Audi R8 e-tron Laps Nurburgring – Video


Whooosh! - Audi R8 r-tron

Whooosh! – Audi R8 r-tron

Two Audi R8 e-trons have been found being tested on the Nurburgring… in near silence, of course.

Both R8 e-trons pass like lightning, and attack the turns & corners!

At the same time, we bet those who are not familiar with EVs were puzzled as to why the R8 was not roaring away out there the track.

How do we know there are two R8 e-trons in the video above? Notice that in the passing shots that there are two different license plates, and one has the “e-tron’ badging, while the other does not.

Yeah… but here is the newer one.

Yeah… but here is the newer one.

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now produce it so you can sell 50 or 60 of them

The new one is too angular. Gah. 😛

Looks like a movie prop.

Presumably, it can complete an entire lap. If so, what are they doing differently from Tesla?

..not deliberately racing the battery, to overheat it.

A Tesla could do many laps, probably reasonably fast, too. The ‘Ring is filled with quick, momentum turns. It’s the hairpins, and heavy accelerations that would kill a BEV.

I think I have seen a ghost!

Maybe a different but more expensive cell chemistry? Cost isn’t an issue since this car will undoubtedly sell for at least north of $200K. They probably also have a very expensive active cooling system for the pack.

@Dan Hue

As far as having its li-ion battery equipped cars performing well around a track this group is indeed very much alone at the the top (see last le Mans 24h race, top 5 cars were VW Group hybrids). Now it is a question of reducing cost, obviousy very reliable cooling/batteries/motors as it can sustain racing conditions but maybe a little overengineered as often in German products.

I think we’re already seeing better HP numbers from smaller KWH in the European cars. Not that low kwh makes sence for a passenger car, but to their credit, some sports R&D is trickling down.

I don’t think Tesla wants this market, and they may even be happy with the “can’t make a lap” label. It works, if you want the focus on “auto-pilot”. It doesn’t, to the extent you aim to deliver a driver’s car, with an alternative drive train, or if you feel only one, uber-safe, drive mode fits all.

I’d quite like to see this car produced and sold at a price similar to a model S. What we need at this stage is more cars with plugs in every section of the market. I am unlikely to ever buy either car but a bit of choice and a bit of competition is what we really need right now.

and the lap time was???

This was probably testing of Audi and a movie done from a bystander, not Audi itself. So the one creating the movie probably got no laptime information.

The old R8 e-tron lapped 8minutes, 9 seconds at the nurburgring. Because the new battery is more leightweight/kWh but around double in kWh, i think the time will be around the same or little bit higher.

There is a new speed limit after the death of Jann Mardenborough in April, so dont expect any new records this year fram any car.

I don’t think it would apply to manufacturers who rent the whole track.