REPLAY: Audi To Livestream e-Tron Electric Debut Today


The livestream starts at 11:30 PM ET / 8:30 PM PT

*** Livestream replay embedded above:

Later today, Audi will livestream the world debut of the highly anticipated e-tron electric crossover. This will be the automaker’s first attempt at a mainstream, high-volume pure electric vehicle.

We’ve got several of InsideEVs’ staff on hand for the reveal event, so you can be certain we’ll cover it from all angles (literally, as we’ve got a video team on site, too).

For now, here’s some info from Audi on the e-tron and livestream of the event. Stay tuned for an update as the stream goes live.

The Charge: Audi e-tron world premiere live from San Francisco

On September 17, we will reveal the Audi e-tron during the world premiere “The Charge“ in San Francisco. Join in on the livestream starting at 8:30 p.m. local time (PDT) / 5:30 a.m. (CEST). Make sure to mark it in your calendar!

Ready for electric! #Audi presents its first fully electric series-produced car, ushering in a new era of electric mobility: the world premiere of the Audi e-tron. Get further information on #ReadyForElectric

The beginning of a new era

The Audi e-tron prototype lets you catch a glimpse of the first fully electric model manufactured by the brand with the Four Rings. The sporty premium SUV combines the space and comfort of a typical luxury class car with a range suitable for everyday life. The combination of the high-performance electric motors and the electric quattro drive enable an optimal performance. Both the quattro drive and virtual exterior mirrors stand for innovative strength. The virtual exterior mirrors offer a new digital operating and display experience.

Enjoy this teaser video while waiting for the debut:

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Why would Audi have chosen San Francisco, California to be the location for the reveal of the Audi e-tron?

California will probably be its largest market, by far.

If California becomes its largest market then they are doing something wrong or are just building it in extremely low compliance numbers.

Europe and China are where it will be sold in highest quantity of the produce enough of them.

“Compliance” Is exactly what it is !

Because the highest density of BEVs occurs in Norway, China and Tesla’s backyard.
It’s pretty obvious why they’d prefer the latter.

The only correct answer has got to be that they want the world to know that they are serious about EV’s. They want to be among the best and among the most successful in the EV industry.

Well, that’s just the message.

We will have to wait and see what they will be able to accomplish in the near future.

San Francisco is a small niche in the global market. The times should have been 9pm est. 5pf

Any specific geographic location can be classified as a small niche in the global market. There are other reasons (identified by other posters) to choose San Francisco.

The World media markets is still London and NY. Most of the US population will be in bed by that time.

Not for evs…

Because it is Tesla’s back yard and they hope to catch some of the EV attention..

Remember this is happening because their people started getting arrested for defrauding the world with “clean diesel”, shortly before the original debut. They don’t deserve the attention.

Why not show the time in the time zone of the reader? Surely WordPress center handle that.

Because the browser doesn’t tell the server what timezone it’s in.

I’m eagerly preparing to be disappointed so that maybe JUST MAYBE I’ll be surprised in a good way.

Another Euro point of view

I am ready to be disappointed regarding weight thus battery density. Rest wil probably be ok but likely with an over engineered over complicated interior typical of the big 3. Now I sort of like the classical/practical looks (body). It may end up as the most balanced (price/practicality) premium EV SUV out there. All it needs now is a good 150 kW charging network. hopes it soon follows.

I’m pretty sure i will be disappointed by its price…

If it is high enough, you might be amazed:)

Why are they debuting it in the middle of the night? Makes no sense…

It will be during the day in China, and prime time on the west coast. Those are the 2 big markets for cars. You can either stay up if you’re an Audi fanboi or read it in the news the next morning if you’re on the east coast.

East coast is where the news media is at. They can get on 10 clock news

Or of you are in let’s say…Germany… Largest Audi market, second largest EV market and maybe most importantly their home market.

This vehicle (and the new MB EQC) are too big and heavy. I am interested in smaller and more efficient electric vehicles.

Sorry but it’s the SUV craze

Honestly, electrifying SUVs is more important than compact efficient cars anyway. People have a taste for larger vehicles, which isn’t going away. Get them efficient as quickly as possible.

Except that very few people are going to buy these extremely expensive SUVs. They just cost too much due to the amount of batteries that they need to be stuffed with in order to get an acceptable range.

Just wait for Model Y and it will be $20-40k cheaper and probably better specs too. That is my plan.

It all depend. My BF dropped $52k for a top of the line Sport Edition Explorer

Its called the Hyundai Ioniq.

Excellent. I cannot wait to see what Audi brings to the table. Well, maybe I can wait until tomorrow. Not worth saying up until 11:30 tonight. But this is the leading edge of the VWAG EV offerings. It’s do-or-die time. Did they get serious now that dieselgate was discovered?

Not this one, no. It’s too early for that: it must already have been in development for a while — as a compliance car — when Dieselgate and Model 3 reservation flood changed the landscape, and got them started on development of serious offerings. Don’t expect to see results before 2020 or 2021.

Audi will reveal 12 new EV models and 10 new PHEV models until 2025.

For those 12 new EV models Audi will make use of 4 different platforms.

Going to be watching this one – somewhat optimistic that it would replace our Subaru Forester and be just as capable on gravel forest roads and ability to tow + cargo room.

Just talked to a sales rep at Audi locally. They’re saying $82,000 plus US$ for the higher trim model, they don’t have firm numbers but sounds like about $5000 less for the lower trim.

It should start in the 70s in USD from what they said about the pricing in Germany.

That’s about $30k more than the Q5. I’m sure once the hype wears off the price will come down.

Knowing Audi, I wouldn’t count on the price coming down.

Ultimately, the market decides the price. Not Audi alone.

That’s a stupid time. Should be 9pm Eastern Time. 😴😴

Any time they set would be considered stupid somewhere in the world.
Be a little more global-minded.

You mean where 260 million are in bed at that time in the eastern part of the US

He means where 200 mil don’t even care that much about evs.

Another 6h. That is when I have to get up again. I’m really curious what I’m going to wake up to but probably not anything new.

So nothing new. But at least no one can claim the stupid $95000 anymore.

Wish I could be there with pickets. They need to be in jail.

Even the cat lady on the Simpsons was once a well respected professor until she cracked.

Why? The EPA forced the situation setting high emissions that were difficult to meet. They should have been better at testing, didn’t seem that hard to catch.

LOL….i can’t believe you actually said that!

Overly pretentious.

Also it lacked the spectacle, and the almost insane anticipation, and crowds near a frenzy, of a Tesla event.
As far the car goes it’s not really, as Audi claims, all that innovative nor impressive, in any particular way.

Did i hear this right? 1000 free kwh of charging (approx 15 full charges) on electrify America for buyers.

Prices starting from $75,000

Audi claiming to be the first electric SUV. Maybe they have a different understanding of the word first.

Yeah, the RAV4-EV beat them by 20 years!

Wow, that “Change is now” add was pretentious.

They popped the bonnet to do something. Couldn’t tell if there was a frunk or not.

Looked like a small compartment under the plastic “engine” cover under the hood.