Audi R8 E-tron Rumored to be Production-Bound – Range Expected to Be 250 Miles


Audi R8 E-tron Now Production-Bound?

Audi R8 E-tron Now Production-Bound?

Is it “on” or is it “off?”

Is It ON Or Is It OFF?

Is It ON Or Is It OFF?

Today, the answer to that question is “on.”

Of course, we’re speaking of the Audi R8 e-tron—the vehicle that’s been headed for production and then shelved perhaps a dozen times now.

According to Autocar, the latest news is that the Audi R8 e-tron is once again bound for “limited-scale” production.

Yes, we’re skeptical of this bit of intel, but just in case the R8 e-tron makes it to the production line, we’ll highlight here what Autocar says we should expect:

“Citing recent advances in lithium-ion battery technology that has reportedly increased its range from an original 215km (134 miles) to close to 400km (248.5 miles), insiders at Audi’s headquarters in Germany suggest the R8 etron will now go into limited production during the latter half of 2014.”

Autocar credits “sweeping changes made to its research and engineering operations since the arrival of its new head, Ulrich Hackenberg” as the driving force behind Audi’s latest decision to put the r8 into production.

The “insiders at Audi” further hint that the r8 e-tron will feature “a new lithium battery technology featuring an alternative chemical process and, it is claimed, greater energy density than the original 48.6kWh unit.”

For a Very Short Time, the Audi R8 E-tron Held the Fastest Lap Title For EVs at the Nurburgring

For a Very Short Time, the Audi R8 E-tron Held the Fastest Lap Title For EVs at the Nurburgring

Current specs for the R8 e-tron are as follows (*note: production specs have not been released):

  • 376 hp
  • 605 pound-feet of torque
  • 48.6 kWh battery pack
  • 0 to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds
  • Top speed of 124 mph

On numerous occasions in the past, Audi cancelled the R8 due to what the automaker stated was an unacceptable range of only 130 or so miles.  If this latest battery breakthrough does indeed push its range to 250 miles NEDC, then perhaps Audi will move forward with limited production.  We don’t see this vehicle entering production in the “latter half of 2014” though.  Perhaps 2016?  Let’s hope Audi proves us wrong though.

In case you were wondering, the R8 is a two-seater, so even though its range and performance figures appear to be close to the Tesla Model S, the two won’t be competitors.

Source: Autocar

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I’m actually glad to see this. The VW group wants to be a player in electric vehicles. When they killed the R8 eTron before, that let me know they weren’t serious. If this comes to production, I’ll add them to the “serious” column again.


This looks like a serious contender. Good range and decent styling.

Being a Tesla loyalist, I doubt it will put a dent in Model S or even Model E sales because it’s a 2 seater. HOWEVER, a sedan version of this would be competitive with the Model E. Assuming a reasonable price point.


“decent styling” …you call that decent? lol

Jay Cole

My 2p, and I am in no way biased because some good folks at Audi let me ‘borrow’ a r8 v10 Spyder for a few days on a short-term/extended test (disclosure given, lol), but the car really appealed to me as far as “supercars” go.

No bat-crazy scoops or fins, or impractical whatza-ma-dingies. Clean lines, understated styling, nice/logical interior, real nice powertrain/gearbox, etc. (and crazy fast for a convertible…or anything else). Pretty much the only supercar you can drive without attracting the full blown attention of a supercar.

Josh Bryant

Saw a black R8, this past weekend, with large splashes of chrome over the vents behind the doors. Looks great, but until they put the e-tron on dealership lots, I will never believe anything from Audi regarding plug-ins.

I will be difficult for me to trust that they will stand by any plug-in product that every actually does make it out of a factory.


It is not Audi -it is VW group with new battery technology , so Tesla here in bad position!

Ocean Railroader
This car might be in the same range vs. price boat like the Mitsubishi iMev is such as say you have two EV’s who range is 100 miles on a 20 kilowatt battery pack. But it costs $9,000 for the battery pack. Now let’s say there are no major battery break thoughts expect that the price for the same battery pack goes down to $5000 over four years. Now you have the same two EV’s with the same size battery pack. One car maker deices to keep their EV’s price the same but instead of a 20 kilowatt pack they raise their battery capacity to 40 kilowatts and a range of 200 miles. While the other EV company deices to keep the battery rang of their EV the same but instead deices to cut the price by $4,000 to raise car sales instead. I think this is most likely going on at these two car companies even if they say they made a major battery break though. If some break though did happen it most likely was 25% to 30% range improvement in a smaller battery space most likely. The battery prices steady dropping are what’s most likely fueling the… Read more »

Isn’t a 48 KWH battery too small?



Ignore that, that’s the original sized battery….


What’s the term for having a deja vu of a deja vu? 😉

Jeff D

That would be deja vu all over again.


Audis are well known for electrical gremlins. Is this feeding a gremlin after midnight?

Jouni Valkonen

oo, Audi is finally getting a Tesla Roadster competitor.