Audi Q7 Diesel Plug-In Hybrid Confirmed


2015 Audi Q7

2015 Audi Q7

“The Audi Q7 will be the first model from the Volkswagen Group to offer a plug-in hybrid diesel powertrain, an Audi source told Automotive News Europe.”

Well, that’s not entirely true, as the Volkswagen XL1 plug-in hybrid is already in production and sports a tiny diesel engine.  But if we overlook the inaccuracy in reporting, we still arrive at confirmation that the Audi Q7 will get the plug-in hybrid treatment.

“The Q7 will debut next year with gasoline and diesel powertrains. A plug-in diesel will come later and it will be sold in Europe and the U.S., the source said.”

Automotive News Europe adds:

“This summer, Audi development chief boss Ulrich Hackenberg revealed the company’s desire to beat its German rivals to market with a plug-in diesel. He said the A8 and Q7 would get a plug-in diesel variants but stopped short of confirming which model would be first. He said the drivetrain will combine a 3.0-liter V-6 diesel and an electric motor.”

“Hackenberg said Audi will also offer plug-in diesel variants in the U.S. He did not say which plug-in diesels Audi will sell in the U.S.”

So, get ready for some diesel plug-in hybrids from Audi, including more than 1 coming to the U.S.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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Diesel? They might just as well use coal. We already have cars that do 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds and Audi is still using diesel!

Sounds like a quick biodiesel modification would be in order here.

Biodiesel does not require a modification and is interchangeable with regular diesel, but using more than 5% would void your warranty.

100 million cars sold per year. About 0,3% being plug-ins of any kind. About half that being BEV’s.

Get over yourself.

This concept is a bit bipolar.

Combine dirty, stinky diesel which is linked in Europe to breathing disorders and autism along with being banned in cities like Paris……..with clean electricity.


Simply because VW has not invested in more efficient gasoline turbocharged engines and is now trying to dump their dirty diesels in the US to meet CAFE requirements.

But just Friday, California just put even tougher dirty diesel emissions requirements in place.

This vehicle is the equivalent of ordering a double bacon cheeseburger and diet coke.

“This vehicle is the equivalent of ordering a double bacon cheeseburger and diet coke.”

So it will sell well in the US then!

But only if it comes with a supersized order of curly fries.

We ‘muricans may be shallow, but have our standards.


That would be equivalent with “only if the diesel is from a fracking well, from Alberta sands or something at least as nasty”.

I think they take the diesel version, because more diesel version are sold. This will help a lot to bring CO2 levels down to the european requirements.

I think the author missed the fact that Audi issued a 6,000+ word press release about the new Q7 over two weeks ago. There is no speculation of any kind here. There are gazillions of pictures attached to the press release, that could have been used, too.