Audi S5 Versus Tesla Model S: Which Would You Choose?


You all know which car InsideEVs would choose, but, aside from powertrain, what really sets these cars apart?

Yes, of course we’d pick the Tesla Model S without even watching the video. This is also the case with many of our readers. Even electric cars supporters who don’t specifically support Tesla would likely agree that zero tailpipe emissions is the way to go. But, most people out there are still all in on ICE cars. Not to mention the fact that the Audi S5 is a highly sought-after vehicle. So, what sets these two cars apart. How do we get a traditional car fan to stand among the converted?

This YouTuber is saving up to buy a Tesla Model S and eventually get rid of his Audi S5. He was fortunate to finally get a chance to check out the Tesla and take it for a ride. What are his first impressions?

He loves the Model S since it looks much like the Audi S5. Though, he admits that the electric car’s interior quality is not up to par with the Audi. Overall, he enjoys his test drive, as well as all the special features. He’s especially impressed with the car’s acceleration, which comes as no surprise. Now we just need Audi to come out with an all-electric S5! Check out the video to learn more. Then share us your opinion in the comment section below.

Video Description via WiZe1972 on YouTube:

Audi S5 VS Tesla Model S – Which one would you choose?


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The S5 if it was electric.
Teslas interieur quality (not design) just does not do it for me.

But since its not, i‘ll take the tesla.

I suspect if Audi removed all the “20th Century Chaos” ( dials, switches, knobs, and clutter) their interior would not seem so traditionally attractive. What would they do with all that dashboard real estate? Tesla’s “less is more” is not to everyone’s taste especially those accustom to traditional German auto decor.

Keep in mind Tesla has only been production line manufacturing for almost 6 years not, the 50 years of Audi. They are improving but Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was Ingolstadt.

If Tesla put ergonomic knobs in the center, and then maybe seat memory buttons in the doors, they could not later take them away (with “updates”). New software downloads, like the recent “Version 9” are how Tesla makes “less even less”. Many are complaining, including me. The ways to improve Tesla’s, and tease folks to trade-in for newer models, should not include downgrading existing ones. Dirty pool!

If you are an “older” Tesla owner, upset about your dashboard being commandeered, please consider signing the petition:

There was a great post in that thread that I will paraphrase…
Every time there is a significant change in the UI, there is a cadre of people so upset that they want to escalate to the highest levels…
And so it goes. The only big difference this time is that AP1 and pre-AP cars didn’t get too much obviously positive things so they complained more.
2015 AP1 car. Have no complaints about the new UI. Sometimes different is fun just for the change. The variable split I happen to love (this is new on V9). My wife (non techy) said she always thought it was absurd to use 50% of the screen space for audio – like in what world is map info equal in need for screen RE than audio? So now she can be 80% map and 20% audio which is more logical.

Ideal world – we can have the best of features from each software version but I think we can all understand that is not always possible.
That thread ended in just 4 pages with lots of posts liking all the changes. Maybe .2% of forum members in outrage.

So what we have here is the future vs the past.

This complaint *really* bugs me. What’s wrong with the quality of the Tesla interior? I’ve got a 2013 P85+, with an alcantera headliner, leather steering wheel & seats, carbon fibre dash, aluminum detailing and soft-touch plastics, not to mention mercedes switchgear.

These are the same materials used in LITERALLY all the other luxury cars. The ONLY difference is the design. Or if you are going to complain about the qualiy, let’s hear details. Do you see stitching falling out, or crooked? What is the problem? Be specific.

I have a 2015 with some issues on the dirver’s door panel covering. It isn’t as sturdy as it should be. The seats however are better than most at 65k miles.

Materials is only part of the interior. The quality of those materials, the build quality and the overall design is just as important. Clearly it’s not to everybody’s taste.

Personally for me I don’t like everything being on one screen. I get that some like it but I personally like the tactile feedback from a physical button and I like that I can develop muscle memory to the point where I can use a button without having to look for it, it’s not quite the same with a touchscreen.

From article: “Audi S5 Versus Tesla Model S: Which Would You Choose?”

This comparison video by WiZe of an Audii vs. Tesla is well done and should be watched by the BOD and entire executive management team of Audi.

The video perfectly illustrates what Audi is up against with Tesla from an existing Audi customer perspective and why Audi is loosing existing Audi customer base to Tesla.

… Here is the thing Audi is facing:

WiZe apparently has a decent YouTube following of over 11K… many of his YouTube subscribers seem to be fellow Audi enthusiasts… his videos are honest and well done. WiZe’s Audi vs. Tesla comparison video has now given a bunch of existing Audi customers a good reason to test drive a Tesla.

If WiZe does eventually trade in his Audi for a Tesla and starts cranking out YouTube Tesla videos then that’s another social media influencing point actively promoting Tesla…

Multiply that by the thousands of Audi customers that are social media active and have or are in-process of jumping over to Tesla.

The recent Audi e-tron reveal shows that EV is seriously on Audii’s agenda but Audi needs to big time get their EV program substantial more priority because Audi is today facing defection of existing core Audi customer base to Tesla.

I agree. Audi are seriously behind the ball, and Tesla is pulling ahead. If Audi repeat Jaguar’s serious range issues, I’d buy a Tesla 3. Its only the interior that puts me off – practical probably but seriously insipid.

What baffles me when I see this comparisons is that noone ever takes into account the fact that Tesla Service in Europe is virtually non existent.
There are 5 tesla centers in the whole France, 2 in Italy and a handful in other countries, I would never buy a car that I cannot service or repair near my home, not to mention the fact that you can’t find parts anywhere.
I think it will take years for Tesla to be a serious alternative in Europe

@Hans said: “Tesla Service in Europe is virtually non existent…. I think it will take years for Tesla to be a serious alternative in Europe.”

Tesla is *already* a serious alternative in Western Europe by Tesla *already* having taken a large portion of the Western Europe large luxury sedan market share.

Here is map of the Western Europe Tesla Service Centers which shows there is a Tesla Sevice Center in most major cities:

There are also Mobile Tesla Serive Rovers that cover much of the area between Tesla Service Centers.

When Tesla Model 3 becomes widely available in Western Europe (which will be soon) it will further accelerate the build of additional Tesla Service Centers.

As a side note:

Most Tesla owners require very little servicing. On the other hand ICE owners are more in need of nearby serive centers because they require regular service for ICE engine R&M for example oil changes which are not needed for a Tesla.

I guess you have different standards than me, from where i live the nearest tesla center is 450 km away, do you think that is acceptable?
What if someting breaks down and the car can’t be moved? How do you expect me to bring the car there?
What about regular maintanance or in case of a collision that needs repairing?
Tesla could become a serious contender but it needs to open thousands of centers in a very limited span of time, otherwise smart people will not buy it

Well collision isn’t done at Tesla service centers in the US so is that different in EU?
If the car can’t be moved, you need a tow truck. That happens when dealership in 3 km away.
Regular maintenance is not required thing. I did my first one at 2.5 years and 50k miles.
But I think everyone would agree that 450 km is a problem. Mine is 30. Do you live in a small isolated town? Most of the rich folks live in major cities in the US so here it is not a common problem. (And by rich, I mean someone who could afford a Tesla)

When I mentioned a collision i meant the impossibility of getting spare parts.
When the car cannot be moved the tow truck is obviously needed but one thing is a 10 miles tow, another a 400 one.
Plus I don’t know how many cars Tesla is selling in Europe but the first major problems have already manifested themself (in Norway), can’t imagine how things will be when the model 3 will hit the European market.
I live a 100 km (60 miles) away from florence (in italy) in a relatively small but super rich town, outside of milan there are no Telsa repair centers in the whole country O_O (some people live 1000km away from there).
They are spread too thin and things are bad in other countries as well.

When your frequency of service or repair is a fraction of what it would be for ICE why would this remain a showstopper? And especially when the other benefits are weighed!

When your car is broken, proximity of service is pretty high on your list.

Tesla has a challenge. It knows service requirements for its cars is low compared to ICE vehicles. It would be a waste to build a lot of service centers and have the staff sitting around with nothing to do. But, the required service can be very specialized. You don’t want a guy who is expert at adjusting valve clearances trying to diagnose a HVDC problem.

I think Teslas only option is a robust mobile service scheme with a generous loaner/rental program. At least until Tesla ownership density increases to the point a repair facility on every corner is needed.

Or letting independent small shops get trained and allow them to service Tesla vehicles.

The same is heavily discussed in German EV blogs and even admitted from Tesla enthusiasts : buying a MB, BMW, Audi etc… and you have your nearest service center in town 5-10km away and spare parts arrive the next day if not available on site — with Tesla you might have to drive 300km or more and have to wait many month for spare parts.

What a load of BS.
Owning a tesla in europe is way better than owning a car from those sleazy stealers from legacy auto.

Tesla provides great service plus they send out their Rangers for us who does not live close to the service center. They have even picked my car up on a flat bed because they needed to replace a control arm. Completely for free. This is something I used to pay for. Oh yeah they deliver a rental car for me too.

What country do you live in?

Interesting how he discusses fit and finish quality, but doesn’t really cover how dated vent louvers, knobs, and buttons look in the Audi. I think the minimalistic interior of Teslas can be initially be confused with lesser quality to new drivers, who are used to knobs, buttons, and chachki bling that Teslas control simply from their panel screen. Of course, I’ll admit that opinions don’t represent fact, and we all constantly argue over aesthetics, as if opinion somehow it can be quantified like 0-60 times, and it can’t. The guy in this video said he tends to listen to the majority of folks who say that Tesla is crap and to wait on Teslas for a couple more years (not sure why), and follows it up by talking about the pleasure of hearing the sounds and switching gears in ICE driving. 2 such opinions that folks like me disagree with, in my humble opinion.

My takeaway from comparison videos like these: a subjective guy uses subjective metrics to come up with a final subjective opinion.

Exactly my thoughts!

I rented an Audi A6 last summer as part of a 2 weeks vacation in Europe. And it felt just plain dated to have all these knobs and buttons and what not. To me the interior of the Tesla has nothing to envy to these designs.

And the noise of the Audi engine when trying to accelerate on the highway, antiquated.

Going further in the comparison of fossil vs electric, the stop/start system felt like such a kludge. Often stopping the engine at a traffic light when the wheels were not oriented correctly. I had to quickly readjust my direction on restarting. Reminded me somehow of a hard disk going into sleep mode to conserve energy. A kludge for an old technology (hard disk) trying to compete with a much superior technology (SSD).

“we all constantly argue over aesthetics” Then we should discuss ergonomics, and debate facts! I am just going to assume that if you are driving, “ergonomic” means that which assists with the task. As Level 5 does not exist, I hope this is a safe start we can all agree upon? If so, how much time you spend, and how far you look away from the road should be regarded **less** ergonomic. Yes? The examples are too many to count, but one from Tesla’s most recent update for all its vertical (portrait) screen owners was to put the application screen in the lower half of the display. -As of a week ago, you now look further from the road to control: -Media -Web -Phone etc. It’s also less useful, as smaller screens require more scrolling. Web pages, etc., are less than half the screen, as well as being lower. Tesla used to allow a full-screen application view. This is added ergonomic failure, to the failure touchscreens already present by being non-tactile. People like ‘Get Real’ and Tesla’s biggest fans put up with it. Those of us who like driving, or who define “ergonomic” as I’ve done above, may be less… Read more »

If you like driving, why are you looking at the screen? Real drivers are not on the phone or browsing web sites.

None of them. In the premium category i would much rather have an electric BMW.

Bass. So you will walking for quite some time?!

Today, for where I live and the way I use the car, I choose the Audi. But not the S5, but the S4 Avant. Anyway for me a good advise is probably wait if you can, about 2-4 years to get more and better EV offert from all makers.

I’m curious- wait for what? More range? Faster charging? And continue to drive ICE in the interim for the next 2-4 years?

No contest, the TESLA because of it track record for excellence and innovation across the board, with Audi you will get to know you dealer very well as it will always be in the shop like their. ICE cars.

I did the switch from a audi A5 3.0 TDI to a tesla model S 75 and i can say: no regret at all. The tesla is a much bigger car and a more relaxed way of transport. When there is a A5 with the drivetrain of a tesla than i switch back. The building quality is not the problem, it is not very good but the sit comfort is not good enough. Speed agility and all the bells and whistles are great.

Interesting how “very loud” the interior noise level was in the Audi. One of the attractions of owning a performance,ICE vehicle is the symphony of the cacophony.

Yeah, we’ve been acculturated to appreciate engine exhaust noise as power and wealth.

When really it’s just pure waste, environmental pollution with noise and noxious gasses.

Plus generally the nicer the noise, the more expensive the scheduled engine maintenance.

A car’s main job is to get from point A to point B, though I guess secondarily it provides a driving experience, and the noise is certainly part of that, alas.

No Plug. No Sale.

There really isn’t a choice for me anymore. I just won’t buy any internal combustion engine vehicle ever again.

I’ll Take The Tesla Every Time Hands Down ! No Question About it !