Audi And Porsche Team Up For Autonomous Electric Vehicles


The Porsche Concept Study Mission E shows up as world premiere at the IAA 2015

Audi, Porsche Join Forces On Autonomous EVs

“Porsches will still be Porsches.”

Audi and Porsche are going to work together on a new shared vehicle architecture fit for 2025: it will be electrified, digitiaed, and ready for autonomous driving. And, because “the best brains of both companies will together set the technical course for the future,” much is expected of the new vehicle platform.

However, Porsche AG chairman Oliver Blume is keen to dampen down any worries that the Porsches of the future are going to become mere Audi clones.

“We will… be very careful to maintain the differentiation between our brands. A Porsche is always a Porsche, and that will remain so for the future.”

In a joint statement, the two companies said the roadmap for areas of cooperation will be defined in the coming weeks. The aim is to jointly develop vehicle architectures, modules, and components ready for 2025; each area of collaboration will be jointly developed by a representative from both Audi and Porsche.

Audi Q8 Concept

Details of which models will use the new joint architecture are scant, but it may involve the all-new, all-electric platform created for the upcoming Porsche Mission E. First seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015, the firm plans to put the 600-horsepower electric supercar into production by 2020 – but even for a brand as profitable as Porsche, creating a futuristic all-new platform just for itself would be a stretch.

We hardly knew you: Audi R8 e-tron

It is likely Audi is now joining the project to spread investment and speed up development. Audi’s digital expertise through its close working relationship with companies such as Nvidia is considerable, and Audi is also well advanced in the area of autonomous vehicles. It would also allow Audi to belatedly release a successor to the R8 e-tron.

The joint venture may have broader applications, too. Audi is believed to be reviewing its platform strategy and could base the future Audi A4 on a variant of the MQB platform used by the Golf in the future. This would create the opportunity to develop an all-new future-proof platform for large cars, one that could also be scaled for use in future Porsches such as the Panamera. Hence Blume’s desire to stress Porsches will always remain Porsches?

Press blast below:

Audi and Porsche join forces for shared vehicle architecture

Starting signal for pioneering development cooperation Audi CEO Rupert Stadler: “The best brains of both companies will together set the course for the future.”

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume: “Together, we will make faster progress in the race for the future.”

Ingolstadt/Stuttgart, April 5, 2017 – The green light has been given for the shared vehicle architecture strategy of the future: Rupert Stadler and Oliver Blume, the Board of Management Chairmen of AUDI AG and Porsche AG, plan to cooperate even more closely.

The objective of the new initiative is to shape the mobility of the future together. Through the effective application of development capacities, additional scope is to be created for the topics of electrification, digitization and autonomous driving. This will enhance competitiveness so that the two companies can optimally utilize the opportunities for future model generations and better meet the challenges.

Audi R8 E-Tron: Only about ~100 copies (via special order) were ever made

“The best brains of both companies will together set the technical course for the future,” stated Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG. “We are united by many shared values, above all, by our pursuit of the best solutions and the best offerings for our customers.”

“Together, we will make faster progress in the race for the mobility of the future. We will utilize the expertise of both companies and take advantage of synergies,” said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Board of Management of Porsche AG. “We will cooperate wherever it makes sense. But we will also be very careful to maintain the differentiation between our brands. A Porsche is always a Porsche, and that will remain so in the future.”

Collaboration within the Volkswagen Group is nothing new. Audi, VW and Porsche have worked together successfully for many years in the area of SUVs, and with the new development cooperation, Porsche and Audi are positioning themselves for the next decade.

In the coming months, joint teams will prepare the specific areas of cooperation and define the roadmap as far as 2025. The focus is on the joint development of shared vehicle architectures, modules and components. Project work will take place in various areas, each of which will be jointly headed by a representative of each brand.

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Too little too late guys. Tesla is unstoppable now.

Oh no Tesla is far behind almost everyone else.

I personally find the study B.S. But an example of trying to steal Tesla’s thunder.

They’re the same company. Yes, all of VW will be leveraging the same self-driving stuff.

Those idiots can not even build decent electric vehicles and now, they think that they will do autonomous driving together?

The R8e on/off/on/off non production ruined credibility.

Oh, no, another VW based announcement! This time it takes a different slant, let’s collaborate internally. All these announcement tell me is “we have no idea what we are doing, so let’s make it look like we do”

Long horizon’s, lots of concepts, nothing to show for it. Really, Tesla already showed what you can do, how hard can it be to design a new chassis for the EV drive train and drop the body onto it? Market has also shown of you build it someone will buy it. And it isn’t like they don’t have the egolf already, they should have some solid EV expertise by now.

I’m sort of over listening to VW (and any of their brands) crap on about what they want/might do in the future, when there are plenty of options right now (including eGolf).

You show me your concept, I’ll show you mine

Are they trying to ruin their business?
Porsche driving is about emotions, actually it’s mostly showing off!
Autonomous driving means the end for them.
But this is just the daily Vapor Ware!

In Norway we have a saying:

The more chefs, the more mess.