Audi Opens Reservations For 310 Mile E-Tron Quattro, Arrives 2018

APR 22 2017 BY JAY COLE 129

We have to say, it’s hard to believe this day has come!

After enduring what seems like an endless lineup of long range, concept EVs from the VW Group over the past decade; and also some excruciating long press releases to go with them.  Audi has announced they are opening customer reservations on the all-electric e-tron quattro (a vehicle for which we really, really want to capitalize some letters for).

Audi e-tron quattro interior

Starting with Audi Norway this Monday morning (April 24th, 2017), those who want to be first in line for the AWD, 500km+ (311 mile) SUV, can put down a 20,000 kroner (~$2,900 USD) reservation.

“Simultaneously with the unveiling of the electric Audi e-tron Sportback concept, Audi Norway plans for an advance reservation solution for the electric full-size SUV Audi e-tron quattro. The car is ready for production next year and the Norwegian market is first out with such reservation solution.”

And for those interested, don’t think that ~500 km range is some kinda of uber-optimistic NEDC number, as the e-tron quattro comes equipped with a large 95 kWh battery, 450ish km (280 miles) of real world seems achievable.

We still have yet to see the production-intent final design of the e-tron quattro, but it is dimensionally sized between the Audi Q5 and Audi Q7.  Audi notes the concept gives a “clear indication” of the final delivered product.

The e-tron quattro – a long range Audi EV you can actually own!

Audi has also release some additional performance specs on the e-tron quattro concept, saying it has a power output of 320 kw/435 hp, but also has a “boost function” that pops the output to 370 kW/503 hp, and torque to over 800 Nm for a short time. The result being 0-100 km (0-62 mph) runs of 4.6 seconds.

“Yes, I will be accepting my 150 kW CCS charge now please”

What we know about the Audi e-tron SUV so far:

  • all-electric sporty SUV
  • long range (more than 500 km / 310 miles) on 95 kWh battery
  • CCS fast charging with some 150 kW power
  • peak power of 370 kW/503 hp
  • 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.6 seconds
  • AWD with three electric motors (two for rear wheels and one for front axle)
  • top speed (electronically limited): 210 km/h (121 mph)
  • concept is a clear indication of the final production version
  • production in Brussels, Belgium from 2018
  • 4.88 meters long, 1.93 meters wide and 1.54 meters high
  • luggage area of 615 liters
  • battery suppliers LG Chem and/or Samsung SDI

Full Audi e-tron quattro concept gallery below.

Also of interest, Audi debuted the E-Tron Sportback (details, specs, gallery here) last week, a vehicle that is planned for production in 2019.

Or if you would prefer something a little different, the Audi e-Tron Sportback enters production in 2019

Coming In 2018, The e-tron Quattro

Audi e-tron quattro concept cutaway

Audi e-tron quattro gallery:

Hat tip to Alexander Z!

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The ice age has ended, yay.

Very nice indeed! I hope it won’t be much more expensive than a model S.


One would expect it to be priced at least Tesla prices IMO.

I like it except for the big grill in front which is not necessary.

Nice looking from the rear for sure.

Is it aluminum?

Really looking forward to this but enough already, tell us the price!!!

Great to see this announcement. Headed to production next year!!

I will leave a deposit if, and only if, the Huge front Grille has a useful flip up function for BBQ, or as a wood chip meat smoker. Other wise, can I order one without the decoration of the ICE AGE gone by. Also, no need for a buggy whip either.

Batteries also need cooling system, even if not as much as ICE. Especially if you want sustained full power on Autobahn or charge at 150 kW at least to 80% SOC.

Batteries are unlikely to be packed right behind the Weber grille.

Cooling air, even with most ICEv, comes from underneath the car.

Not sure where you got your cooling air factoid, as pretty much every vehicle in production at this point has a liquid cooling system, and thus has a radiator at the front of the car, which is what will be behind the grille. Yes, less cooling required than ICE, but it is certainly non-zero!

grill must go away!

Tesla has grilles for the coolant system and A/C – they are below the bumper line. Check one out next time you are at a Tesla showroom.

except there is no such thing for EVs as sustained full power. It doesn’t make sense for production cars, Tesla wisely cashed out of EVs ability to pump out lot of power for brief periods, but its stupid to design production car for full continuous power. It’s reality of battery chemistry that doesn’t allow it not lack of grille on Teslas

This is correct. The problem is with the internal resistance of the batteries that increases rapidly under heavy load due to ions not releasing fast enough. This creates heat that is also energy wasted.

The relatively easy solution is to make a larger battery pack.

The “Larger Battery Pack” solution is terrific, but at some point the weight penalty, and cost constraints, have to rear their ugly head in the consumer affordability vehicle market. It looks as though Tesla has stoped at the 100 kWh threshold, at least for the interim.

Not true. Please, come the United States, or maybe 90% of the rest of the planet and keep the “sustained speed” you’re talking about.

The meals will be free, until parole.

“except there is no such thing for EVs as sustained full power.”

Are you trying to claim that EVs are inherently inferior? :/
Saving few dollars on subpar cooling system may make sense for $18k econobox, but not for $50k+ luxury crossover that may even need to tow sometimes. Charging as fast as possible on road is also critical for market acceptance, even if it doesn’t happen everyday.

“Are you trying to claim that EVs are inherently inferior? :/ ”

ICEVs are engineered and built so that you can, if you wish, take them down to the racetrack/Autobahn and run them flat out until you destroy the most expensive part of the powertrain, which for an ICEV is the engine.

Production PEVs (Plug-in EVs) are not. They are designed and built to actually protect the most expensive part of the powertrain — the battery pack — by forcing the car to reduce speed in order to avoid destruction.

If you think that makes PEVs “inferior”, then I for one am quite happy that PEVs are “inferior”. 😉

P.S. — There’s a reason why Formula 1 race cars on an active racing circuit frequently need to have their engines replaced, sometimes multiple times per season.

Audi makes nice things and wagons are awesome.

Ugh. Sometimes we have to see the forest through all the trees. This is the rig auto giant Audi/VW plans on challenging Tesla with?! – Hey look, it’s another uber-expensive Jaguar i-Pace! So rub your chin and ask yourself why Audi and Tata- Jaguar would land on first producing an impractical, no doubt, very expensive, low volume 2 row wagon EV. Answer: Outside (government) forces plus a generous adoption of many potential well-heeled Audi and Jag customers in places like Norway who buy Tesla’s are forcing their hand. If they don’t build something electric they may be seen in the marketplace as old-fashioned, not green and behind the times.Those pesky Euro zero emissions zones loom large over all our European carmaker friends. So how do these extremely smart businesspeople deal with having these needs, being forced as they see it to build EVs that make them so thin or negative a profit margin as to be an English tea crisp? They build an impractical luxo SUV that seats four comfortably, five awkwardly and show it around the auto show circuit as the Second Coming Of Tesla – by a brand you know and trust. All for a hefty price tag… Read more »

Geez James,

Remember that Seinfeld where Kramer got that free all you can drink Star Bucks pass?

Did you get one too:)

It had to be said.

Do tell me you don’t get tired of EV folks applauding
these ridiculous efforts put out by auto giants like
VW/Audi and Tata/Jaguar.

Read these comments at articles on i-Pace and
this expensive turd by Audi. —- “Good job, Audi,
well done!” Are these company shills?

Reminds me of those who give trophies to their
kids for participation. Experts now say we fell
victim to psychologists who wrote articles
telling us we should praise our kids for every
pedestrian effort. “Good job Billy!, for trying to
eat those beans!”

Now they tell us that kids of parents who praised them excessively drop out of college, get lower grades and move back home and live in the basement.

“Great job Audi, great job!” L 🙂 L

Thanks for your insightful comments, James.

Sorry James, all these fanboy exclamations are in vain. Model X may sell in California but it is dead in Europe if e-Tron Quattro will really get released and at comparable price. Nobody in his right mind will buy inferior quality X with chicken wing doors and 7 seats crammed into 94 cubic feet, passenger space of last generation Prius, when local and more reputable brand offers better product.

A better product that seats 4 1/2 and costs $120,000?

With the storage capacity of a Honda CR-V with the dear seats up?

Are you and I looking at the same vehicle? Take a closer
look. A pathetic attempt at Best by Audi, as is
i-Pace by Jaguar.

*rear seats – a deer wouldn’t fit back there, not
even a stuffed toy one. 🙂

zzzzzzzzzzz posted more FUD:

“Model X may sell in California but it is dead in Europe if e-Tron Quattro will really get released and at comparable price.”

Gosh, if serial Tesla basher zzzzzzzzzzz says so, then it must be true!

Oh, wait… 🙄


Dont like it dont buy it but it is silly to complain on an EV site when new EV products are announced…


Complaining or commentary?

Agree or disagree, we all have a right to our opinions.

Did I say Eclipse? My bad – meant Outlander PHEV.

Mitsu sells all they can make.

Gee, seems a no-brainer for SUV-obsessed USA…

I keep hearing nonsense on this board about how stupid Mitsubishi is and oh the failure blah blah. As you say, they are selling every one they can build. They noted quite exactly that they have a certain battery capability and that’s it. Why bother with the US when they can sell them all in Europe without a sweat at likely a higher profit. I really hope we see a serious PHEV SUV soon in the US. The Mitsubishi has a really interesting feature in that you can tap into the main power pack. For instance you can take the thing camping and the engine can be your generator. Power supply can put out serious amps. At home it can act as backup power too. In other words having this thing saves a homeowner the bother of owning a generator. I don’t know, that might be a minor thing but that seems pretty useful to me.

Tom said:

“Mitsubishi… are selling every one they can build. They noted quite exactly that they have a certain battery capability and that’s it. Why bother with the US when they can sell them all in Europe without a sweat at likely a higher profit.”

Did a Mitsubishi spokesman actually say that publicly? I have seen a lot of speculation that limited battery production was the reason they never actually tried to sell the Outlander PHEV in the USA, but I’ve never seen that actually confirmed. In fact over the past few years Mitsu has repeatedly said they planned to start offering the Outlander PHEV in the USA… but they never followed through on that.

Very well stated, James. Thank you.

I often point out that the very name ‘e-tron’ seems to be Volkswagen AG’s code for ‘it’ll never happen’. Always a delaying tactic. Not to be trusted as much more than a limited production vehicle if it is ever made. And for special order only if it is.

Further, not all battery packs are created equal. The BYD e6 supposedly has an 85 kWh battery pack. But it’s official EPA range rating is pretty low, at only 187 miles. Apparently it uses 47 kWh per 100 miles including charging losses due to induction. By comparison, the Tesla Model S P100D uses 35 kWh/100 miles, and the Model X P100D uses 39 kWh/100 miles. The Chevrolet BOLT manages 28 kWh/100 miles energy consumption.

Ok, we get it, you really want a Model X.

I pick up the microphone and say, “Tesla troll”.

Well said. I agree with you completely. Everybody, including people in Norway, are going to compare the e-tron quattro to the Model X and it falls fall short in many respects. And Tesla is not standing still. I’m 56 and I’ve been a car nut my entire life and I ain’t never seen nothing like Tesla. Tesla is gonna spank the the entire automotive industry the same way SpaceX is spanking the space industry. The sadly ironic thing is Elon Musk, for several years, has invited serious competition from established auto makers but Tesla ain’t gonna make it easy.

Well Put. +1

You build sexy cars for rich people, then EV’s become aspirational. If the masses want a cheaper EV, they can buy a Bolt, but that’s not happening at significant levels. The Bolt is great car, but it is neither accessible or awesome. It’s in a no-man’s land.

The e-tron Audi is giving us is a sexy beast, and I applaud them for making such a gorgeous car. It’s better looking than the i-Pace, and light years ahead of the goofy-looking Model X. I was pretty set on getting a Model 3, but Audi may have changed my plans. As for the complaints about the grill…who cares if it gives you 300 miles of range???

I would imagine Audi won’t release the e-Tron anywhere but California for a while, since they still need to build out their charging infrastructure, so maybe I move to California!

As a Model S owner, and IPace deposit holder, I really think you under estimate the appeal.

Quite frankly the build quality of my S has been complete sh!t.

It has converted me to EV however. I’m just a simple soul, and want a car that works and I don’t have to sacrifice days of my life driving it back and forward to a service centre.

Do I care what logo is on the bonnet ? No.

Do I think if either the IPace or ETron had a T on the front you would call it the best thing since sliced bread? Definitely.

Will the IPace suit everyone? Of course not.

Though I don’t agree Model S build quality is poor, the EV market is desperate for feedback on more than Tesla. It can’t come soon enough. Electric drive can be unbundled from so much, and then we’ll see what people want with it.

What the heck is “an English tea crisp”?

Chips, not the kind on motorcycles patrolling the highways, or recently seen in movie theaters.

Spot on, James.

James ….Really? “uber-expensive Jaguar i-Pace” …From £55k in UK – so top end Tesla Model 3. “Here we have an SUV that doesn’t challenge other Audi products” That’s because to get a sensible range it needs to carry $30k worth of batteries which Audi ICE cars don’t. “impractical Jaguar i-Pace” what nonsense – the reason I ordered an I-Pace was because the Model3 wasn’t a hatchback or a liftback. James your rant in full of complete nonsense. Did Tesla start of building “cars for the people” no, they started slowly with super expensive sports cars – many would argue the Model 3 isn’t exactly a car for the people either, but until battery prices come down sensible range EV’s won’t be. Plus I don’t want to drive around in a $10k car with $25k of batteries thank you (Bolt). Despite what you think I think the Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-tron and Mercedes EQ do pose a threat to Tesla because price wise they are all aimed at top end Model 3’s …..just the place where Tesla was hoping to make money out of the Model3. I’m not sure about the US but here in Europe people tend to buy the… Read more »

Tesla started expensive because they were a new car company and hopefully you understand what a huge deal that is. VW is the largest automaker by some measures at some times. It is certainly the largest in Europe which has the regulatory/political requirement to reduce carbon the most aggressively.

So of course Tesla started with an expensive car. James is right – this is impractical. Lots of impractical cars out there. A lot of the SUV craze is not about 3 rows but certainly some of it is. A EV minivan or 3 row SUV will sell well. Even a somewhat flawed $100k one from a new car company sells well.

But it isn’t like Audi sells a lot of 3 row SUVs so that would be where James arguments falls away. But otherwise I totally agree with him. People want some interior space. The X should have been a bit bigger.

Part of the reason Ford failed so spectacularly with Jaguar Land Rover (now one of the most profitable car companies) & Volvo is their thinking was much like yours if the US wants it so does the rest of the world.. I’m sorry to tell you that is not the case. In Europe a car over 5m won’t fit in a standard parking bay so every Model X owner has to choose their parking spot very carefully or get a parking ticket – bigger than Model X would only sell in the USA and perhaps Russia. Prior to Tesla there wasn’t ONE US designed/built car that was a world best seller. Maybe that tells you something. Also unless you poach a complete car company I would suggest building a completely new type of powertrain for a legacy car maker is actually harder than for a clean sheet company. Its probably no coincidence that the Model3, I-Pace, e-tron and EQ ALL have the same wheel base plus or minus a few cm as they all want to have 80-90kw batteries (250miles plus)yet still have a car well under 5m – so it can be sold all round the world.

I largely share your attitude towards the ICE incumbents and think it is wise to attempt to see this from their point of view, keeping in mind that their goal is to make a profit and ensure (as far as is possible) their future ability to do so. However, > have argued in the past saying, “Hey that’s business, they’re in business to make money and please their stockholders” > My answer to that is, “BS”! Your moral outrage is miplaced, naïve, even childish. Are you not aware that a company’s management is instructed BY LAW to serve the interests of their shareholders? Management’s job at a car company isn’t to make the cars that they believe would best serve “the world” in some sort of holistic manner. It’s to create value for shareholders! If your best reply to those who point this banal fact out is to call “bs” then I’m afraid you lose the argument by default. Now it’s not wrong to be morally outraged that not more is being done to more quickly transition to EVs. You are however misplacing that outrage. You see, there are actually some people whose job it is, and again regulated BY… Read more »

Almost sounds like you’re saying it’s VW’s job to see what they can get away with.


“Please consider whether it is really constructive to act in this manner.”

Please consider taking your own advice. (Altho to be fair, it does seem you’ve recently toned down your general hostility toward others quite a bit.)

Why can’t they be called Tesla, right?

You are the typical Tesla super fan that will downplay anything, that isn’t Tesla. Model X? Cool! Audis direct Model X competitor? Boo.

For people like you it isn’t about sustainable transport, it is just about defending your one true love.

“Sustainable transport” and oversized $50k+ SUV form factor environment trashers do not fit in one sentence, even if they are powered by “clean” child labor in Congo instead of “clean” diesel. You may try to fit square stick into round hole or round stick into square hole, it is the same – doesn’t fit.

I have seen few Tesla fanboys who really would give a … about environment. Most just use it as talking point to give excuse to worship their brand or idol and fight non-believers.

Gosh yes, zzzzzzzzzz, those Big Oil companies you shill for are so much better for the environment than plug-in EVs, aren’t they?

Oh, wait…

Pretty obvious you do not have a healthy relation to this topic. There is a lot of prejudice and even wrong claims in your words. I am sorry, you are a fanboy. The company you favor has not sold a single car 90k€. Why are there so little offers for low priced EVs? Simply because it is impossible to produce batteries for less than 5k (very small) to 15k$ (big) depending on their size ( If you want a car, which has no major drawbacks and a battery >90kwh, the car will cost >35k to produce, then you want earn some money with it as your workforce needs to be paid. You do not want to work without earning anything, so dont expect companies to do that for you. When EVs get suitable for large markets, i.e. low priced cars, they will be available. Companies do not want to sell you ICEs instead of EVs, they want and need to earn money and therefor build what is expected to sell best and with a good margin. You do not want to tell me a medium spec Model 3 for 50k is a proper offer for large markets, right? Why do… Read more »

The company you favor has not sold a single car for less than 60k€. Sorry

Great rant James! But this is an SUV driven marketplace as sedans are dying a slow death. I suspect you know this as well as the fact that the ICEmakers are serious about EVs and over the next 36 months will bring more EVs, at varying price points and shapes, to crush Tesla.

you definitely make some good points. after a couple Audis my next car will probably be a tesla

Good point.

Orrrrr, we could just buy a Tesla 3?

Agree completely. All subsidies and incentives and tax breaks for EVs over $35,000 should be ended, and subsidies for EVS under $30,000 should be doubled. We don’t need more $80,000 EVs sitting in garages. We need batteries out there working every day to displace ICEV miles in taxis, carpool commuter cars, suburban workhorse cart-the-kids-around-everywhere cars.

Just a simple point here, your entire argument is wrong if they intend this to sell. You call it impractical and low volume…

They are sizing, styling and placing it between their Q5 and Q7. Their two best selling vehicles.

Is that where you find the low volume sweet spot? Right between your two best selling models?

Maybe, if you keep selling them. But even then probably not.

And I have a friend who owns an Audi dealership. He says the impression he gets from Audi is that this won’t just be in between the Q5 and Q7, it is meant to replace them…

Why are people crazy enough to order something that isn’t even shown or priced yet?

Tesla has really shook up the industry.

You order something without a price because you are rich, lol. Like the old saying goes, if you have to ask how much it is, you probably can’t afford it.

They haven’t ordered it, they have reserved a place in line which is fully refundable until they have signed a binding contract (which of course would include the price).

If you go into an Audi dealer in the UK they will tell you before you put down your deposit down the e-tron will be priced from £60k (and we all know what that means with German cars!)

This vs Tesla Model S 75 £63k and Model S 90D £82K.

So I don’t think anybody is putting down a deposit without knowing roughly what price they will be paying.

One thing that reservations do is help gauge demand for a product.

The other thing it does, as we’re seeing in Bolt sales in the USA, is it freezes sales by making people commit to waiting.

Or a X 90D, which starts at £87,300. Suddenly the Audi SUV, with its 95kWh battery and its £60k starting price doesn’t look too expensive.

In Norway the environmental taxes on ICE cars is INSANE – so “no matter” what price Audi charges, it will be cheap – compared to an ICE Audi with similar equipment. Electric cars are usually fittet with all extra included, due to no tax.

And for those that says Audi should release a cheap electric car… that is not Audi’s job. They are the high end version of a VW. And if a VW is too expensive, they sell cheaper cars like Skoda and Seat for example.
Is Audi too cheap, they can sell you a Lambo.

I worked for a company that design and sell stuff for production line automation – and the orders the VW group placed years ago is HUGE. You will see at least 25 electric car models from the German automakers in the next 3 years. They have developed several new platforms, and it will be exciting to see if they deliver models people will buy, and in the fairly high volumes they expect to sell.

If what it takes is this electric Audi SUV to convert someone who would otherwise buy a gas guzzler into an EV buyer, I don’t care.

Cheaper cars are smaller therefore by definition more fuel efficient. Moving someone from a 15MPG to a 25MPG (10 MPG improvement) saves 67 – 40 = 27 gallons. Moving a 25MPG car buyer to get a 50MPG car (25MPG improvement) saves the same 47 – 20 = 27 gallons.

I want to see more electrified SUVs no matter the underlying reason for the company to be making them and bringing them to market.

Agreed. We need all manufacturers to start making SUVs/CUVs with either all electric or PHEVs. The PHEVs should come with a decent 50+ mile EPA rated all electric range.

Small note, “electric Audi SUV” – this isn’t an SUV. It’s 2″ taller than a Ford Fusion and 4″ shorter than a Ford C-Max. The Audi e-tron quattro is a wagon.

Very true. And an extremely expensive one at that.

Those that say they don’t care don’t realize that
cars that sell 10,000/year don’t change the world,
not in the least.

They literally are a joke, or an insult to the car
buying public’s intelligence.

We deserve products that provide for cleaner air
to breathe, vastly less cost to own, service and
maintain. Cars at affordable prices for the many,
not the few that increase our national security and
decrease our need for non-sustainable, climate
changing fossil fuels.

This car is a pathetic attempt by the very company that brewed up Dieselgate.

Ever notice the first three letters of diesel?

VW is repentent? I’ll need a whole lot more convincing
than endless concept cars, promises and lame
efforts like this one.

Just to make sure you think Tesla is a joke too right?

If you think Tesla makes any car that sells at the rate of only 10,000 per year, then the joke is on you.

Thx Rich on the size comparison.
The huge front grill made me think it was a bigger SUV.

got the size comparison.
The e tron quatro in this article is 16% longer than the Volt.

How did you know I was at Starbucks?!

You spying on me, George?

Or is it the cellphone autocorrect mistakes

That gave it away?

…P.S. I’m drinking decaf! 🙂

I can read your mind:)

I thought it was going to be an SUV too. I converted the meters measurements to inches and surprise! It’s a decent sized vehicle in width and length, but height is pretty low.

Except that both Mitsubishi (who have sold 10s of thousands of the Outlander in the last year) and BMW both say that very few of their PHEV drivers ever plug them in.

PHEVs are just a sop to enable people to put off the inevitable (ie having to buy *real* EVs) and are provided by the major ICEV makers to keep things as much as possible as they are with the connivance of Big Oil and their puppets in government the world over.

The vast majority of their buyers are simply deluding themselves.

“Except that both Mitsubishi “…” and BMW both say that very few of their PHEV drivers ever plug them in.”

Never heard of that and to be honest i doubt it. Please show us a link to the source of your claim.

I second that request.

We know from statistics posted online for the Volt that most people do plug the car in, and frequently; about 70% of Volt miles are powered by electricity, not gasoline.

Drivers of lesser PHEVs, such as the Outlander, may not care as much as the average Volt driver does about not using gasoline, but it seems rather unlikely that “very few” of them care enough about saving money (if not the environment) to take 30 seconds or so to plug the car in at night.

There is no way this thing will go 311 miles on the EPA cycle with a 95kWh battery. The Model X doesn’t even cross 300 miles with a larger 100 kWh battery and an awesome 0.24 drag coefficient. The 311 miles must be NEDC rating. It will probably get at most 250 EPA. It looks about as aerodynamic as a brick.

It looks to be smaller than the X

Going by the fact that this Audi has 611 litres of luggage capacity and the Model S has ~900 and that they are much the same width, I’d agree (even allowing for the S’ frunk).

500 km is on NEDC, but VW guy was talking something about improved batteries next year to Autocar. So it is expected to be more than 500 km NEDC in production car, not known how much more.

It is supposed to be sized a bit bigger than Q5. 2016 Q5 passenger volume is 101 cu.f. Model X is 94 cu.f. So by size it isn’t likely it will surprise by extra long EPA range.

I think it’s NEDC also.

But we’ll see. Honestly, it’s completely ridiculous we have to speculate about a car they are already taking deposits on.

Make the car, then show it, tell us the real specs and then sell it in quantity as soon as you can after. That’s what normal car companies do. I can hardly imaging this Tesla sort of sales model is truly going to become mainstream.

Ummm… you do know Tesla got the first ~30K of its 300k+reservations for the Model 3 *without even showing anyone what it looked like*, don’t you?!

Yes. I know that. It is exactly what I am complaining about. It’s ridiculous.

It won’t work once there is a breadth of choice in the EV car market. No one is going to buy a car sight unseen once they aren’t sure which of many is the best choice for them. And the ones that do will feel burned if they ordered a car that turns out not to be the one they would have chosen if they had waited.

So it’s really time to get over this silliness, nip it in the bud now.

or Bolt users which don’t know can their car charge faster then 45 kW

Audi e-tron quattro have 0.25 Cd with “active aerodynamic parts”. Also i assume that Audi PMSM powertrain will be a little more efficient than ACIM used by Tesla. Also Audi will be probably a slight lighter than Model X. The last question is if 95kWh is full or usable capacity. So with all this the 311 miles EPA seems to me as achievable value.

When Tesla collected money for reservation, they specified the cost of the product, and also there are choices of the batteries with different range.

But Audi did not state the price anywhere, besides it has only 1 battery option.

Is the deposit refundable. If the customer with deposit sees that its not affordable, can they cancel and get the money back or they have to forgo the deposit.

Seems this may have only 2 rows of seats, so its not a competition to Model-X.

Anyway, at least Audi is making a big effort. We have to appreciate the company for that.

It would be nice if I could feel good about this, but I don’t. Why not simply offer a fully electric version of the AUDI Q5 or Q7? Those are among the best selling AUDI vehicles in the U.S., with the A4 nestled between them in units sold during 2016. Heck, why not offer fully electric versions of all three? Oh, yeah… Because then people might become aware of them, and decide they want one. Worse, demand that they be improved upon to add even more range. All while their ICE vehicles continue to find fewer and fewer buyers.

“Why not simply offer a fully electric version of the AUDI Q5 or Q7?”
Uh, according to the article, that’s pretty much what they’re doing (size of this car will be between Q5 and Q7). The internal layout of ICE vs. large-battery BEV is different enough that a simple conversion won’t work very well — a new design is needed.

Norway. Lots of cars make it some place, and never see the light of another, like the Outlander. Besides, this doesn’t appear to be getting away from those moronic touch screens. Maybe the handle thingie helps?

Norwegians don’t want to buy the Outlander because its not an EV!

Yet, it was most sold plug-in for multiple months, and there are everywhere (in Norway). I live in the centre of one of the biggest cities in Norway, and 90% of the Outlander (never seen non-PHEV version) passes me, its running electric.

Where’s the network of 150 kW CCS chargers? Surely, you don’t want to end up dead in the water on every road trip.

Mercedes, Ford, AUDI, … are building 300KW chargers all around Europe right now.

Have you heard about VW building fast chargers all around the US and Europe? I guess you did, but conveniently forgot.

400 “Ultra-Fast” 350 kW Charging Station Network Planned By 4 Automakers For Europe

More CCS chargers in Europe alone than Tesla Superchargers on the world and car companies are just at the beginning of their efforts.

Like is said Teslas superchargers will be absolutely neglegible in a just a few years.

I’d love to see that happen. Of course eventually it will, but I doubt it will happen within just a few years.

Tesla needs to get out of the business of installing and providing free power for Superchargers as a “loss leader” for selling its cars. But that can only happen when there are enough 125+ kW non-Tesla DCFC public chargers to make it irrelevant for Tesla to choose to stop expanding the Supercharger network.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

It seems that some Tesla-pro-trolls get nervous.

There’s no such thing as a pro-Tesla troll on InsideEVs, or any website dedicated to EVs. Tesla fans are not here to disrupt meaningful discussion — of which there is a lot in this thread! — nor to deliberately spread false ideas about EVs.

Nothing against Tesla, but quality is still far away from a expensive car, more like Renault cars. Audi will catch some customers, especially in Norway an other European countries with good charging infrastructure it should be no problem without SC network.

If it competes in price with Teslas but I’d say it would have to be cheaper than the Tesla Model S, an already well-known, very capable and exceptionally popular car in Norway. But I doubt it will sell for less than USD100k.

The e-tron quatro’s (that is a proper mouthful – typical German!) interior is incredibly cluttered compared to Tesla’s almost minimalist theme. I know which I prefer!

serial anti tesla troll thomas

Hopefully the interior will stay as on the photos when it arrives next year. Not many cars out there have such a hot looking interior.

Unbelieveable that some people here hate Audi for bringing an EV on the market. I think those people don’t care about the environment and the change to electric mobility, all they want to see is that Tesla becomes the biggest automaker and all established automakers getting bankrupt (at least the non American automakers).
So here is a little advice for the Tesla trolls: We Europeans like our workplaces created by the European car industry so most of us will buy European EVs if we have the choice. Be aware of that before you think Tesla is just about to rule the car world 😉

lol all the skeptics saying it’ll never happen, Audi/VW/Porsche are only in the business of concepts etc. yea ok…
If anything Audi is one of the leaders in providing desirable EVs and eventually you’ll get your electric A4. Audi clearly accepts Tesla did everything right and wants to follow that strategy. Hopefully 150 kW charging across western Europe will be available by then.

Lots of speculation on pricing for this thing, and of course that is very important. Since this car slots between the Q5 and the Q7, and Audi is a traditional carmaker, I am assuming they will price it between the Q5 and Q7. Looking at the top of the line trims, that means pricing between $52k and $66k (USD). For now they could be at the top end of that spectrum b/c most Audi buyers should qualify for the full federal tax credit, which drops the real price by $7500.

Ya. I am with you. I don’t think this thing needs to be around $100k. Maybe you could option the heck out of it but hopefully 60k-70k for a reasonably equipped one will work!

How price?

Oh 2017 and 2018 are going to be pretty interesting.


How much?

This is what GM should be doing.

The analysis by James is spot-on and his moral outrage is justified. Audi and the rest of the VW group are defending their ICE cash-cows and this Audi EV forms part of their defensive strategy. Sales will be tiny. Unless and until the VW group builds massive battery factories, its EVs will remain fringe products aimed at misleading regulators and the public into believing that it gives a #$%& about the environment and public health. This cynical strategy will achieve its main objective — generating executive bonuses — while signing VW’s death warrant. That’s OK, though, because VW will survive until the current executives retire.

At least Volkswagen is now seriously talking about building its own large-capacity li-ion battery factory/factories. That puts it one up over GM and some other auto makers.

95 kwh battery? That is more like it.

Now the question, how CHEAP can I get one for?

Do I have to take all the ‘enhancements’ or do they offer a vehicle which is much cheaper, yet I can still get one with a 95 kwh battery?

I know – if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

Wish I could agree that VW is serious about making batteries to ramp up its EV production. Unfortunately the announcement to which you provide a link is disinformation.
VW is under pressure from its unions to build a battery plant. The CEO cynically responded by promising a battery plant when EV sales reach 25% of the VW total. Why 25%? Because it will not happen even in the medium term. The CEO said it will happen in 2025, but it won’t, because VW doesn’t want it to.
The figures underscore this. VW says it will make its own batteries, unlike Tesla. It’s a new technology for VW, so you start small and scale up, right? No! The CEO said VW will only build a battery plant when it needs 3 million batteries a year, equating to the 25%. That’s four times as much as Tesla’s gigafactory! A $20 billion investment! No battery production before then! It’s not serious.

Good to see — but we need something affordable.

The grille looks like donkey’s mouth facing 100 mph wind. With that face, my Cd estimate = 0.35
Let us not forget Audi is VW in wolf’s clothing, i.e. tinker-car quality. VW Rabbit anyone?

I’m curious to know how many reservation they got in the first day, maybe 3?
Come on, promising a full electric R8 on 2008 gives not really a confidence that this car will be released 10 years later in 2018.
And I agree to the comments, it’s not really pretty like the other Audis.
So do they really want to sell the car or is it again marketing only and in 2018 they will offer the reservation payers a hybrid?

We now know a lot about the car, but AUDI can’t name the price for the car they plan to deliver next year and for which they are offering reservations. I guess they are trying to fool customers, like usual.

The car is obviously smaller, weaker than a Model X, so it should be cheaper too. But I strongly expect it will be more expensive.

An don’t expect too much reservations for a product which has no price. The potential customers are not so foolish, as AUDI wishes they would be.

Its from £60K in the UK ….. so its in top end Tesla Model3 pricing (If Tesla Model3 reports are be believed) – so cheaper than an entry level Model S 75 and £27k+ below Model X 90D.

If so, then why are they so shy to name the price?
Any official price tag found yet? The £60K are just some reporter speculation, nothing official from AUDI.

Announcing my new super galactic unobtaniun EV SUV.
I am officially taking reservations for all interested parties ( as long as you live on the moon)
Price and availability to be announced in a press release to be further announced ina subsequent press release to be announced. At some point in a press realse ?

Random comment saying everybody incl. Audi sucks and only Tesla is good and the best in the world.

So Tesla alone cannot save the world, do we need an Audi too

Good to hear it does 300 miles, without a range extender.

Any word if anyone took the bait?