Audi Urges Norwegians To Order e-Tron Now


Should speed delivery

Audi is advising its customers in Norway go ahead and order their E-tron now. This hardly sounds like news until you take into consideration that the crossover SUV will only be revealed in production form in a week from today.  While we here in the United States can only begin making reservations for the all-electric on the 17th of September, Norwegians have uniquely had that ability since April of 2017. At that time, as well as now, a reservation for the vehicle takes a deposit of 20,000 kroner ($2,384).

The news comes to us from a tweet (embedded below) by one Matthias Schmidt, an auto journalist/consultant who has been tracking the vehicle’s progress and who apparently was privy to an email sent out by the German automaker to its customers in the Scandinavian country. In a separate tweet, Schmidt also discloses that Audi Norway says the E-tron will hold 600 liters (21 cubic feet) of luggage in its rear cargo bay while its front trunk (frunk) will hold with 60 liters (2.1 cubic feet)

The Audi E-tron joins the premium crossover category which is now inhabited by the Jaguar I-Pace, which is just starting to trickle into the hands of owners, and the freshly revealed Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC. While our comparison of the three vehicles seems to show a variety of ranges, they should all be in the neighborhood of 220 miles using the EPA testing standard. This segment is bound to get more crowded as the BMW iX3 will eventually join it, along with the Model 3-based Model Y from Tesla.

Audi E-tron

The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak
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The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak The Audi e-tron prototype on recuperation test at Pikes Peak


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Translation: We made a compelling BEV, you’re in a country that makes it prohibitive to own an ICE, and our records indicated you haven’t ordered as many as we expected. We’re scaring you into thinking the evil Americans will gobble up all our production orders. Operators are standing by, supplies are limited, etc, etc, etc.

All that any of us have seen are dazzle paint prototypes. The “pioneer – early adopter” buyers got their fix with Tesla 6 years ago or the Leaf before that (or the Volt, Tesla Roadster, etc). That means the buyers now are in the wait-and-see space.

Seems like either Audi doesn’t understand their buyers or the TDI engine made a few more enemies than they expected.

Probably want orders in before they have to post real range figures, rather than hiding behind the 500km NEDC.

This is how it sound, but every EV sold is a plus for EV adoption

Not if it is over-promised to the point that buyers start bad-mouthing EVs after they get them.

So an SUV from one of the big German companies is a failure if it doesn’t have Tesla like features?. My daily commute is usually less than 50 and maybe 70/80 once a month. I do drive some 600/700 when traveling 4 or 5 times a year and I stop every 2 or 3 hours for food, doing some walking, bathroom. Also 0-60 in less than 6 seconds is fantastic for and 90% of the people. So any car slower than a Koenigsegg is a failure based on that logic. For 80/90% of the people 200 miles means charging twice a week overnight. Is it a big deal?. Teslas are great, but we need more options. If someone is driving an Ice SUV and wants to go electric having Tesla, Jaguar, Merces and Audi offers is great. Also Kona, Leaf, Bolt, Golf electric and Model S, Porsche Taycan and soon Jaguar XJ electric. Most Ferraris, Lambos, Aston Martins and McLaren are slower (0-60) than the Roadster 2.0 and Rimac 2. Waiting lines for those cars might suggest you that people don’t buy their cars just based on statistics.

I’m thinking more like this: We’ve moved the production of Audis first EV to a factory that used to make 110 000 regular cars. We’ve already started the production of vehicles and would really know how many cars we can send to Norway (where we know EVs are often cheaper than most ICE cars due to very high environmental taxes, and one of the places we expect to sell a lot), so we can brag to the media that we sold x thousand cars in no time, and we’re ready to deliver those cars in x number of days. The head of Audi in Norway have stated that they will be able to deliver all the cars ordered in Norway with no problems. Probably not so cool if they can’t. I’ve seen no TV commercial for this car lately. Must have been many weeks ago since the last time. . so I have no idea if what the blogger stated is true. If they want more pre orders, they should use some adds with information, prices, range, money saved for fuel, road taxes, parking, ferries and what not. I know they have like 7000 people waiting in line to buy… Read more »

I’m more seeing a “we’re only going to have so many of these available so get yours while you can” scenario.

I think they do understand. Audi, or VAG for that matter are very capable of making technically advanced and compelling automobiles. Look how quickly they made a EV race car to set the Pikes Peak record. As easy as it is to dismiss this effort, I’m not so sure Tesla could have easily produced a car to smash the previous record held by a sub 2000lb, 800+ HP race car. The German giants are going to surprise many of the Tesla faithful. Look at he Consumer Reports ranking of the top 5 automotive brands. There are a lot of brands, but 3 of the top 5 are German. Audi/BMW/Porsche. They are coming up to speed a lot faster than many realize.

I am sure they can make a better car than Tesla, what I am not sure of is that they can MASS-PRODUCE that car.

Aside from the battery situation, even the old car companies have gone thru production hell on new models in the past.

There is also the problem here i Norway that there are lots of BEVs on the market, but only the Model X has legal towing capacity. The X is expensive and lot of people wait for the Audi to be able to tow, but now it seems cost is very similar to Model X and Audi executive announced to everybody’s surprise they will not make the etron with towing capability. I bet many moved on to the next concept then and Audi Norway is now trying to still pretend nobody is interested in towing.

All they gave us was the trunk space? Audi has yet to prove they can build an electric car.

The biggest reputation Audi has in the EV sector is creating “E-tron” concept vehicles, saying they will build one, and then quietly cancelling it. Over and over again.

Audi, you don’t have an EV reputation good enough for people to sign up, sight-unseen.

Like the R8 e-tron, they said “build less then 100” but in reality they never sold one to a customer.

“Audi confirmed this week that they are pulling the plug on their all-electric e-tron supercar, which is basically a battery-powered version of the Audi R8. If you haven’t heard of the vehicle program despite being launched back in 2009, that’s because Audi ended delivering fewer than 100 units over the last 2 years since starting series production.

The article is nof a proof of what audi stated. It’s even the same source whee I read the statement for the same.
You will find no video nor review from an owner or even an magazine. Specially a car would get rated a lot, like the Porshe 918, La Ferrari, McLaren P1. But for the R8 e-tron, you will find nothing. Isn’t a bit strange, the first electric german sportscar produced and no serious hits on the internet. Because it got never sold.
If anywone knows where to find the proof, then please let me know.

Audi: “Don’t buy an EV from another manufacturer”!

Order now so we can justify actually manufacturing the car.

Here’s a picture from the factory in Brussels :
The factory is over 95% covered with renewable energy, and the factory has a 37 000m2 roof with solar cells.
The employees have spent 200.000 hours of training, since the equipment to manufacture the e-tron was installed in the factory in 2016. I guess the production volume will be between 75-130.000 vehicles pr year.

at least it should be from Brussels, until I saw the guy from Propoint. I was not avare they were involved in the factory automation there.. I know they did a lot of work for Audi in other factories in Gyor, Hungary and in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico. . but what do I know..

If they reach 100K, the first 12 month, I’m sure they will be stoked.

What is their battery manufacturing capacity or supplier contract capacity? Audi gliders is one thing, I will give you that. My guess remains: they were expecting more market enthusiasm than they have received.

Last time I’ve checked, VW group secured $50 billions worth of batteries.

No they have that much money for batteries, but where are the batteries/contracts, that is not confirmed.

Another Euro point of view

1/ they opened reservation in Norway back in April 2017.
2/ they started production a week ago.
3/ now Audi asks the reservation holders to confirm.

At least this is how I understood it.

What else is Audit supposed to do ?

Everyone freaked out when Tesla asked for this.

Tesla fans are sometimes (not all, but many) silly – I’m sorry.
They hide behind the curtain of saving the environment, but they really hate everything that is not a Tesla, and follow their leader like a religion.
Tesla charged $1000 for people to reserve a car that was going to be $35k and it was going to be delivered at 40k a month starting in 2018!
Average price for model 3 is skyrocketing – now at $60k and there is no sign of the $35k version. The cars are very fast from 0-60 and also extremely unreliable. From reading the TMC forum, I would say half of the cars develop/have some problem (even if just cosmetic)!
In UK, they’ve classified the model S as the least reliable car, and it’s not even close to the rest, they are way way less reliable than anything else.

If you’re happy with the fastest car in a straightline, enjoy. But give others the chance of being happy doing a slow 7s from 0-60 while you’re waiting for parts.

My Tesla has been leaps and bounds more reliable than any German car I have owned.

And?!… Is that your scientific reliability study?
I’m sorry but you clearly don’t understand stats to make such a comment.
My car is even more reliable than yours, I don’t think I ever needed anything outside normal maintenance schedule – my car is the most reliable in the world!

jelloslug, I 100% agree. I have owned Audi, Mercedes and Tesla and I can advise completely that Tesla Model X 100D has been the best vehicle I have ever owned over a 40-year period, without exception (Audi was the worse). In addition to the MX, I have my 3rd MB S Class, 2016 S550e plug in hybrid. After only two years and 7,000 miles, it was in for repair twice for 17-days. Tesla over 1-year, 12,000 miles had one-day repair and Tesla called me to tell me that their real time data was showing a faulty sensor on the front of the vehicle. They apologized and had the car fixed immediately. I love MB but they can’t compete with Tesla. Over the first year, Tesla has updated the software 10 times and each adds new features and improves vehicle operations (something no one else is doing). I was hoping for an EV from MB but the latest news shows no options for US until 2020 at best but only 200 miles on a charge? That has to be a joke. Former Audi dealer wants me to order eTron before 9/16, why? Are they afraid of the specifications that have not… Read more »

Tesla won’t sell a $35K version any time soon…and it SHOULDN’T. Tesla is still trying to recoup a massive investment and become profitable. They have plenty of the people buying the higher spec models. They haven’t even started shipping to Europe.

So why should they sell a thin margin (or maybe negative margin) car when they have lots of orders for the optioned-out versions? It’s a free market. Don’t like it?…then cancel your reservation buy another car. But Tesla just sold more passenger cars in the US in August than BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, or Jaguar…why should they sell a cheaper version?

Buy the Chevy Bolt if you want a long-range EV in the $36K range.

I have ordered my E-Tron at Audi Oslo Frysjaveien with all options. Can’t wait, Audi promises delivery by end of September!


Sorry, don’t believe you.

I and others also received emails from Southern California Audi dealers saying we had to pre-order before 9/16 if you wanted “priority delivery.” No explanation on what this means. Why would Audi want orders and deposits before the car is introduced? Makes me wonder if specs released on 9/17 are not going to live up to the hype. I ordered a Tesla Performance Model 3 instead, delivery in less then two months.