t terribly long, and there is a lot of hard acceleration required.

So an electrified series would probably be an upgrade for both participants and would-be onlookers.

Audi motorsport boss Wolfgang Durheimer told Autocar:

“There is quite a lot of potential that rallycross will be electrified in future with a very powerful car – around 800bhp. Rallycross has a race distance that can easily be covered on battery power,”

Indeed, such a series is coming, as the Red Bull Global Rallycross previously announced its launch for 2018.

Separately, E/RACING electric rallycross championship will begin on October 31 this year in Las Vegas.

source: Carscoops

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3 responses to "Audi Says Rallycross Should Go Electric, Because EVs Are Superior…Obviously"
  1. Terawatt says:

    That’s awesome! Rallycross is the best motor sport from a spectator point of view. And this too should help getting the point across that EV performance is superior to ICE, even if by now perhaps most people aware of EVs at all already know this (?)

  2. Noel says:

    I couldn’t believe it Audi is going to be a rallycross racer? Let’s just hope will be here in the Red Bull and global rallycross or fia world rallycross championship. Which one will come first who knows?

    1. John Doe says:

      Audi has a rally legacy with the quattro.. a loong time ago though.