Audi President Declares Automaker Is “Joining The Electric Revolution”


Tweets Via Chelsea Sexton

Tweets Via Chelsea Sexton

The biggest electric car related news coming from the LA Auto Show is Volkswagen Group’s commitment to plug-in vehicles.

More specifically, Audi took to the stage to declare that it’s “joining the electric revolution.”

Usually, we’d discredit Audi, since the automaker has often promised, but seldom delivered, on the electric car front. However, following the diesel scandal, we now feel confident that Audi (as well as Volkswagen) are coming on board for real.

Chelsea Sexton (as well as Tom Moloughney) is on the scene in LA and her Tweets capture Audi’s new direction.

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Just sell some electric cars already and quit talking about it.


VW/Audi can sell eGolfs at a discount with free garage charger to make up for all the diesel pollution.

Exactly. Audi and others are BS b/c we already know what too look for when a major auto co. wants to seriously enter the EV market. BMW(I3), Nissan Leaf and GM Volt are such examples. And the all have ONE thing in common, they spent hundreds of millions to billions (Nissan) building/hiring/buying equipment YEARS before their EV hit the market. If Audi were serious they’d have to be doing the same. They’re not.

Maybe. Maybe their telling us they’re going to build EVs like FOX News tells people Man made global warming is unproven.

I’ll believe it when I can test drive one at my local dealership. Until then, this is just noise.

Qatar owns largest share of Volkswagen (VW, Audi, Porsche)


Yup, I’m also in the “I’ll believe it when I can test drive it” camp.

This is great news … be sure to check the @Audi feed for more details on their electrification strategy.

example (just a couple of many tweets)

@Audi: “Keogh: Audi is developing plans for nationwide 150 kW charging network before launch. #LAAutoShow #TheFutureIsNow”

The majority of cars that Audi sells in the US are Quattro/AWD.

I’ll take them seriously when they start selling EV’s/PHEV’s with eQuattro AWD. Until then, they won’t really be trying to sell to their traditional base of AWD vehicle buyers.

The numbers are really surprising for the US, 89% of Audis sold in 2014 being AWD.

For the rest of the world Audi is more like 30-40% AWD.

I’m guessing most Audi sales in Europe come from company fleets which are predominantly 4 cylinder diesels front wheel drives. If you want a diesel AWD in an A6, you need to get a v6 engine. For a long time, you couldn’t even get a 4-cyl diesel A4 with AWD, now finally you can. VW group has so many sneaky ways (at least in Europe) to get you to upsell. For a long time they didn’t have memory seats in Seat Alhambra (they wanted you to go for VW Sharan), but Sharan doesn’t have the AWD+AT option, if you want 7 seats, you need to go for Audi Q7 etc etc.

“it isn’t merely likely, it is inevitable.”

Let’s here it for Keogh’s passion, m,kay? Can I get a golf clap?

I watched Robert Llewelen test drive the Golf GTE in one of his episodes of “Fully Charged” on YouTube.

The Golf GTE allows the driver to manually shift the drivetrain’s modes, including an option to charge the battery using the gas engine (not as efficient, I know).

I look forward to my own test drive of a VW Golf GTE in a couple of years.

GM’s Mark Reuss, interviewed by Bloomberg asked about Audi’s diesel-gate:

“I’m not aware of an easy fix,” Reuss said. “Perhaps this is the reason for urea injection in all of our diesel models.”

ya think?

Welcome to the future Audi, glad you could join us. Now please try to keep up, don’t be afraid to learn from those that came before you … I’ve heard they are willing to help and even will let you use their patents for free.

If Chelsea, who I respect greatly, believes they are serious and not just burping vapor, I gotta think they are serious.

Takes a lot of courage for a CEO to move his company in an entire new direction; albeit, ever so slowly. Nissan and BMW are moving toward EVs. Any others should be welcomed. Haven’t hear much from Ford; perhaps they have a BOLT killer in the back room; a ‘FOLT’ perhaps?

I expect Ford to leapfrog the Bolt / LEAF 2.0 with a serious EV that uses a Supercharger competitive system (maybe not CCS, but certainly not Tesla Supercharger).

And what evidence do you have that Ford has anything that will “leapfrog” GM or Nissan???

And what reason would there be to not use CCS?

Because there are only 110 CCS chargers in the entire US. (Source:

Should also look at the trajectory as a couple of years ago there were none. Also:

That’s definitely not correct. Where and when is 110 from? From my calculations on PlugShare Nov. 1st 2015 there are 380 some CCS stations in the US. I believe that in the same way that CHAdeMO stations have multiplied with the many Nissan Leaf’s around, CCS stations will multiply as there are more CCS cars around.

Agreed, 110 number is way off. PlugShare has shown well over 300 CCS stations in the US for at least a few months.

I just started liking Audi more. A lot more.

LOL! People buy Audi because they have too much money and wish to pay more while trying to be higher class then they really are.

Sad really as VW is able to make larger profits from this! A VW with different automotive jewellery.

Just like Acura, Lexus, and Infinity.

Keogh @Audi Twitter said : “We expect e-tron models will become 25% of our sales over the next decade.”

Lol…10 years from now Audi plans for 75% of their new cars sold to be ICE? At the current rate of EV advancements I can’t imagine anyone wanting to buy an ICE 10 years from now.


“We expect e-tron models will become 25% of our sales over the next decade.”

Everyone is going to be selling 25% BEVs in 2025. As I have said here several times.

There are 254 million cars in America, and the total vehicle sales in 2015 are 18 million. Using blind math, thats 56 years to total replacement.

Of course, it does not work that way. Since %75 percent are gas cars, gas will continue to replace gas cars. Plus, you have to assume that BEVs will grow more popular, perhaps at an exponential rate, after 2025.

Its been my unprofessional observation that it takes about 20 years to completely turn a new generation of cars.

Audi! Seriously, WTF?! TWO YEARS ago you bragged how you would be the world leader in electric vehicles. Just NOW are you starting to get serious about that boast? Put your money where your mouth is and get some amazing electric vehicles — not just average ones — on the road. The eGolf is not an amazing vehicle. It’s a me-too EV with nearly identical specs to the first-gen LEAF. Give us something amazing, not just a eTron that must be built on-demand.

Exactly! If we look at the whole VAG so far there are the Porsche 918 and the Panamera and Cayenne S E-Hybrids, There are also the e-up! and GTE in Europe. What else?

Unfortunately with cheating dieselgate VAG really has a cash problem for the foreseeable future so getting something amazing will be indeed… amazing.

Not only is the eGolf a “me too” BEV, it’s only sold in compliance States. They’re announcement doesn’t seem credible while their BEVs are compliance cars.

VW group has been the number one PEV manufacturer in major European markets (including Norway, Germany) for several months. I never thought of myself as a VW fan until I came to this site and found so many people seemingly ignoring everything VW is doing with PEVs.

I dont have a problem with vw and audi coming out with an ev or phev but do it right. Vw golf was an enginering disaster. They yanked the engine out of the bay and put an electric motor in it and batteries in the truck. Like a cheap conversion experiment. The car was so unbalanced that the handling was horrible, the range was ridiculous and the suspension etc was kept the same. Electric cars require a brand new approach to engineering and design and you build it around the battery pack. Mercedes is screwing it up too. They are coming out with a c lass-e that gets 18-20 mile electric range. What a joke. Who the heck wants to plug in their car every night for 18 mile electric range when most commutes one way are 15 mile. More hassle than its worth. Either make a compeling electric car with 150-300 mile range or dont show us anything til you figure it out. A cheap immitation of tesla. Like tag hauer smart watch with android os. What a joke.

I think it is great that they are doing a big push into electrics.

But there is no way I can thank them or congratulate them . . . they are doing it because they got caught committing a massive criminal fraud.

Yeah, I lost my respect for VW around 40 years ago, hehe.

Lately they’ve claimed they make more electric car models than anyone. While that’s true, it would be nice if they actually sold any in numbers.

Now their Audi division as mentioned for the past few years has stated they’ll be a force in the marketplace for electrified cars.

I sure wish they’d get on with it and come up with something a bit better than Ho-Hum.