Audi To Produce At Least 2 Made-In-Germany Electric SUVs


Both will be made at the company’s main plant in Ingolstadt.

Audi Elaine Electric Concept

It’s safe to say unions in Germany weren’t too happy upon hearing the news about Audi’s plans to build the E-Tron Quattro and the E-Tron Sportback in Brussels, Belgium from 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Ever since the announcement, the company has been under pressure to distribute production of EV models to Germany and now Audi is giving those people what they want.

As part of the firm’s EV push, two new fully electric vehicles will be made in Ingolstadt, Germany beginning with 2021. Audi has plans to introduce a total of 20 electrified models by the middle of the next decade, with more than ten to be pure EVs. At least four of them will be SUVs and we already know one of the other EVs will be a compact model due in 2020 as per an announcement made by Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler while speaking back in May during the annual meeting. It’s not known at this point where the car will be made.

Other EVs will ride on a high-end electric platform Audi is developing with Porsche and eventually the company with the four-ring logo will produce EVs at all of its plants. The promise was made by the same Rupert Stadler and it means the newly opened San José Chiapa factory in Mexico where the Q5 comes to life will also be in charge of handling EV production at some point.

Audi could decide to spice up its electric portfolio with a new supercar to act as a direct successor for the short-lived R8 E-Tron. The company’s man in charge of development, Peter Martens, hinted earlier this year the company will eventually have a zero-emission supercar in its portfolio. He went on to specify that he would like to see it come alive sooner rather than later, but Audi probably has bigger fish to fry right now…

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Je crois qu’on parle français à Bruxelles. Et les Wallons ils savent certainement le sens du mot “étron” …


Jajaja…cool let’s just translate it… etron in French would be…hum… a piece of S..t out of a human body… I guess they won’t dare to use the name in French speaking countries…but they could always go Ala GM (Bolt,Volt) and do something like…CINCO (after quatrquatro) or que3,que5

Another Euro point of view

Mais oui, rien de tel qu’un peu de scatologie pour élever le débat. C’est ça aussi internet 🙂 On pourrait y ajouter une pincée de cul aussi. Comme ça le spectre serait couvert au complet.

Antonio Dabura

TOUCHÉ,if they do decide to keep the name in french speaking countries….customized plates with new names like “eProton” or “eLetronique”…may became a good business…my favorite would Of course be “eTudesLinguistiquesSontNécessairsIci”…


I’m from Brussels.

The beauty of our city is that it is nested in Flanders with a majority dutchspeakers but Brussels itself has more frenchspeakers but a vivid englishspeaking community thanks to European Union and an equally vivid arabspeaking entity thanks to migration.

Many language jokes can be made here. But language sensitivity is not in its place here as long as you understand your neighbours.

Just for the record the people in Brussels are not Walloons. Wallonia is 50km to the south with Flanders in between.


From article: “Audi has plans to introduce a total of 20 electrified models by the middle of the next decade, with more than ten to be pure EVs…”


Texas FFE

It’s funny they mention the Q5 production. The eTron Quattro looks almost identical to the Q5. I think the Q5 and the eTron Quattro are going to share many of the same parts and it makes sense for them to be assembled in the same factory.

If any of you are interested in what the eTron Quattro is going to look and feel like you might want to test ride the Q5.

john doe
It will be placed between the Q5, and the Q7 in size. But I’m sure it will use as many parts as possible from their part bins. VW are known to share parts between their brands, and models. As for the name, e-tron, is it too similar to étron (turd).? . Maybe. French is my 7th language – so nuances is not my strong side. If native french feel e-tron is weird, it would be best to just change it. Car names are often weird in some language or another. There are numerous examples of this. Honda planned to fall the Jazz/Fit Fitta to begin with. I’m sure people in Scandinavia would laugh at Honda Fitta commercials. Ford Pinto in Brazil would also be a “hit”. There are just too many words that has diffenent meaning in different languages. Hell is a place in Norway, and mean luck. Gift means both married and poison in Norwegian. Small words like is, and do means ice and toilet… Must be quite a job to check new car (or any model)names in a bunch of languages. In Germany I see a Norwegian trucking company called Toten transport, from time to time. Death transport..… Read more »

In the Portuguese EV community there are already jokes about the hyundai Kona (slang for vagina). Kauai will be its name in Portugal

john doe

Btw in Norwegian kona means: The wife.


Just in case someone decides to post the Chevy Nova myth:

F150 Brian

The Chevy Nova is not a myth. They did sell it in Spanish speaking countries despite the obvious risk. The myth is that the name significantly affected sales.

So, maybe AUDI will get lucky with e-tron, and the turd will sell well too


“Audi could decide to spice up its electric portfolio with a new supercar to act as a direct successor for the short-lived R8 E-Tron.”

Aren’t we pretending the R8 E-Tron ever lived? Sounds like a mouth full of spices.