Audi Planning To Make e-tron Version Of VW e-Up!

APR 29 2013 BY JAY COLE 8

While VW and Audi still have very little to offer when it comes to plug-in vehicles on the road today, they seem to be planning a massive onslaught into the segment over the next couple years.

The Audi A3 e-tron Is Confirmed For US Availability In 2015

The Audi A3 e-tron Is Confirmed For US Availability In 2015

The Volkswagen Group is reportedly preparing to make a small Audi e-tron based on the upcoming e-Up!, from VW, and plans to release the car sometime in 2015.

And unlike some other VW-Audi electric re-badgings, like the A3 e-tron (which is coming to the US in 2015), the small Audi e-tron will apparently receive more power and more range than the VW it shares a platform with.

The VW e-Up! has a top speed of 135 km/hr, while the Audi will reach 150 km/hr, and the lithium battery in the e-Up will be increased in size to offer 200 km (124 miles) of range, up from the VW’s 150km (93 miles).

As reported by, the new Audi EV will have a 45% improved motor output (116 hp),  over the VW, and will get to 60 mph from a standstill in 9.3 seconds; a significant improvement over the 14 seconds in the e-Up.  Torque increases to 270Nm from 210 Nm.

The electric Audi will also feature fast charging, along with new styling on both the exterior and interior.  In short, the new mini-Audi will its “own car,” while an EV like the Audi A3 e-tron will basically be a re-skin of the VW e-golf coming in 2014.


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When I first read title, I thought “Make another e-tron and flush it in toilet too”

Exactly zilm. It’s getting to be a joke with Audi now. How long before they cancel this one too? They change their EV plans more than Lindsay Lohan appears in court.

I thought they had progressed to the next model, “f-Up!”

Projections 2-3 years out, don’t excite me very much anymore.

Audi/VW goes back and forth so much on EV projects, I cannot keep it straight. Am I right saying that they have no BEVs commited to production at all? Just a couple plug-in hybrids (or EREVs) rebadged between the two brands.

They also have not even run a lease only trial project to get engineering learning cycles and amass some real driving data. This feels like the engineering teams keep pushing new electrified ideas, then the get squashed once they run up the management chain. That would be incredibly frustrating, if it is the case.

@ Josh

No…VW has two BEVs confirmed for production…maybe more but it’s difficult to follow some of VW’s back and forth

e-Up! is confirmed, so too is electric Golf

Thanks for refreshing my memory.

VW has built electric Golf ‘s that are available to drive in Wolfsburg Germany at the VW Autostadt. It is available for anyone to drive and was a quick little car. As part of the driving experience they have you stop on a straightaway and then floor it.

Of all the VW stable, the only brand to have a clear strategy regarding electric cars is… Porsche.

They even got sales dates and everything: Panamera Plug-In this July, 918 in September and Cayenne in 2014. Oh, and no pure electrics.