Audi Ponders Future Electric Hypercar


Audi R8 e-tron

With the Audi R8 e-tron behind us now, the German automaker is left without a rival to upcoming electric supercars/hypercars from the likes of Mercedes-benz and Aston Martin.

Audi R8 e-tron battery

Fear not Audi fans, a new electric hypercar is now reportedly under consideration.

Autocar reports:

“The project was revealed by CEO Rupert Stadler at the Geneva Motor Show, but it is thought to only be at an early development stage.

If it goes ahead, the hypercar is likely to be launched towards the end of the decade, when Audi has committed to having three electric production cars on sale.”

Quoting Stalder:

“I am looking forward to what’s possible in terms of new technology. There are some interesting ideas there, especially if you look to our interest in Formula E and electromobility.”

“We looked at doing a car using Le Mans technology but stepped back, as it was clear there was more to come in terms of performance in the future.”

The R8 e-tron was only on the market for 19 months. It was deemed a sales failure by Audi and was therefore cancelled. However, it was only ever offered as a special order car, so it was never bound to successful on the sales side. Couple that with the fact that it was priced at over $1 million and it’s clear to us why Audi sold just 100 units.

Here’s hoping the next Audi electric hypercar is cheaper, more readily available and more successful.

Source: Autocar

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Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Oh please no…

Everyone and their mother have an electric super car in development. Plenty enough.

A compact electric SUV for less than $40K instead. Same size as Q3.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

OK, it’s Audi, so for less than $50K….

“With the Audi R8 e-tron behind us now”
-Bad open, Mr. Loveday.

I wish Inside EVs wouldn’t let Audi turn them into bulls*** artists. I know Trump is President, and all, but let’s reiterate what Audi said, of the cancelled R8 e-Tron:

““…what few were built were sold furtively, and only in Europe, in a strange back-channel in which dealers referred potential buyers right to Audi HQ, says the report. All of these transactions happened without the benefit of an online configurator or any published materials, we understand.”

This was about half a year ago. You can report what Audi says, but you can’t say something is “behind us” if you can’t, by now, come close to proving it ever even existed. Please, stop feeding the trolls.

‘the German automaker is left without a rival to upcoming electric supercars/hypercars from the likes of Mercedes-benz and Aston Martin’

About which Si-Fi movie are we talking about?

Audi fans? Are there really a few left if these??? 😉

Tesla should build a hypercar and put all these to shame. Should be relatively easy for them, they already got great drive train, just need a carbon fibre exotic body to put on it.